Magic Johnson’s gay son mulls transition thanks to Caitlyn Jenner coming out

EJ Johnson thinking about pullin’ a Caitlyn Jenner.

EJ Johnson may go transgender soon.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — EJ Johnson, the homosexual son of NBA legend Magic Johnson, came out the closet years ago. But after watching transgender pioneer Caitlyn Jenner take the world by storm, EJ contemplated a similar transition into womanhood. The 24-year-old reality TV star offered a confession to his therapist in a new episode of his E! docu-series EJNYC. “I just wanted to come in today because I think there’s just a lot going on with gender right now in the world and I think so many things are changing,” EJ said.

“Sometimes it’s hard being in the middle, kind of in the gray area in my own lane,” he added. “Now, since everybody’s talking about Caitlyn Jenner and being transgender, people are so quick to say, ‘Oh just because you’re dressing like that means that you’re going to transition to become a woman.'”

EJ admits at times he questions his own gender identity. But, for now, he doesn’t plan on going the transgender route. “I thought about it, for sure,” he said. “I was just like, ‘Well do I want to transition? Is this something that I would do?’ But I don’t feel incomplete in that way. I don’t feel the need to do that.”

EJNYC airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. CT) on E!

Should EJ follow in Caitlyn’s footsteps?

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  1. Larry Bird's Nutsack

    dick suckin faggot like his father

  2. The people in that show, including him are the most disgusting wastes of space. It’s even more disgusting that our country perpetuates stupidity and trash…

  3. I saw less than ten minutes of this show once. It was awful and embarrassing. And we wonder why our youth have no manners, feel entitled and why society in general is circling the drain. I can’t believe what people will watch to “entertain” themselves. This show is truly sickening.

  4. In a weird way, being transgender is almost more acceptable than a man dressing like a woman. I honestly wonder if Caitlyn would have stayed as a man if she could have just dressed up like a woman.

  5. I’m a white married heterosexual mommy….can I get a show??? Or my daily issues of actual work raising a child taking care of a home is not exciting enough?? My life is soooo easy

  6. I look forward to more of our youth having confidence in their non-binary gender expression. When I was a little girl, women never wore pants, but always wore makeup. My mother was done up from the moment she woke up until her head hit the pillow. Doesn’t mean I can’t learn a new way, a new normal. The light, joy, and happiness I see in young people living authentically just makes me know it is the right thing. God bless!

  7. Please don’t use the righteous and holy name of God when referring to something God does not bless.

  8. Looking Forward

    EJ please do not look up to that fame w$ore Bruce Jenner. He makes a mockery of those individuals who realize that they need to transition for themselves. He makes a mockery of the transgender community. He imitates that he transitioned while he still has his junk. He is pathetic. EJ, please don’t allow yourself to fall prey to him. If you decide transitioning is appropriate for you, then you should — but don’t let Bruce affect you in any way.

  9. EJ is really pretty…. for a man

  10. Charlie Havens

    You’re fab EJ. Eff the haters.

  11. So, so sorry for you Magic. This was just a mess. Two kids whose total existence can be summed up by a menage a trois hot fucking mess where your two kids are fucking same dude. That is the real long story short. Both of Magic’s kids suckin on same dick.

  12. E J you should definitely consider more evaluation into finding out your True gender. I believe that you could be genetically, or have the brain chemistry of a female! I believe that you will gain a better peace of mind!

  13. men can wear a women clothes and not have to be gay or want to be a women

  14. Definitely on the fast track to become a tranny!!!!!

  15. EJ I love your show

  16. the world have to end soon

  17. Cue the Twilight Zone music!!

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