Sniper kills police officers ‘ambush style’ over the fatal shootings of black men

Sniper kills cops in response to black fatalities.

Sniper kills cops over black deaths.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DALLAS — Houston… er… Dallas, we have a problem. The American public has reached its boiling point over a pair of fatalities linked to police brutality in the past 48 hours. According to multiple reports, former U.S. Army reservist Micah Xavier Johnson opened fired ‘ambush style’ on police officers Thursday during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest over the fatal shootings of black men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and St. Paul, Minnesota. Five cops are dead, seven more injured. Before being blown to smithereens by a robot carrying a bomb, Johnson, 25, told police he “‘wanted to shoot white cops.” He also told police he was acting alone.

The ambush comes on the heels of a graphic cell phone video [released Wednesday] that shows the aftermath of a Minnesota cop fatally shooting Philando Castile in the presence of girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her daughter. Roughly 24 hours earlier, Alton Sterling was shot and killed in Louisiana after two white officers pinned him to the pavement. That incident was also captured on video.

Hundreds of people attended the protest. When gunfire erupted around 8:45 PM, everybody ran for cover. A woman was damn near trampled. “Everyone just started running,” said 21-year-old Devante Odom. “We lost touch with two of our friends just trying to get out of there.”

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton called Castile’s death an act of racism.

He said Castile would still be alive if he were white.

Do you agree with him?

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  1. Christian Lopez

    For the first time I don’t feel sympathy towards cops and I kind of feel a joy deep inside…

  2. This was an absolute set up! I do not believe Black Lives Matter had anything to do with this. Someone used that protest as an opportunity to execute and wound law enforcement. Whether it’s a gangbanger, white supremacist thug, or rogue cop. It’s too much of a coincidence that 2 men are murdered by the police within 24 hours of each other and then this happens. Donald Trump spreading his hate and #BlueLivesMatter encouraging brutality are partially to blame for this. 4 cops have been executed and 7 more fighting for their lives because of the hypocrisy and bullshit in this country. This sniper or snipers clearly wants martial law. Well it looks like you’re about to get it. Thanks Donald Trump and #BlueLivesMatter ??

  3. theres a deep hatred that white people have for blacks and they spread their evil thoughts to the rest of the world. fucking racist race!

  4. Veronica Munos


  5. John “Bmilk” Lias

    Here we go again. A cop shoots an innocent man dead…… A BLACK MAN WHO WAS LEGAL TO CARRY!!!!! And then the cop gets to go home on administrative leave. STILL GETTING PAID, While this family grieves and no justice served! He should be in jail already!!! If a black male civilian did that then he would be locked Up OR DEAD TOO. When will the police understand we ALL have rights. I carry my firearm Everyday! Who knows, I maybe next! And I live in an open carry state! This cop should be prosecuted and locked away for life for committing MURDER!!!!!!!! AND Then to have the woman get down on her Knees?!?!?! I mean REALLY?!?!?!?!? I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to arrest Me for this comment. I mean after all…. Isn’t it my Constitutional right to freedom of speech JUST LIKE this man who was killed had THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS!!! AND HAD A LEGITIMATE PERMIT!!!!! THIS COUNTRY IS STILL RACIST!!!! Black people today might as well all be named Emmitt Till because we are Still getting murdered in a horrific Manner! WE DEMAND JUSTICE!!!! AND LET’S NOT FORGET BATON ROUGE!!! That man was HANDCUFFED AND STILL WAS MURDERED AND THE COP GOES HOME WHILE STILL GETTING PAID!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! MY Prayers are with every family suffering this type of tragedy! Again, I hope I’m not next!!!!! The way these cops are YOU NEVER KNOW! Please America rise up and protest this senseless VIOLENCE BY the people who CLAIMS to protect and serve. We are ALL ONE COLOR INSIDE!!!! RED…. Just look at the victims shirt!!!!! Instead I think these are the racist bastards & nerds who got their assess kicked in high school and now feel they have authority to kill!!! And whoever wanna debate my comment then YOU’RE A RACIST BASTARD TOO!! AND I Know yawl are out there and I WON’T be surprise if you do try to comment on my REAL STATEMENT!!!!! FTP!!!!!!!! FTKKK!!!!! God will pass judgement and then you will understand while burning in the depths of HELL!!!!

  6. This is black terrorism. Black LIves Matter is a hate group.

  7. Cops are finally getting a taste of their own medicine. They have brought this on themselves

  8. This is going to make cops target more of you idiots now. So stupid, you don’t even see it

  9. These 4 smoked pigs can thank their murdering friend cop in Minnesota for this, oh wait, they’re dead, they can’t thank them, my bad.

    Well their red neck families can thank their alive Asian friend cop in Minnesota for murdering that no record having, non criminal, worked with youth, licensed to carry a legal weapon BLACK man whom was also MURDERED in front of his fiance and that 4 year old baby girl!!!
    Winter is COMING! Many black people are becoming numb, and some people are fed up, so you know the rest……

  10. None of Your Business

    I’m glad those cops are dead. Fuck em.

  11. If you’re white it’s open carry, if you’re black it’s “He’s got a gun!”

  12. Frisky Bottomsuuater

    Good job obama! Race relations are at a 50 year low!

  13. Anyone that says “I’m glad those cops are dead” are fucking stupid.
    Your saying that because there are a few dumb ass trigger happy cops out there who have shot innocent civilians it’s okay when police officers who had nothing to do with those shootings should die as well?
    That is the logic of a brain dead, paint chip eating fucking moron.

    That would be like me saying, I’m glad those black guys got shot by cops because last year some black dude raped and murdered a white woman.

    Sounds fucking stupid right?

    You don’t label a group of people as being horrible based off the actions of a few.

    Also, I find it funny how the police were doing everything they could to protect the same people protesting against them.

  14. RIP Micah

  15. Rest in piss

  16. one black man took on the whole police force in Dallas………Literally!!!!!!

  17. Well done,Micah Johnson!

  18. First they said that he committed suicide. then they said that they shot him. Then they said that they blew him up. What happened is that they were not going to take him alive. They captured him and executed him with a bullet to the back of his head and then they realized that they couldn’t say that he committed suicide with a bullet to the back of the head. An autopsy would show how he died. So they blew his body up to destroy the evidence.

  19. Herobrine 0830

    May God help us get past this terrible event that played out in Dallas and help the men and women in blue move on to heaven where they can finally rest in peace and be by God’s side always.

  20. First the Orlando shooting, now this

  21. This man is truly a legend, hero, and inspiration. He sacrificed his own life to partake in a long awaited police shooting like this. If only he went to the range more often to sharpen his skills, then he could have taken down even more cops before his own life was taken. RIP Micah Johnson, you were a good man.

  22. Jonny On The Spot

    Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group that must be destroyed

  23. Police use a robot to kill sergeant Micah? cowards.

  24. Thank God he’s dead. Don’t have to feed the bastard for the rest of his life, and one less vote for Hillary in November.

  25. Honest Comments

    Martial law on its way. America prepare yourself.

  26. micah johnson may god have mercy on your soul

  27. 5 cops killed. that is bull. and people still were protesting about the police shootings. no protests for the officers. just like when the black cop killer a white guy. didn’t even make news. no protests on that. cops do their jobs to protect us. if you don’t have anything to hide, there is no need to fear them. Rest In Peace. #istandwithcops

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