White House Girl Gone Wild: Obama’s daughter caught twerkin’ and smokin’

Malia Obama shakes her ass at Lollapalooza.

Obama’s daughter twerkin ‘n smokin.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CHICAGO — Shake whatcha mama gave ya! While mom and dad were busy trying to get Hillary Clinton voted into the White House, first daughter Malia Obama decided to skip the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia so she could party at Lollapalooza in Chicago instead. With loud hip hop music blasting through the speakers, cameras caught Malia pulling up her skirt to show off her ass while she twerked on the set of Cashmere Cat. Malia was later seen smoking marijuana. White House officials declined to comment. 

The peculiar series of events are both good and bad.

They’re good in that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are allowing their 18-year-old daughter to enact with her peers and have a good time. They’re bad in that Malia finds it more productive to gyrate and puff weed than attend a paramount political function.

In other words, it’s okay for teens to be teens. But, when you’re the first daughter of the United States all eyes are on you and it’s probably not wise to behave in such a hoodrat, THOT-esque manner.

Do you think Malia should’ve used better judgment?

Watch her performance and judge for yourself.


  1. Chris the Ruler

    Who gives a flyin fuck? She’s a teen. Let her breathe, geez!

  2. Is she fuckin’??? Cause she dont look like a virgin.

  3. She can breathe on my neck while im fucking her.

  4. Our nation’s first presidential THOT! I love it.

  5. Yooo what’s wrong with people??? She’s just trying to have fun and have a normal teenage life… Now they gotta record her and post it on the Internet… Whoever did that could take this L 10 times…. I hope she didn’t get in trouble with Obama or Michelle

  6. Nathaniel Aiken

    Malia face a 1 but her ass a 10

  7. Oh no, a teenager doing teenage things.

  8. Barack is about to become my father-in-law

  9. James McAnalLoving

    She ugly af but i’d slide it in just to chill with obama and shit smh

  10. Ok who gives af I swear people stay trying attack Obamas kids for nothing

  11. who in the actual fuck wanna go to some boring ass speech shit when you can go to a party?

  12. Well i wouldn’t let being the presidents daughter stop me from partying tbh

  13. Well done who’d want to listen to Hilary’s shity speech which even bill napped through

  14. lol lollapalooza. Someone should teach the dumb bitch what a real music festival is.

  15. Unguided Reaper

    So that’s what his family does? No wonder this economy never got fixed. They ride that “First black family” bull crap straight into a shallow grave. Hopefully they disinfect the entire White house.

  16. This is news…………why…… She’s still a teenager (o_O

  17. Jasmine Gilbert

    who cares she is being a 18 yr girl leave her the fuck alone now i swear

  18. ill fuck just to tell my homies , ” I Fucked Obama Daughter!!”

  19. Ermhs Parasoidis

    What a huge slut !
    probable next stop will be a sex tape ………..

  20. You notice while she’s doing her provocative stripper dance . There’s nothing but Nigger’s ,and their Nigger lovin white girls by her ! Not one white guy around her at all ! Plenty of white girls ! There is one white guy, but he’s a Security guard !

  21. nicholas roebuck

    As a 24 year old African American male, I am ashamed to call this young girl’s father our nation’s president. This video is disturbing to say the least, in that it supports lewd, public displays of sexuality, and a lack of self respect on the part of this beautiful, young female. American society shouts at us not to be ashamed of our bodies and sexuality nowadays, but in the same moment tears away and dismantles singular moral judgement and ethics. This ideology will destroy the world.

  22. Sierra Barrett

    I absolutely hate the hate this girl is getting. She’s 18. Enjoying herself at a concert. What’s the problem with that? This does NOT define her. She’s going to fucking HARVARD. And you think you have the right to put her down as if you’ve never done anything wrong in your life? Lol bitch please.

  23. ama Frempongmaa

    she is releasing all the stress she had to go through living in the white house as a first daughter with these secret service…poor Malia.

  24. She’s havin fun! Get it! Life’s to short to give any FUCKS!

  25. Maaaan let’s be realistic yo.. when bush’s daughters were getting drunk and high people jump to there defense with the ” oh there just teenagers let them have fun but as soon as Malia does a lil dance they are quick to judge. Foh she’s just a kid B. These fraudulent ass fox news lovers need to chill tf out!! I am worried tho because Michelle is probably beating tf outta her. My point is that when Barbara Bush was acting out nobody criticized her so they need to leave Malia alone. Damn!!!

  26. Sandra & Louie Romero

    leave. that girl alone she has done nothing wrong. try being her for five minutes being locked down for her childhood with secret service up your ass every second of everyday she is 18 years old dancing with her girlfriends having fun YOU DANCE GIRL AND FUCK ALL THE HATERS. HER PARENTS DID A GREAT JOB OF RAISING HER. SHE IS NOT OUT HOE STROLLING AND HAVING BABIES SO LEAVE HER BE

  27. Elliot McShine

    Dancing and freeing up is cool but c’mon did she really HAVE to show ass a few months before her father leaves office…btw that wasn’t a fukin twerk.

    Anyway, she’s 18 and clearly wants the D… and I got D to give lol
    P.S. the amount of bitches justifying it in the comments just makes me smile, god bless america :)

  28. Dammit man, son of a bitch, this is some bullshit. Where’s the mutha fuckin twerkin at? I’m not a big fan of Obama’s last term, but this is all yall can get on him, and his daughter? Get a life, and let this girl live/enjoy hers. I betcha yall love that song, and live the life of “I don’t mind” by Usher.

  29. I remember when the Bush daughters were caught using cocaine and nobody said shit about it but a few news outlets. The KKKonservative party are mainly going to blow this out of proportion.

  30. Sunshine Nguyen

    USA is a free country, so is Malia. she can do whatever she wants like other teenagers in American or other nations. i love her style: young, wild and free

  31. theres a difference between dancing and dancing like a little brainless horny slut.

  32. Iyabinghi Ashanti

    That’s right Malia you have your fun young lady!!! I use to smoke cannabis all the time and I no longer do!!! I occasionally steam cannabis in a steam chalice and I am turning 55 next month. I drink cannabis tea and I am better for it. Leave the young woman alone for god’s sake. Fuck!!!

  33. Expect nothing less from the first black family, they have destroyed that position….

  34. Well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her Dad was notorious as a “pothead” back then in Hawaii. Yet I believe barack obama is still abusing substance today, you can see in many of his TV appearance, he got these red and watery eyes. Those sign often linked to either meth or coccaine or marijuana use

  35. Don’t smoke weed until you’re in college and your dad isn’t president anymore. Easy.

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