2016 BET Awards: Prince is remembered

Stevie Wonder, Tori Kelly and many others paid tribute to Prince/Getty.

Prince remembered at the BET Awards.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Purple was the theme Sunday night (June 26) at the 2016 BET Awards in Los Angeles. Kansas City native Janelle Monáe, Bilal, Maxwell, Sheila E., Erykah Badu, the Roots and several others came together to remember Prince through an assortment of musical medleys. Donning a frilled-out Purple Rain-era blouse, Janelle sung Prince’s “Delirious” before stripping down to a white crop-top and sartorial butt-cheek exposing pants to perform “Kiss.” Janelle wrapped up the dynamic medley with verses from “Pop Life” and “I Would Die 4 U.”

The most hyped performance of the night, however, belonged to 66-year-old Stevie Wonder who teamed with singer/songwriter Tori Kelly, 23, to perform “Take Me with U” — a conception originally performed by Prince and his protege, Apollonia, in 1984.

With the Roots serving as funky back up, Badu delivered the night’s first tribute with an erotic version of “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker.” Jennifer Hudson, the star of Broadway’s “The Color Purple,” took viewers to church with a stirring rendition of “Purple Rain.”

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  1. Imagine if there was a White Entertainment Television channel? Al Sharpton would be livid.

  2. just my opinion

    like jennifer but did not think she did a great job why can’t we just see the artist themselves sing their iconic songs instead of someone imitating them. I would have loved to have seen Prince one more time on stage…. I am so tired of all them saying Prince was their mentor. He was their inspiration etc. I just feel like they want their 15 minutes and are using his death. Maybe I am wrong but I would rather just see him and only him…

  3. Okay, can the tributes be finished now?

  4. Will somebody please start a White Entertainment Channel?

  5. Fuzzy Alligator

    If it’s truly a “Black” event, shouldn’t it be held in a corrections facility

  6. Racist White Folks

    A aaannndd the intimidated and scared racist White idiots are out in full force! Don’t you insecure racist white people EVER LEARN from your violent past that you seem to want to continue because YOU’LL soon be the minority?

  7. @Fuzzy Alligator: And since you ARE a typical racist White Cowardous idiot, shouldn’t you be at a klan rally with the other scared white folks?

  8. They shut it down!!!

    Now that was a Prince Tribute!!!

    case closed…

  9. Chamari Fenty-Graham

    Excellent tributes put together by BET with spirit, emotion and just excellent performances. J Hud, Bilal, Maxwell, Sheila E., etc. were great and managed to capture the essence of Prince as an artist and a performer. Absolutely phenomenal.

  10. nah, actually Monae 4 me. Oh and a Maxwell kicked everybody in their teeth.
    “I’m like these records that don’t have no song.” And he meant that shit. Preach it boy!

  11. jennifer Hudson is so talented,,that powerful voice is amazing

  12. it’s so disrespectful that The Time did not do a tribute to Prince .

  13. Dont care whut nobody say…… the tribute wuz dope

  14. I have a dream that someday there will be a WET Awards. 🙁

  15. Luv U Prince! RIP!

  16. Mr Firm Handshake

    Maybe Jesse Williams should go do a speech in Chicago with all the black on black crime going on there.

  17. fuck black people

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