TV personality Tamar Braxton got into bloody domestic dispute with hubby

Tamar Braxton’s husband bites her on the hand.

Tamar Braxton and hubby got violent.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — First, she lost her job. Now, she’s losing her husband. And, at the rate she’s going, she’s gonna end up losing a tooth. Tamar Braxton, former talk show host of ‘The Real,’ got into a physical altercation with her husband Vincent Herbert at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta on Sunday. According to a close source, the couple got into an Ike and Tina-esque squabble before things turned painfully somatic. That’s when Vince bit Tamar on her hand like a rabid dog, drawing blood in the process.

The 39-year-old TV personality eventually called police. But Vince fled the premises before officers arrived. Tamar was offered treatment by paramedics but she reportedly declined. The large gash on her hand, however, will require stitches. Sadly, fist fights between Tamar and Vince are regular.

Insiders say they box all the time.

But they do a good job of smiling in front of the camaras.

Is it time for Tamar and Vince to finally call it quits?

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  1. Man, i wanna beat up that guy for her. How dare he????

  2. It must be difficult to be married to a man she is not attracted to in exchange for security. She is growing desperate for freedom. A rich lifestyle but her soul is dead. You’d be surprised how many women live that way. A co-worker is married to a well off obese man and says she grits and bears it for financial security. But you would never know it the way she hugs up on him at company holiday events. That’s not fair to her husband and also not fair to her.

  3. johnethal lloyd

    you have to stay strong for your self, there is no man that will treat you like Jesus. Put God First always the lord will show you the way he will be your help mate forever if you do for him he will do more for you. Excellence. is his name Jesus Excellent .

  4. Sorry for the ladies who have been beaten up in relationships out there. Any man who says he loves you but hits you in any type of form should be reported to the police. True love is about making that person feel special not like garbage. If any man ever lift a hand on me, he better kill me there on spot because I would come after him.

  5. I believe Tamar is the type of big mouth hood rat chick , that will jump in your face and dare you to hit her (not saying it’s okay to put your hands on anyone) … But him biting her hand tho ?! I see so many memes in their future

  6. God is working on me!

    Her life is literally falling apart in front of her face. I knew the loud, flashy, and obnoxious personality would grow tiring on everybody one day. I guess these pass 4-5 years people were laughing at her instead of laughing with her. I just could never watch her or listen to her.

  7. it’s just another publicity stunt by tamar

  8. msprettylovepink

    He thought her finger was a chicken strip from what i heard

  9. Eli'ciah Has Spoken

    Happy couples don’t get into physical altercations where the police have to be called.

  10. It must be time for Tamar & Vince show to come back on.

  11. he bit her !!!!??? Good Lawd !!!!!vince shes your wife. not chicken. he took eating a bitch to a whole new level ????

  12. Lies do you really think Vince would put his hands on Tamar!!! We all know that Tamar can go off but I don’t think that she would go that far and Vince seems like a real gentleman I don’t believe it for one second

  13. Well she did “jokingly” call herself Anna Mae (Ike & Tina reference) quite often on their show. I thought it was because he worked her so hard but maybe she was trying to tell us something after all? They seemed to set each other off and not really that compatible, I figured they might divorce eventually but damn not because of this.

  14. I’ve always thought there was more to the story, maybe she acts the way she does because she has a lot going on. I always felt that Vince tried to mold her into something she’s not, but only God knows what’s really going on. I hope she finds herself and pulls herself together, and of course find it within herself to know that she deserves better.

  15. Tamar gets beat or violently attacked by every man she’s been with.

  16. All black men beat their women………. this isnt news

  17. Deborah Hopper

    Whatever they have going on i hope it will work out!

  18. you know what … its plain sad and disappointing i hope nothing for the best for the 2 of them and lets remember theres a baby involved so lets not throw judgment… and something i wanted to say tmz having the call of the altercation is breaking there privacy right or wrong that isnt kool and crossing the line .. we all human and lets remember that …

  19. Listen, if we the viewers are feed-up with Tamar’s spoiled rotten behavior, you know poor Vince has to be; the guy lives with that stinkin sh*t every day. How much can a person take?

  20. Not a fan of her big mouth but nobody deserves this…. kick him to the curb

  21. Camreon Kelley

    Notice that every rumor about there relationship has shot down everytime? I would just give up at this point cause obviously they love each other deeply ❤️


    Resonate some understanding… Tamar’s reputation and career is down like 4 flats on a dump truck! They are getting rid of him(Vince) to rebuild her image. Ya See… in order for this to work, they (The Industry) have to demonize him, destroy his image in the media; make him out to be a wife beater, get them divorced, then set her up with someone new with a Black American Next Top Model or some rich 6 foot 5, blond headed beach bum, 6 pack abs with his pink ass chicks hanging out of his shorts. Tamar is out here drumming up support from what I call “The Black Bed Wench Society” because that’s who going to give her the most support. Same Shit, Different Gold Digger!!!

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