Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha laud newlyweds Russell Wilson and Ciara

Stephen Curry, wife Ayesha, Russell Wilson and wife Ciara all smiles at the ESPYS/Getty.

Currys and Wilsons looking damn good.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Power couples were out in full effect Wednesday night at the 2016 ESPYS from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Newlyweds Russell Wilson and Ciara joined Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha on the ESPYS red carpet. Nice to see everybody smiling because it’s been a turbulent 30 days for both couples. Ayesha, if you recall, accused the NBA of being rigged after watching her husband foul out of game six of The Finals.

A frustrated Curry got ejected after tossing his mouthpiece into the stands, striking one of the minority owners of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the process. Golden State went on to lose the series in game seven, becoming the first team in NBA history to blow a 3-1 lead in The Finals.

Wilson, star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, got hitched a few days ago.

But Ciara filed court docs claiming her baby daddy, Future, plans to kill her husband.

Are you happy for both couples?

Are better times ahead?

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  1. Marissa Gamino

    Ayesha and Stephen Curry ??

  2. Future is being a petty pussy.. you beefn with a good black role model like Mr Wilson I see u in a totally different lite.. im through listen to dat fuk nigga music..

  3. These are two beautiful black couples 🙂

  4. I feel sorry for Russell, Ciara shouldn’t be dragging him into this hypothetical “Gangsta Sh#@” .

  5. steph’s wife is fuckin hot……. makes me want black pussy

  6. Beverly McFadden

    Ciara is a crazy bitch…Real Talk!!! I’m finished with her and her career. No one is breaking there neck to go see no Ciara sing. Girl Future don’t care about you he only cares about his son. I’m wiping my ass with Ciara toilet paper.. I don’t like her any more. She’s a crazy ass drama queen.

  7. Nombulelo Mthimkulu

    ??? Future needs to be strong throughout this difficult time ?Russell seems like such an amazing papa to his son ??❤

  8. Hayven Moses (MrMosley)

    This is so fucking stupid,Wilson shoulda never married this broad,she’s nothing but trouble. She’s been trying to lock down a rich man forever.

  9. Steph Curry is the perfect gentleman. I am so happy for them. 🙂


  11. Playervid ZeroZeroFour

    I dont get why people think Russell Wilson is soft. This nigga plays in the NFL, future raps. Full stop, nothing else to discuss

  12. Brittany Roberson

    This not true Ciara is not worried about Future dickhead ass. He not that stupid to kill no one if he wants to go to prison lmao. He mad he couldn’t control her like his other baby mamas.

  13. Better luck next season Steph 🙁

  14. Curry, Thompson, Durant……. Golden State will be world champs in 2017!

  15. Michael FOster

    Lmao Ciara thinks her pussy bad enough to have future kill someone…lmao Goodluck in court, you hungry bitch

  16. Russell has no idea what he got himself into. Smh


  18. Future so fucking dumb I swear smh

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