Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is looking for love on reality dating show

Chiefs star Travis Kelce looking for love on reality TV.

Chiefs tight end looking for love.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is a great pass catcher who’s hoping to become a great catch. Yes, the Pro Bowl tight end is looking to score with a special lady. But he may be going about it the wrong way. Kelce, 26, will try his luck on E! television’s “Catching Kelce,” a reality dating show that will probably remind viewers of “The Bachelor” and Flavor Flav’s “Flavor of Love.” Kelce, who moved to Los Angeles in the offseason, will audition 50 beautiful contestants — one from each state.

The ladies will contend for Kelce’s love and NFL paycheck [just kidding, sort of]. The winner will receive an opportunity to move back to the midwest with Kelce with hopes of spending the rest of their lives together. The show is set to premiere in October, during the middle of the NFL season.

The Chiefs are expecting to make a run for the Super Bowl.

Will Kelce’s show serve as a distraction?

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  1. I don’t mean to stereotype, but… IDIOT!

  2. Kaitlyn going to be one of the contestants?

  3. Great pass catcher? Not really… he fumbles a lot and drops passes in key situations.

  4. Any questions as to whether this guy is a douchebag just got confirmed.

  5. Whats the big deal? he’s single and in the off season he can do what he likes, you people are just jealous.

  6. What a moron enough said. If i was Andy Reid I would cut this guy.

  7. Is Michael Sam participating?

  8. Get that pussy Kelce!

  9. dumb fuck need to focus on catching the football instead of catching chicks….. why is andy reid allowing this to happen?

  10. This nigga makes millions playin football and still cant land a bitch??????

  11. no wonder the chiefs suck

  12. Why court a golddigger when u can get a hooker at a cheaper price?????

  13. Kelce = Loser

  14. Looking forward to seeing the show…. Kelce is one of my favorite players and he is so handsome. Hope he has a great year for the Chiefs!

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