Love & Hip Hop Stars Ray J and Princess Love are officially husband and wife

Ray J and Princess Love are husband and wife/Pharris Photography

Love and Hip Hop stars got hitched.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Reality TV stars Ray J and Princess Love of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood got hitched at the Vibiana Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles on Friday in what witnesses described as a breathtaking ceremony. Ray J, 35, and Princess Love, 31, cemented their nuptials in front of an intimate crowd of 200 people — mostly family and close friends. “I just want her to have the time of her life and remember it as the best day in the world,” Ray J said. “Even when I wasn’t with her, I told my friends ‘She the one, she the one.’ It was just something about how I felt when she was around me.”

Gangsta rap artist ‘The Game’ served as one of Ray J’s nine groomsmen. R&B songstress Brandy Norwood [Ray J’s big sister] participated as a bridesmaid for Princess Love. After the couple said “I do,” Snoop Dogg posted a romantic photo of the couple on Instagram with the caption:

“Congrats to my cousin @rayj and princess.”


  1. They will be divorced in 2 months.

  2. Ray J will always be known as that guy that fucked Kim K 10 years ago.

  3. Gabriel M. García

    Who cares about this guy anymore. He is only famous because Kim fucked him 10 years ago

  4. RealGiftedSpells

    Ray J, to Moesha, Singer. Love of Ray J show, Sex tape with Kim Kardashian, show host reality show with Brandy and now he getting married selling hair brushes. OMG he do anything for fame and attention… his career is as stable as gas prices. ???

  5. them two deserve each other they both rachet

  6. Blushes Sweetly

    is it me or does Princess looks like Brandy

  7. Stupidity at it finest, praying for them

  8. Ray j trying too hard , s’mthing’ snot right

  9. Cant believe Ray is pussy whipped. Hahahahaha!

  10. what do Ray J do for a living? his part time job is being Brandy’s brother, but what’s his full time?

  11. RayJ did Princess wrong so many times smh but that’s none of my business☕️

  12. He looks smitten…hope there are prenups tho…..whats fair is fair..and I agree….RayJ maybe a little off…but there is something about this girl that I just dont know…..i you get RayJ to go along with marrying….somethings up.

  13. Delander Wilson

    Damn princess looks like my wife. they look a lot alike..

  14. Sexy Chocolate

    Such a cute black couple 🙂

  15. Not tryin to hate but no way this marriage lasts

  16. Ray J better hide all sharp objects every night before he goes to sleep, cause shawty is crazy, and I already know, he’s not gonna do right by her, she gonna do his ass like Lorena Bobbitt, have his dick floating in a glass of koolaid, at his bedside, so when he wakes up, he reaches for some Dick Aid

  17. she could’ve married a better man R-Jay ain’t the 1 smfh…

  18. Lisa Perry Barnes

    congratulations to them both such a beautiful couple love them both

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