Usher Raymond & boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard duke it out at 2016 ESPYS

Usher and Sugar Ray go blow for blow at 2016 ESPYS/Getty.

Usher, Sugar Ray no holds barred.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Put up your dukes dawg. Put ’em up. Usher Raymond, who portrays Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming biopic ‘Hands of Stone,’ proved he could take a punch from the 60-year-old boxing legend Wednesday night at the 2016 ESPYS from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles where some of the world’s biggest stars in sports and entertainment gathered to celebrate the year’s most outstanding athletic moments. Sugar Ray’s son was also in attendance.

Directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz, ‘Hands of Stone’ sheds light on the fervid relationship between boxing great Roberto Durán [played by Edgar Ramírez] and legendary trainer Ray Arcel [Robert De Niro]. The movie also focuses on the epic battles between Leonard and Durán.

Known for dazzling fans with his voice, Usher will now attempt to impress viewers with his fists in his first leading role. The OMG crooner began training 3 years ago when the film started its production. Usher, 37, also wrote the movie soundtrack.

‘Hands of Stone’ will hit theaters on Aug. 26th.

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  1. This looks like a boxing movie with character, like an instant classic, like Raging Bull. Not something like Southpaw that’s overacted, overdramatic melodrama Disney like story. Boxing isn’t Disney, boxing is boxing. Can’t wait.

  2. They NEED to make three more bio pics – Hagler, Hearns & Leonard (Usher) – A BOXING CINEMATIC UNIVERSE !!!! Not sure who would play Hagler / Hearns though…

  3. I know Usher is going to slay in this movie as Sugar Ray. Go bae!!!!

  4. About time we get a boxing movie about a Latino boxer!

  5. So Robert De Niro is playing the great Ray Arcel. Ray Arcel alone can have his own movie. Considered one of the greatest trainers in boxing history and first trainer to go into the boxing hall of fame. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  6. This is already my favorite movie of all time.

  7. Usher playing Sugar Ray? I cant stop laughing! Hahahaha!

  8. This movie is gonna be badass

  9. Jaime fox is semi old but I feel like he would’ve been a better choice for sugar ray

  10. Duran is 1 of the greatest boxers ever

  11. Usher is the shit! He can sing, dance, and act.

  12. I’d rather see Sugar Ray play himself than watch Usher screw it up

  13. They should’ve called this movie “Quitter,” or “Devoid of Discipline.”

  14. cant wait……. my penis is gettin hard

  15. Damn. Excellent choice with Usher playing Sugar.

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