Browns star QB Robert Griffin III facing divorce after three years of marriage

Robert Griffin gettin’ divorced after 3 years of marriage/TMZ.

RG3 faces divorce after three years.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CLEVELAND — Like his once promising NFL career, Robert Griffin’s marriage is teetering on the brink of disaster. Word on the street claims the former Heisman Trophy winner has separated from his wife of three years — Rebecca Liddicoat — and there’s serious talk of a divorce. If you recall, Griffin and Liddicoat got hitched as college sweethearts in July 2013. The couple had their first child in May 2015. According to a close source, Griffin and Liddicoat have been separated “for the past several months.”

After being drafted by the Washington Redskins second overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, the man they call RG3 won the league’s offensive ‘Rookie of the Year’ award. But things went terribly south after that — costing Griffin both his job and millions in endorsements.

After getting booted out of D.C., the 26-year-old Baylor alum signed a measly two-year, $15 million contract with the hapless Cleveland Browns. Griffin was, however, named the Browns’ starting quarterback by head coach Hue Jackson.

Griffin has gone through hell the past few months.

Will he bounce back?

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  1. Scarlett O'hara

    OMG! A Black coach and a Black starting QB on the same team. Wonderful , progressive move. I wish RG3 all the best although I am a devout Cam Newton/Panthers fan.

  2. Chester Cheetah

    No surprise here…. black men dont stay married

  3. cheaper to keep her

    get ready to pay millions in child support and alimony

  4. RG3 is gonna have a bounce back year

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  6. What is the obsession of the black community against interracial dating/marriage? Of course there are some whites that don’t like it, but black people seem to take it very personal when a black man dates/marries outside of his race.

    Yet nobody gives a fuck if black women dates outside their race…ha ha.

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  10. Arturo “A.C.” Carter

    I get what you are saying but I think that is not accurate. There are bad women in all races just like all races have bad men. Selfish people come in all forms. When it comes to being a rich man its a totally different world from ordinary men like us. They are being hunted like fish by black and white women. For us working class we don’t typically run into those women.

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