2016 VMAs: Rihanna and Beyoncé win big, Kanye West pays tribute to himself

Rihanna won big at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards/Getty.

Rihanna, Beyoncé big VMA winners.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — If you missed Sunday night’s show, here’s all you need to know about the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards: Beyoncé slayed all opponents by winning ‘Video of the Year,’ Rihanna and Drake are apparently still in love, and Kanye West spent several minutes paying tribute to… himself. To say Beyoncé stole the VMAs would be a vast understatement. In addition to earning the night’s biggest honor, the 34-year-old ‘Formation’  singer dished out an extended performance for fans at New York’s Madison Square Garden inspired by her controversial “Lemonade” album.

Speaking of performance, Rihanna delivered a few memorable moments of her own prior to walking away with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. The 28-year-old Barbadian beauty performed 4 career-spanning medleys of her hits before sauntering to the stage to accept the honor from Drake.

“This woman has surpassed all competition while still being the same girl from Barbados,” said Drake during an emotional speech. “We love the music which could change styles from album to album. We love the videos which change their artistic vision from year to year.”

“But most of all, we love the woman who hasn’t changed since day one.”

“She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old.”

Congrats Rihanna and Beyoncé!


  1. nikeairforce182

    kanye should just drop dead already! he is boring, lazy and basic! his style is old and outdated and he has no talent! he should just jump off a cliff, may my prayer be answered soon

  2. SLAY QUEEN B! ♥

  3. yay Bey. #Vegeta these hoes

  4. TheSimcraftFixion

    Congrats Rihanna! Nice speech Drake! :D

  5. Yep Yep (ReptarKrugar)

    So MTV (which technically isn’t a music video channel anymore unless at 1am in the morning) gives the most iconic award from the greatest artist/musician ever in the history of the world to a person who cant sing at all and continued to go back n forth to a man who beat her? Great idol for teenage girls. Drake….you washed up tool. Their are many other artists out there deserving of this award. Also, what happened to the rock (actual music) award group? Also, KEEP READING FROM A PROMPTER SCRIPT (AGAIN ON A CHANNEL THAT SHOWS PRESCRIPTED TELEVISION).

  6. Why do people act as if these people are anything special?

  7. KeepingUpWithNocie

    Drake is getting it twisted, he’s probably just another nigga on the hit list tryna fix his inner issues with a bad bittch. Didn’t they tell him Riri’s a savage? ???

  8. Kanye and Kim thought Beyonce was gonna say their names in her acceptance speech

  9. I love how since people realized Beyonce is actually a black woman, now is like… “Beyonce? C’mon, she is not that good…”
    Bitch, i would let Beyonce Hit me and would still thank her for doing it.

  10. 90% of blacks are violent monsters. good luck too the people that are preparing for the crash when EBT food stamps STOP. thanks for ruining our country

  11. Funny you took time out of your day make a comment that no one cares about ?????


    kanye the drama queen

    taking mic coz not win anything
    make a song about …, and take video when call her
    tell somebody liar, and bring all her ex to his side
    believe somebody famous coz of him? :)) (seriously?:)))
    now mtv give his a moment coz afraid he screw again (dont cry baby)
    and dreaming about being us president …..


    If you hate on Kanye, you obviously don’t understand marketing and business. Say what you want about his music wether you like him or not he’s a smart man and sells himself well. Every time he says something outlandish he breaks the Internet. And when he does he gains 1,000 haters but 10,000 more fans. He’s just selling himself and he’s doing a good job of it.

  14. No, My Name Is Joffrey

    I dont think Rihanna loves Drake the way Drake loves her.

  15. Beyonce is starting to look old

  16. Balugang Tisoy

    drake is gay and shes an illuminati princess.

  17. johnny on the spot

    would give anything to have rihanna sit on my face

  18. Kanye is a fuckin genius….. he’s playin white folks

  19. There are too many of these fuckin awards shows, get rid of em

  20. luv me some kanye 🙂

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