Jamie Foxx caught cheating on Katie Holmes with mystery woman in Miami?

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Jamie Foxx’s relationship with Katie Holmes in jeopardy?

Jamie Foxx acts like a single man.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MIAMI — Jamie Foxx, you dirty dog. The 48-year-old actor may have eff’d up big-time. Word on the street claims Jamie was caught creepin’ on girlfriend Katie Holmes with a blonde chick in Miami. And y’all thought men were faithful? Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! Our good friends at Media Take Out even captured the Oscar winner holding hands with the anonymous broad. Not sure what’s going on. But Jamie is enjoying single life way too much. On Thursday, he was photographed displaying some very provocative dance moves alongside another mystery woman onstage during a charity concert for his friend DJ Irie’s foundation.

Donning a baseball cap and saggy pants, Jamie appears to grab her waist as the sexy damsel ‘twerked’ on his crotch to the tune of a dope hip hop beat. So far Katie hasn’t said anything publicly about Jamie’s indiscretions, which leads us to believe they may have an open relationship ä′ lä Will and Jada.

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  1. LamontCranston

    Grown man in saggy jeans and backwards fitted cap? next

  2. Ummm…hmmm…Don’t think Katie is equipped to handle this man or the t.h.o.t.s that are lurking everywhere…this one just happened to be on stage twerking on him…

  3. So far he’s been seen with 2 very unattractive women.

  4. So that’s who Katie thinks is appropriate to be around her child…

  5. Another black man cheating on his girlfriend…. this is hardly news.

  6. I always thought jamie foxx was gay…. must have been wrong.

  7. jamie dont love dem hoes

  8. isn’t Jamie a closet gay too though?

  9. If you gonna cheat at least upgrade. Smh

  10. this is a front…………. jamie is not into women

  11. Katie is yesterday’s news — Jamie is lookin to fuck somethin new

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