1. This was one of my favorite videos, Next to Luda’s Booty Poppin and Nelly’s Tip Drill…lol


    One of my favorites from Uncut. Bring back UNCUT!!!!!!

  3. B.E.T………..GAY AS FUCK NOW!!!!

  4. Omg I use watch this late at night….lol

  5. i used to jack off to that black bitch thats shakin her ass lol when i was younger lmao

  6. i love this song. when i worked overnights i never missed uncut an i would always find myself dancin to this song!!! boy those were the days! i wish they would bring uncut back. hint hint b.e.t. or m.t.v.

  7. He was hard than a mf.. I was wondering what happened to Jokerthebailbondsman. But just read he was on lock down… He had that Westcoast vibe like a mf. I was shocked to know that cuz was from Alaska. But the brotha was the shyt!

  8. remember this video from bet uncut

  9. Roger McKenzie

    Who makes a video bout club hoppin in the snow

  10. I was 17 watchin this , man B.E.T Uncut was epic back then!!

  11. I remember back in the day when I was like 9-10, I recorded this video on VHS just for the girl pussy poppin at 0:04 & throughout the video. She was soo fuckin fine! I remember me just learning bout “choking the chicken” & almost got caught lookin at this lmao!

  12. Alaska lit gottdammit!!!!

  13. Damn i was in 11th grade when this came out. DAMN

  14. my nigga Joker gave it up for Alaska… stay up

  15. Mrsextone Rock MC

    miss bet uncut

  16. I love bet uncut

  17. Bet Uncut baby…… I be up hella early before school…. the white girls kissing, perfect way to start the day….

  18. these dudes let me know that it was poppin EVERYWHERE

  19. ladybug family

    Shit still go hard

  20. B.E.T………..GAY AS FUCK NOW!!!!

  21. Ruthless Lover

    really miss all that ass & titties on bet uncut

  22. He was first person I seen throw up on a video! Lol

  23. I like how she was smiling while she shook her ass 😂😂

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