Lillian and Tom got ‘Married At First Sight’ but didn’t have sex on wedding night

Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson got married on first day they met/GIO MORALES.

Real estate agent takes marital risk.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MONTEGO BAY — Lillian Vilchez was on the rebound after her previous relationship left her forsaken with a broken heart. Thanks to her high-risk participation on FYI’s ‘Married at First Sight,’ the 24-year-old real estate agent may have finally found her soulmate. Lillian met 29-year-old Tom Wilson [a yacht interior specialist] for the first time on season four of the social experiment show. Despite the fact Tom lives in a bus, the couple got married the same day they met. After saying “I do,” Lillian and Tom spent their wedding night in a posh hotel but they didn’t have sex. Tom was reportedly too nervous to wax that ass.

The next day, the newlyweds left town for a romantic honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Lillian believes the chemistry is there. “Tom and I had an amazing unforgettable wedding that I will never forget! We went with the flow and we were so lucky that it all came naturally,” Lillian wrote in a blog.

“After the reception, we walked to the room and he carried me over the threshold, which I thought was super cute, and you got to see us as we walked into this rose petal-decorated room filled with champagne and sweets!”

Now comes the hard part.

Lillian and Tom will cohabitate for six weeks.

After the trial period, they’ll decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce.

Will the lovebirds survive? Or call it quits?

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  1. Love this season so far! I hope that all goes well for the couples!

  2. these people are either nuts or desperate…… or both

  3. MAFS should do a season for Divorced/Widowed Couples with/without kids. There are those who really need that help from the experts and to overcome the “once bitten, twice shy” syndrome. The 20 somethings have more time.

  4. such a great show!!!

  5. Dumb fuck couldnt get his dick up on his wedding night…… priceless!!!!

  6. marriage is for lonely dumbass people with low self esteem

  7. Dude better wear a condom until he gets to know her.

  8. prayerwarrior1995

    God help these bold souls. Couples marriage is not easy. It is work, joy and maybe in some instances tears. It is what you make it. Be honest with each other. It may be a little hard for that guy who does not easily open up about how he feels. Dude get opened now while things are still new.Prayers to all of you

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