Hollywood Divas star Countess Vaughn drops arguably worst music video ever

Countess Vaughn releases worst music video ever.

Countess Vaughn drops bad video.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — They say bad publicity is still publicity and corpulent actress Countess Vaughn is counting on that type of twisted logic to make it big in music and entertainment despite her advanced age of 38. Countess, star of the reality TV show ‘Hollywood Divas,’ just released a music video so atrocious it brings into question both her mental state and finances. Kid you not. In the low budget video titled “Do You Love Him?,” Countess finds out her boyfriend is cheating then confronts him at home while lookin’ a hot mess in a black nightie and silk robe.

Fans are having a field day on Twitter, many wondering if the conception was meant to be a joke. “I refuse to accept that Countess Vaughn’s video is real. It simply has to be satire. It has to be a parody, “ a fan wrote on Twitter. Best known for her hilarious role as Kimberly Parker in the UPN sitcom ‘Moesha,’ Countess went on to star in the spinoff “The Parkers” opposite comedienne Mo’Nique in 1999.

The Parkers went off the air in 2004.

Countess’ career has gone downhill ever since.

Watch the video, share your thoughts.


  1. Bullshit…. this cant be real… no fuckin way…. is she serious????

  2. Lmao!!!! She sounds like she singing in a fan…and those wannabe Beyoncé moves have me cracking up.

  3. I think this track had potential to be a hot record she just rushed and put the track out. But the music video is another story i dont understand y everything was in slow motion it made it look weird. I got faith in her tho she has to fall a few times before she gets her shine.

  4. Poor thing she tried tho.?

  5. wait…what did I just watch??

  6. Countess seriously needs to find ANOTHER MUSIC PRODUCER because this sounds like a mediocre beat from the early 2000s! I understand that she had a big acting career back then but that was the PERFECT time to jump into the music business when it was still going strong.

  7. kay singletrend


  8. I’m sorry no disrespect. this is the rough cut right? who produced this? who was on the damn board. where is the bass. do you love him? do you hear this song?

  9. Cookie Monster

    Its times like this when black lives dont matter, hehehehe!

  10. I like her & all…But this shit was TERRIBLE!I just hope this was a joke/spoof….If so, GREAT job!

  11. Seriously whoever mixed this music needs to be fired and never engineer again… It sounds like she recorded this on an ipod

  12. Ashleigh Smith

    What was the purpose of this?. Who psyched her up in to thinking she could sing?. As Charlemagne on the breakfast club would say, some donkey of the days just sell themselves. Whoever it was that told her she could sing need to come to the front of the congregation. Because we would like to have a word with that person. At 2:56 though. ????.

  13. Did she review his before it was released? I mean she looks stark cray cray on the video and she track is not mixed well with the video. Even though you never see her try to actually sing along. Whoever came up with the concept and directed this video FAILED miserably.

  14. Edwidge Guillaume

    ahahahhaa these comments though y’all are straight savages! ahahahh yooo y’all remember on Empire season 1 when Cookie went to go see Lucious a little after she got out, she had that sexy number under her coat?… after she gave that fool a piece of her mind she walked off showing that booty!!! YAASSS! my girl Countess was channeling her inner Cookie. y’all better leave her alone!

  15. So, essentially, they all living in Hollywood with video and music producers on every corner with professional equipment… and they settle on recording the track on a karaoke machine and film the video on an iPad, using a free app to edit everything because they can’t afford the $0.99 in-app purchase. Got it.

  16. Marcel D. Robinson

    Honestly this sounds awful. I love Countess as an actress so I’m not hating. And I know she used to have great vocals, but this sounds a hot mess. The song itself is just not good… Nice track but extremely amateur writing. And her vocals are just BAD. It’s almost embarrassing that she would have put this out as a final product. And the faces… Like… Just No. And that black outfit is so unflattering. This gets an F

  17. LMAO…does she not have a publicist? Friends? MOESHA WHERE R U?!

    This is horrible…A sex tape would’ve been less embarrassing then this atrocity.

  18. This is the most horrific video that I have ever seen. Outside of the fact that even in the age of autotune the vocals are awful, this perpetuates the absolute worst in negative black female stereotypes. It took me a very long time to even believe that this video was not a hoax. I think she is being set up. Ms. Vaughn, NEVER EVER DO THIS AGAIN . . . remove this video and pray that no one has downloaded it.

  19. ShesNaijamazing

    Sisssss… What you doing sis? Who the hell produced and mixed this? I’ve created better music on accident with Garage Band. Countess needs new friends 🙁

  20. Wow!! This is horrible!! Her team needs to be fired! And she needs to surround herself with people who are honest & not just telling her what she wants to hear. Something is definitely going on with her voice & the video was awful! I feel bad for her because nobody on her team is honest! I’m embarrassed for her??

  21. It’s so bad that I love it. Just like when something is so ugly, it’s cute. I don’t want to hate on my girl, so I’m going to act like this never happened. lol

  22. Fat ho needs singin lessons

  23. Sweetheartbabez

    I got so many questions that need answers!
    1) what was the point of the scene where she was by herself wearing pink? It seems she was off beat of the song and her mouth wasn’t moving to the lyrics
    2)Why was everything in slow motion?
    3) Who was the dude that stopped the light skin lady from running away
    4) what was up with all the close up of countess’ face?
    5) Why did she have a pink bonnet on, when she had braids on?
    6)Wheres the story line?!?!?!?!?
    7) Wheres her friends man????? Her friends and crew watched this like, “yassssss, i love it” like huh?

    The only thing i like about this video is her twists.

  24. really. if she trying to be on top like beyonce she can forget it.

  25. Poor Tink Tink. This can’t be real! Her facial expressions are off the chart! Did she forget to take the pink bonnet off of her hesd? She must not have any friends nor family that love her because, my family nor friends wiould ever let me release that mess!

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