Prince Harry continues mom’s legacy by taking a stance against HIV and AIDS

Prince Harry urges more people to get an HIV test/AP.

Prince Harry says take an HIV test.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DURBAN — Have you been tested for AIDS? If not, please take heed to this salient dispatch from his royal majesty. Following in Princess Diana’s footsteps, Prince Harry teamed up with legendary singer Sir Elton John at the International World AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa on Thursday to raise awareness about HIV on an international stage. Both Harry and Elton, who’s also a prominent AIDS campaigner, delivered moving speeches before posing with ambassadors.

Harry spoke passionately about the importance of discarding stigmas tied to HIV while urging more people to get checked. “It is time for us to step up to make sure no young person feels any shame in asking for an HIV test,” he said.

“It is time for us to step up to make sure that girls and boys with HIV aren’t kept from playing with their friends, classmates, and neighbors. It is time for us to step up and acknowledge that stigma and discrimination still act as the greatest barrier to us defeating this disease once and for all.”

Do you plan to get tested?

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  1. tangerinedream, Dry Heat

    Since AIDS affects everyone, everyone should be tested, especially if you practice unsafe sex, or have had a blood transfusion..Good King Harry!

  2. Isnt Elton John gay?

  3. Well done King Harry for his involvement in raising awareness. AIDS has probably been thought of something that wont happen to me kind of attitude from.most people.

  4. Good for Harry highlighting this important issue. Diana would be so proud of her boys.

  5. Well done Harry and of course Elton John,they are doing a fantastic job,making people aware of HIV that kills so many of our people each year.Harry is a natural,doing things like this,and many people do not realise just how much work he does for charities,and Invictus,he is lovely,kind,and genuine man !

  6. I hope Elton John gets checked

  7. Prince Harry is an absolute doll 🙂

  8. Princess Diana would be so proud

  9. Pepé Le Pew

    FUCK AIDS!!!!!

    The only way u get that shit is to fuck a man in his ass

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