Suicide Squad Review: It Could Be Worse

Suicide Squad comes up short in so many areas/WireImage.

Suicide Squad is decent, not great.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOLLYWOOD — Rotten Tomatoes gave it a terrible rating of 26 percent on its famed Tomatometer. The critics absolutely hated it. But David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’ isn’t that bad. It’s not the ‘must-see’ summer blockbuster we expected. But it’s not God-awful either. When viewing the highly-anticipated DC Comics flick, three things stand out that Ayer could’ve done better. One, instead of implementing an enchantress, the supervillain should’ve been a more recognizable character.

There are so many bad guys in the DC Universe to choose from. Come on Ayer? Give us Gorilla Grodd, Parasite, Bizarro, Sinestro or Giganta. Anybody but a damn witch. Two, given the supernatural talents of the aforementioned sorceress, the ‘Suicide Squad’ should’ve been configured differently.

In the opening sequence, we learn that Deadshot [Will Smith] is an expert marksman who never misses his target only to find out later his bullets lack pop against witchcraft. So what’s the point? Watching Harley Quinn [Margot Robbie] try to shatter an undead army with a baseball ball is equally vapid.

The only squad member with any eye-opening ability is flamethrower El Diablo [Jay Hernandez] and he’s a mawkish softy who’s hesistant to deploy his skill. Shade and Killer Frost would’ve been great additions to the team. The same can be said for the Joker which brings us to the 3rd and final item.

Unless Ayer decides to concoct a sequel, we’ll never know if Jared Leto is capable of portraying a better, more sinister Joker than predecessors Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. Sorry, but Leto never stood a chance. The Joker gets about 15 minutes of airtime in a movie that lasts more than 2 hours.

Hell… if it wasn’t for Harley’s incarceration, we wouldn’t see the Joker at all. He merely shows up from time to time to help spring Harley from police custody. Again, ‘Suicide Squad’ could be worse. It’s probably borderline decent, which is obviously disappointing because we expected greatness.

First, Batman v. Superman tanks.

Now, Suicide Squad bites the dust.

As of now, Marvel Comics is still the undisputed king of superhero films.

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  1. Read a bunch of reviews and this is the most honest yet. Way to go Mass Appeal!

  2. Just saw it 6/10 .they picked the wrong villain for this team . Joker didn’t get much screen time. And alot of characters where under used

  3. Figueredo Eddie

    The movie was awesome !! Way better than marvel movies . Don’t listen to the critics . Judge the movie yourself !

  4. The hype surrounding this movie was not met. The way they introduced the characters was so lazy. The movie is confusing. Also, it was easy to predict what would happen next. However, it is a fun movie. THIS IS MY OPINION

  5. Sucks to say, the movie had great potential with an excellent cast but was ruined by such a horrible script. I really liked Jared Leto as the Joker but he practically wasn’t even in the movie. The beginning of the movie was just a huge mess and the second half was just filled with cringeworthy parts. Nonetheless, it is still a great movie to enjoy with friends if you just want to have a fun time. Margot Robbie absolutely stole the show.

  6. MrStrategyGaming

    This movie isn’t as bad as people are saying or critics, but let’s be honest, the plot was rushed in A LOT of ways. This movie should of been split into two, or they had to make it 3 hours at least. Marvel still makes a better movie, there was just too many scenes were it felt like the producers were saying “This is what happened, deal with it”.. For example: They need to put a squad together JUST in case something happens and VERY next scene, Oh there’s a terrorist attack and BOOM they are right into action.. everything happened so fast.. still wasn’t as bad as cricits were saying. I’d give it personally a 6.5/10.. not bad, but definitely not a movie that left me amazed. Side note – Will Smith steals the show for me, such a great actor.

  7. Mostafa Bakhtiari

    How pathetic is that we people don’t understand Hollywood is manipulate our mind and they don’t want us to believe in God Almighty and Allah.
    Why we need to watch such movies except reading Qur’an and Bible?
    All these movies are made by Illuminati puppets who are enemy of Prophet Jesus and Twelfth Imam (Imam Mahdi)
    Reptilians will pay for this false religious movements.

  8. The critics are basically sucking Marvel’s dick, saying the film was too much like the comics or not enough. Like I can’t see how they worship films like Captain America: Civil War, it was alright but a lot of it was just a cringe film (Especially the scenes with Spiderman, oh god that was pain). Basically stop listening to what critics are saying and go see the film for yourself because its their shitty opinion and not your own.

  9. Just came back from the movie and F**k rotten tomatoes and others for their unjust reviews. I thought this movie would be bad after reading those reviews (because BvS was not upto expecations just as the reviews said). But this movie was really good and fun. Now I understand why that guy put a petition to shut down the rotten tomatoes. If you thought BvS was kinda disappointing this movie will definitely cheer you up

  10. LOLZ this shit bombed just like I thought it would.


  12. Suicide squad joins the good side after flag lets them go . Witch dies at the end , Harley kills her . Joker busts Quinn out of jail at the end . Movie was garbage , I watched it for free 1080 online . Not giving my money for this garbage . Cartoon version was 100000 times better . Waste of time

  13. i ask a friend if she would see the movie and told me: no cos critics said its bad. Told her, have your own opinion. then see the movie, and she loved it.

  14. The movie has alot of cut content which could of made it a whole lot better. The start was good but the ending just didn’t feel like an ending. It feels like they’re wanting to lead it off and make a sequel, but they did it in a bad way. Good movie, but BvS fucked this movie over more times than a dog shagging a pillow. 6/10. Rotton Tomatoes were right… almost

  15. This movie was shit. Batman v Superman wasn’t great but it was much better than this. I never want to see this Joker again. lol It was easily the worst Joker ever.

  16. All of the Suicide Squad members are serving Prison Sentances They Get Put Into a Team to kill/takedown a evil witch and her bother trying to take over the world like they did in ancient times SS then successfully takes them down by killing the both of them but they still have to serve their prison time with only 10 years off for saving the world (basically the whole movie in one paragraph)

  17. Such a great fucking movie Fuck the critics Fuck the ungrateful haters this movie was a fucking master piece

  18. bunch of cheesy scenes. tried too hard to be funny. especially Harley Quinn! God! That scene when she got out of the elevator swaying her hips…. and the people at the cinema are laughing. WTF! Not even funny! And the scene of her changing in front of the soldiers. Fucking cheesy! And the ‘We’re bad guys. It’s what we do’! I fucking wanna slap her honestly.

  19. Mikee Remastered

    Why can’t someone other than Chris Nolan make a good fucking DC movie? I mean a really good one? Not some average shit? 🙁
    Biggest disappointment of the year.

  20. It wasn’t bad at all. Honestly, always always go see something before letting reviews from prude individuals sour it for you. This movie was definitely enjoyable. A lot of diversity in both casting and characters as well. It had its fair share of holes, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t utterly terrible. Solid B+, average movie.

  21. 4 things I didn’t like about the movie:
    1: Diablo’s death
    2: Slipknot’s death bcuz he died like right away
    3: They could’ve made a better story like fighting heroes but they were unfortunately controlled by good guys
    4: A lot of other people noticed this too but the joker was barely in the movie

  22. that guy with the ravioli

    26% percent on rotten tomatoes. 26% MUTHAFUCKIN PERCENT

  23. This movie makes me never want to see a DC movie again. The story was non-existent. The script was terrible. Not worth paying for… sorry DC.

  24. It’s like DC saw what Marvel did and basically said, “Fuck it. Sure, giving each character their own movie to establish their backstory and then putting them all in one movie to create an epic showdown might have worked well. But how about we skip the origin movies and go right into the good stuff? Character motivation isn’t even that important anyways”. What a bunch of idiots. The storytelling in this movie was so lazy, and there was just too much backstory that needed to be covered that they just decided to skip it. Croc man or whatever his name was didn’t even get one. Plus, he had like five lines of dialogue (awful lines by the way) so his character was pointless other than being able to swim well. I was so excited for this movie, but once again DC goes all in and fails miserably.

  25. I love u joker!!! I love u jared??

  26. The Joker MADE this film…honestly if it wasn’t for him…this would have been absolute shit. Now, keep in mind he was only in it for 7 minutes, but, that 7 minutes was amazing. Instead of the CGI video game shit they made us watch at the end for 15 minutes, they could have easily replaced it with some actual intellectual (background) content involving the Joker and Harley Quinn. As a DC fan and a film critic, I was VERY disappointed at the Directors cut.

  27. Levi's Height Infires my Jams

    I liked the movie but the Joker was a big let down for me. I actually liked all the characters except him. Harley should have been more developed and actually see her backstory with details (especially her and Joker ‘s relationship) because let’s face it, a lot of people went to see this movie for Joker and Harley. For what it is…it wasn’t that bad I but it wasn’t that great either considering the hype it got and how people went crazy over it (which is why a lot of people are hating it, I can understand that since they are disappointed). Generally it’s an enjoyable flick but I’m not sure if it’s worth a second watch.

    6.5/10 for me (most of the points go to the amazing soundtrack. The songs were on point)

  28. Samuel Tilling

    God this movie was so fucking horrendously bad.
    You get a massive budget, great cast, awesome backing tracks and a script put together by someone with the mental age of a 10yr old.

  29. xXFoxyGrandmaXx

    This film had absolutely no story, i mean Waller talks about them and we are introduced to them like as if it were a high school drama. Then out of context and reason Enchantress is now a bad guy, all because she sleep talks
    This film just started with a “plot” because a girl talked in her sleep come on
    Joker was just awful, just a hipster trying to be a cosplayer and making his own version of the joker as a mob boss fuckboy
    The only redeeming moments of the film were parts of Cpt. Boomerang and Diablo’s last scene

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