Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig explain ‘Zoolander’ kiss that needed 6 months

Zoolander 2 stars explain nastiest kiss in cinema history.

Zoolander 2 kiss needed 6 months.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LONDON — It was arguably the most reprehensible kiss in cinema history. Now we understand why. Because it took almost 6 months to shoot. While promoting the upcoming home entertainment release of Ben Stiller’s comedy blockbuster “Zoolander 2” in London, cast members Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig revealed some rather gruesome details of the odious lip-locking exhibit that had our stomachs churning. “Filming it took a couple of weeks at least, and we actually had reshoots,” Will explained. “It took overall six months.”

So why did it take so long? Bad breath? Gingivitis perhaps? The 48-year-old actor said their “extraordinary dedication to their art” is mostly to blame. Hate it or love it, it’s still a disturbing display of affection that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Kristen labeled the spit exchange “amazing.”

Will shared a similar sentiment, calling the saliva métier the brightest “highlight” of their decorated careers. “I think it was the highlight of both of our lives to have that wonderful kiss,” he said.

Kristen, 42, didn’t disagree: “Yes, hands down.”

Watch the unsavory kiss and share your thoughts.


  1. what the fuck did i just watch??????

  2. I came.

  3. its times like this I wish I was a blind man. SERIOUSLY

  4. This movie sucked dick

  5. OMG…

  6. this had to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen in a long time

  7. white people are nasty…….. they dont give a fuck

  8. I laughed at first then I cringed. And then I laughed because I cringed.

  9. sooooooooo disgusting!

  10. Larry the Pizza Guy

    This makes me wanna puke

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