Sex Games LA: Amber Rose likes it dirty

Amber Rose defends her dirty sex life.

Amber Rose likes dirty, filthy sex.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Amber Rose prefers x-rated sex… and she don’t give a damn what you think. While keepin’ it 100 on her raunchy VH1 talk show, the big derrière supermodel fired back at her critics. Amber, if you recall, took a savage beating on social media 2 weeks ago after she jokingly said she likes it when her ex, Wiz Khalifa, ejaculates on her face. The 32-year-old ‘Sister Code’ actress believes a double-standard exists when it comes to eroticism and anything sexually explicit.

“Two weeks ago I made a joke about Wiz puttin’ his babies on my face and it was everywhere… and it’s like ‘Amber said she wants some sperm on her face,'” she told the audience. “Were they so appalled that I said it? Or were they appalled because it looked like I actually enjoyed it?”

“It’s almost taboo… you’re not allowed to be a woman and enjoy anything sexual and it’s complete bullshit!” Amber is encouraging fans to visit to join her sexual campaign.

Do you agree with Amber?

Are women held to a different sexual standard?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Wow, it’s almost as if blowback is a thing that doesn’t exist to this woman…. It has nothing to do with being a woman. If a man with high ranking celebrity status started talking about his genitals for example the media would be over it in the same way

  2. She’s always associating women with sex. She’s worse than a dude. Young ladies please don’t look up to this woman as a role model. Exercise your beautiful minds by listening to the Michelle Obamas, Judy Lynn Taylor, Jada Pinkette..

  3. Hi my name is kevin

    Yeah lets teach are daughters to be sluts lol xD I’m never having kids, I don’t want to bring them to this world

  4. the End of time is nearing. Sluts being paraded and worshipped like queens, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna. What has this world become to? Follow Jesus Christ and repent for all your sins before its too late. Oppose this satanic filthy agenda. Only Jesus can save you from this wretched demonic age we live in. Only Jesus is the way to Salvation. Amen

  5. honestly I don’t blame Ms Rose apparently she is truly a special breed of stank hoe however I do blame vh1how dare they put this disturbed misguided psychopath on television in hopes of producing more of the same. I hope you die like MTV..

  6. If she’s such a feminist then why not get an education with all that money

  7. Amber wit hair is crazy, looks hot but prefer the short hair imo

  8. So, this is a talk show about SEX? Cause that’s what seems to be on her mind 24/7. Jezebel!

  9. Phoenix Valdez

    If your a woman and don’t “enjoy something sexual” with your partner than you have messed around with way too many guys. Not everyone has ran through a football team like you have Amber. Your a porn star for a reason so don’t compare yourself to Normal woman who don’t give it up for money

  10. Her statement made absolutely no sense at all. It has nothing to with a women sexuality it had to do with respect for self. Whatever do you with your ex or significant other is your business. Saying a man’s sperm on your face is degrading especially if it’s with a man you are not with anymore. Amber has to realize she is a mother too. You cannot say stuff like that on national TV. Plus I feel Wiz probably doesn’t take her serious either. I don’t think she knows better. And how are you going to say at the end our generation needs to do better? I might be naive but did she really do that with him?

  11. I’m a fan on Amber coz she looks good but her train of thought seems a lil mediocre and naive ….. Women shouldn’t always be taken as just sexual but people like her and Kim K just feed that stereotype coz it seems that’s all there is to them, no disrespect smh . And you see the Audience nodding like she’s really making sense or just because its her show/ she’s famous smh

  12. She’s basically telling sluts to stand up for their “slutrights”. I’m done with tv.

  13. Aaliyah Espinoza-Lewis

    smh @ some of these comments. some women/ so called feminists these days: “a woman can do this and that because men do it too”……..the fact that there’s actually so many women in existence who hold men to be so supreme that they use men’s actions as a measuring stick to acceptable behaviour really speaks volumes…………how is that feminism? if you want to be a “thot” go be a damn “thot” because that’s what you want to do, not just because men are “thots” so you as a female gotta be a “thot” too. it’s the follow the leader bullshit I cant stand about these new waves of feminists. we need to find a better excuse than “well men do it so we should too.” how about “I do this and that BECAUSE I FUCKING WANT TO!”

  14. Yeah, teach our children to be whores…….yeah OK Amber!

  15. women seriously need to know they are not men.
    i can take my shirt off because am a man and you can’t because you’re a woman. it doesn’t makes you worthless. there’s nothing wrong with you being a female with virtue.
    north and south just can’t be in same direction. ..

    but you can go ahead and get wild the pleasure is all mine …
    but mind you as much as i love wild girls for fun .
    i still need me a decent wife.

  16. Shareef Taylor

    Every time she leaves her chair it’s a slutwalk. No need for a calendar event.

  17. Oh no, the more filth the better, the gutter talk is what defines you, it’s what we like about you. You have a mouth that makes a hood rats blush. Sexy ass talk is not new but you have such class in your delivery, I like it. Look at the guys you’ve been with. Women admire you. You stand for everything that women today embellish. Look at how popular adult film stars now.

  18. yeahh lets teach our children to go round broadcasting that a guy came on their face, wooo. this is such a misplaced attempt at feminism.

  19. Miguel Venomancer

    it is HER show ?? no one is forced to watch it .

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