Drake and Rihanna are back together but will the relationship last this time?

Rihanna and Drake are giving it another try.

Drake and Rihanna are back together.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LONDON — It appears Drake has once again broken the implicit hip hop code by courting a woman who once belonged to another R&B performer. The “Hotline Bling” rapper and pop songstress Rihanna have apparently found a way to make their on and off relationship “work, work, work, work, work” despite the fact she was involved in an animated relationship with Chris Brown years ago. If you recall, Drake was spotted being lubby dubby with fashion model Hailey Baldwin at his Memorial Day party in June.

But, according to an inside source, Rihanna owns Drake’s heart and always will. Hailey was nothing more than a convenient piece of ass. “Hailey was a fling, but Drake has always wanted to make things work with Rihanna,” said the source. “They are still dating,” the insider added, of Rihanna and Drake.

“Things get more serious when they’re in the same place.”

Drizzy and RiRi were seen at London’s Tape Club on Friday.

It’s the 4th consecutive night they’ve been together.

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  1. jonathan munoz

    They probably just fuckin lol

  2. tiffany harris

    Drakes tongue stay up in her buttocks. They are hot together??? eat those cherries drake!

  3. Chris nutted in that a thousand times and beat her then fucked her again a few times after damn. Too many girls in the world for that

  4. Uh oh-this means it’s time for Chris Brown to act out/do something stupid…AGAIN.

    Just watch!

  5. wasn’t he the reason why
    Chris fck Rihanna shit up.

  6. Both have little actual talent so who give a care.I dont. Thats why Prince is missed so dearly he showed us what real talent looked like.

  7. Both of them are very talented. Maybe you need to broaden your taste a bit bc there are many other artists more talented than Prince, these 2 included.

  8. tinaloveseddie

    Love em or hate em…they really look amazingly sexy and beautiful together?

  9. Two words (Publicity Stunt) don”t be fooled.

  10. Y’all too worried about what this grown ass man is doing with his dick,If drake’s not responding to that ???????????Joe budden just dropped then I don’t want to hear about that nigga.

  11. Calvin Daniels

    @jay williams: that’s where your wrong, I’m not a dick rider but I do listen to drake frequently because I like the music he makes, he makes hits. Like him or not you can’t deny he’s at the top of the game right now, and also if drake did respond you can’t really say drake will take the L because a diss record will always be better if it has replay value, joes diss has no flow and no replay value so people will listen to that shit one time then forget about it. Back to back for example, I’m not saying it has the hardest bars in the world but it had replay value and that’s what fucked meek mill over, the fact that it could be played in clubs and everywhere else as a tune everyone wanted to hear over and over again. All I’m saying is drake really don’t need to respond to this as this is really not impacting his life but if he did you can’t really count him out without hearing what he’s gunna produce, fair enough if he did reply and his diss record was whack then hate on it but till then

  12. Jewish Montana

    She is the biggest THOT.
    She past Kim.

  13. Drake is winning in everything smh ??

  14. Run Drake Run!!!

  15. they’re just fuck buddies y’all wtf. just cuz they fuckin don’t mean they dating

  16. Drake, please wear a condom. She is the biggest THOT in the industry.

  17. Hate if u want 2 but they make a cute couple 🙂

  18. Now if drake slap rihanna fa wateva reason during the relationship then we no it wasnt really chris fault to soon??? oh sory ??? my bad???

  19. Rihanna is a walking STD

  20. Native Akkadean

    man…hollywood is disgusting. how many times you gunna take somebody else’s sloppy seconds?? why do they all keep …”dating”… all in the same little circles? It’s gotta be a ritual.

    Next thing you know Kendrick Llamar hooks up with Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, this is some bullshit.

  21. i luv to see black people in luv 🙂

  22. women are so fuckin disgusting… they will let 10-15 men nut inside them

  23. i smell a publicity stunt….. they are not really a couple

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