Former NFL linebacker Antonio Armstrong and his wife are murdered by teen son

Antonio and Dawn Armstrong allegedly murdered by teen son.

Former NFL star killed by teen son.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOUSTON — Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Antonio Armstrong and his wife Dawn were allegedly shot dead by their teenage son at their Houston home. The 16-year-old suspect now faces murder charges as a juvenile. The fatalities happened around 2 a.m. Friday morning. Dawn died at the scene. Antonio, who suffered a gunshot wound to the head, was pronounced dead moments later at Memorial Hermann Hospital. The suspect’s two siblings were reportedly inside the residence at the time of the murders.

“This was an outstanding family,” Houston police homicide investigator Jimmy Dodson told media members. “He was an associate pastor in the area church. He’s a great guy. The mother was apparently a great mother, according to family members.”

Prior to joining the NFL, Antonio earned All-American honors at Texas A&M where he played from 1991 to 1994. He was one of the cornerstones in the school’s famed “Wrecking Crew” defense. The San Francisco 49ers drafted Antonio in the sixth round of the 1995 NFL Draft.

Police concealed the suspect’s identity because of his age.

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  1. Where the fuck is Black Lives Matter???

    This bad seed makes blacks look bad.

  2. I don’t always assume that a chold who kills his or her parents is a “bad seed”There might have been horrific abuse from his parents.You never really know what goes on in someones house when the doors are locked and the curtains closed.

  3. Conceal everything because he is a minor. This kid will be put back on the street at sometime and when arrested again his record will show no prior arrests. Keep protecting these young criminals and soon they will be adult criminals.

  4. I guess black lives are only supposed to matter to people who are not black. Hahahaha! Niggas are a joke.

  5. If only they’d had more guns in their home, this would never have happened.

  6. Guess the kid didn’t want to go to timeout

  7. What kind of “child” shoots BOTH parents? Someone with issues? Or someone who is indulged, spoiled and completely without moral grounding? Until we find out the why, we are all just guessing.

  8. What comment can you make at this point? BLM? Guns? Violence? It is just sad to read these stories day after day. It is just sad!

  9. Wtf I wouldn’t shoot my parents. who the fuck would?

  10. That's Mr. COON 2 You NIGGAZS


    -Says NIGGAZS

  11. Beautiful Shane

    Sometimes when Boy’s get a whiff of a girl sexually. That girl can convince the boy to kill parents so that the boy and girl can be together. I bet that’s what it was. The parents probably wouldn’t allow the relationship because he is only 16. The boy’s hormoones said somethng different.

  12. Benbeth Anderson

    I assume black lives matter are busy preparing a protest and getting ready to march…

  13. blackgirlsareperfect

    It may have been sexual abuse behind the scenes and the mom depending of their reputation and the money that was coming in she probably kept her mouth shut and she knew about the abuse and the boy got fed up with both because he couldn’t get protection from neither…….I could be wrong and I hope I am?

  14. I can say this. Violence is created. Something went on in that house that should’ve happen. Children don’t just wake up one day an start killing. I believe their were red flags before hand that were looked over.

  15. I have feeling the father might have abused him or led him in the wrong path. Kids just don’t go crazy like this for no reason, they have to either have serious mental illness or treated badly for them to kill their own parents.

  16. Sometimes things that go on inside the home, outside folks don’t know about. I grew up in a home where my father declared war on us in the home, but outside the home to others, he was a good man that did no wrong

  17. Opinions Who cares

    This is the kind of shit white kids do


  19. Ivan Delabanque

    thousands of so call white kids murder their parents evey year..

  20. Kids are too spoiled today. I personally think that kids from middle & upper class are more dangerous. They have everything but the minute u tell them they can’t have something they wanna kill everyone in the house. Kids from poor families worship their parents. When they are giving something costly out the ordinary, they are extremely grateful.

  21. I wounder if the son was on any Psychiatric Drugs ? When nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and it’s not the weapons used.

  22. Ernest Hemingway

    Damn!!! This really sucks… Maybe he raised him up like a football player (You know, like bootcamp) thinking that that was good, which in a lot of cases is, but in some cases it’s not good. His son might have been more of an artist and not a sports lover, so in his mind he was being abused. When his parents really weren’t trying to abuse him at all.

  23. It seemed like this family had everything. One thing i could say is that we have to keep God first in our family because if we dont instill his values the enemy creeps in through the cracks of our kids if that foundation is not there. God rest their souls.

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