Olympic superstars all smiles during appearance at ‘People Now’ studios

The Final Five invaded People Now studios in New York/Ben Trivett.

Final Five make special cameo.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — The Final Five’s in the house! Donning red, white and blue sports gear, Olympic gymnasts Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles and Madison Kocian were all smiles while making a special appearance at People Now studios in New York on Tuesday. Can’t blame the ladies. There’s plenty to be excited about right now. Biles was recently asked to appear on season 23 of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ which premieres in September.

But, after winning four gold medals and a bronze, Biles is gonna take a much deserved break. She hopes to appear on the show next season. “With the tour going on, the fall [season] will be very, very hard to attend, so I can’t do that one,” said Biles, 19. “I’m hoping for the spring [season].”

“If they would allow me to do that – that would be awesome.”

Speaking of gold… as the Olympics came to a close, Nike released a new commercial that honors Biles, Douglas, Elena Delle Donne, Alex Morgan, Allyson Felix and Serena Williams. Like most Nike advertisements, it should serve as an inspirational kick in the rear for gym rats.

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  1. If more slaves went to Brazil than North America, And some say the reason Black women Athletes of America are stronger than Black women in other nations is because of the slave breeding only the ‘strongest’ etc….So why does not the black women of Brazil have more Gold medal female Black athletes than North America?!?

  2. orange moonglows

    the preamble to your question is totally stupid. but the reason black athletes in brazil don’t do well is the same reason why white athletes in brazil don’t do as well as whites in the u.s. — the u.s. has better facilities, better coaches, etc. the eugenics nature of your argument/question is stupid. it’s merely an access, funding, desire and coaching issue. in many instances, if you’re an athlete in the u.s. you just have more. notice canadian athletes don’t do all that great in the summer olympics? they are north american too. doh. put on your thinking cap, not your racist cap.

  3. Daniel Kaufman

    When it comes to advertising in the sports world, Nike is in a league of their own

  4. shaffeeq sahaaly

    simone biles is such a fame seeker. no class.

  5. I’m not really into gymnastic but isn’t Gabby Douglas the 2012 Olympic champion? Why is she treated like yesterday newspaper? Maybe for the mainstream white medias she is one black girl too many. I hope she comes up even stronger after this.

  6. Gabby is still moody and upset Simone is getting all the attention. There’ NO WHITE PRIVILEGE! It’s called hard work and RESPECTING the American flag!!!!!

  7. Faheem Abdullah

    we love Gabby 2 we love all of those young ladies who gave their all may the good Lord continue to bless every one of them and all of the athletes that represent the good

  8. Simone biles, u are so fuckin hot……. I wanna drink your bath water

  9. why do some girls have blue shirts on and some have red?

  10. The only person I would change from the fierce five to the final five is have Jordyn Wieber for Gabby Douglas. Then my dream team would be complete

  11. Dont understand all the hype surrounding Simone biles…… she looks a bug in the face

  12. these ladies make me proud to be an american

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