All-Stars Eric Hosmer & Salvy Perez give National League the ‘Royal Treatment’

Salvy Perez and Eric Hosmer came up big in All-Star Game/Getty.

Perez and Hosmer win All-Star Game.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SAN DIEGO — Big stage. No problem. They’re used to it. Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez of the World Champion Kansas City Royals gave the National League the ‘Royal Treatment’ in helping the American League secure homefield advantage in the World Series with a 4-2 victory in Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic from beautiful San Diego. Thanks to the Royals duo, the AL will open the Fall Classic at home for the 11th time in 14 years. Hosmer and Perez both homered off former Royals teammate Johnny “Cap’n Save-A-Staff” Cueto during a six-pitch span in the second inning.

Hosmer blasted a solo shot to tie the game. Two batters later, Perez ripped a 2-run homer to left that proved to be the game-winner. They became the first Royals to homer in an All-Star Game since Bo Jackson went deep in 1989. “I was so proud of Hoz when he hit that ball and Salvy when he hit it,” said Royals skipper Ned Yost who managed the AL squad.

“I felt like a proud papa there in the second inning after those two guys gave us the lead, and I was really excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that proud of two players in a moment like that, and that was really special for me.”

Hosmer would later smash an RBI single in the third for insurance to become the game’s MVP. His teammate, Kelvin Herrera, pitched a hitless sixth. If you’re counting at home, the official tally: Royals 4, National League 2. “Couldn’t have worked out any better,” Hosmer said.

“Salvy and I go way back. A lot of you guys know we have been playing this game together for a long time. And to share that experience and have the games we did tonight was really special.”

Cueto, who owns a spiffy 13-1 record for the San Diego Padres with a 2.47 ERA, pitched a two-hitter for KC in game two of last year’s World Series against the New York Mets. The Royals would go on to wrap up the series in 5 games to claim their first title since 1985. 

“This morning, I got up and didn’t feel well. That is not an excuse,” Cueto explained.

“I just left two pitches up, and that was the story.” 

Prior to first pitch, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and Dick Enberg joined Rod Carew, his family and the relatives of late Padres legend Tony Gwynn on the field for an historic announcement.

Effective immediately, the AL batting title will be named in honor of Carew. Conversely, the NL batting title will be named after Gwynn [Mr. Padre] who died of salivary gland cancer two years ago at age 54.


  1. All this and yet, their 7 games back in 3rd place. Playing just 2 games over 500.

  2. This all star game was a joke. Guys getting passed over for others who win the popularity contest and not the who is the best player. Then you have Yost who has to make it all about him and the royals that he keeps the best 1st baseman in the league and possibly history on the bench because he plays for a rival.

  3. The Royals got a lot of injuries but I still think they can make a great run in the 2nd half.

  4. A team half full of Cubs choked? Shocking!

  5. Keith Green Sr.

    What’s that, 16 of 19 for the AL now? 22 of the last 30. 13 straight years the AL has won Interleague play. Or is it 14? I lose count. But the NL is supposed to be so superior just because their pitchers hit and they do double switches. Yeah, right.

  6. Salvy and Hoz shouldve been co-MVPs

  7. The Royals had a nice 2 year run……. now it is back to mediocrity

  8. Couldn’t have happened to nicer guys. Hosmer and Salvy are the face of the Royals but they are also the most genuine on the team. Just awesome they’ve both peaked offensively at the same time. #ForeverRoyal

  9. I am wondering why Hosmer is being described as someone who has done something outstanding “…on the big stage” for so long. Since joining the Royals in 2011, he’s never hit higher than .302 (And only that one season over .300 at all), never had 100 RBI, and never hit more than 19 HRs. The Royals had two good seasons in ’14 and ’15, but they are barely over .500 now and 7 games back. Hosmer is on a pace for about 22 HRs and 90 RBI-again, very run of the mill numbers for a star. I don’t get the love for a slightly above average player.

  10. Nigel McDowell

    awesome!hosmer and perez are amazing and cant wait to see what they do in second half of season go royals

  11. @Jay Seaborg: Hosmer is the definition of clutch. While I agree he may not be all-star caliber every day, he really turns it up when the pressure is on.

  12. all star game nice…… but no world series for royals……. pitching sucks and they cant hit worth shit

  13. Watching this game for me was like Hosmer and Perez having friendly competition with one another seeing who could match the other’s performance while players from all other teams just so happened to be there watching them. Did anyone else get that feeling too? Lol! X-D

  14. @Sparky Jolteon: That’s because Big Players make Big Plays in Big Games.
    I’m glad the rest of the World got to see a couple of our Big Players compete against each other, while everyone else just stood there, thinking, “How did they DO that”? Plus, how about the way Yost kept bringing in Pitchers from our division so Salvy could get a look at their pitches? If I ever was to buy a Royals Jersey, I would seriously have to consider the one that has YOST 3 on the back, partly because wearing any other jersey would slight the other players, and Ned is the Man Running The Show. So, as always…GO ROYALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I hope the Royals dont go back to losing 100 games.

  16. Charles N Charge

    the royals are back to their crappy ways

    the pitching stinks and the bats have no pop

  17. Hoz and Salvy are my favorite Royals! So happy for them 🙂

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