Crazy, unfit mother Korryn Gaines fatally shot by veteran Baltimore police officer

Korryn Gaines shot dead after threatening police.

Gaines put her children at risk.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BALTIMORE — It took a month, but we finally know the name of the Baltimore County police officer who fatally shot 23-year-old Korryn Gaines on August 1st. He’s been identified as Officer First Class Ruby, a 16-year veteran of the force. Under normal conditions, the officer’s name is released within 48 hours. But given the sensitive nature of the shooting, the department decided to wait a month in fear of public retaliation. Police officials said they received death threats against their personnel. “We had reached a point both with the investigation and in terms of the safety issues that were concerning us several weeks ago that [Police Chief Jim Johnson] felt it was time for him to release the name,” spokeswoman Elise Armacost said.

“It was a difficult decision for him to make.”

In an attempt to serve warrants, police went to Gaines’ apartment where a standoff ensued. According to police reports, Gaines pointed a shotgun at Ruby who fired first. After she shot back, Ruby shot her dead. In the process, he also shot Gaines’ 5-year-old son in the cheek.

The ordeal has sparked ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests nationwide.

Prior to the shootings, Gaines posted a Facebook video that shows her taunting police and threatening to do them bodily harm. She’s also seen ordering her son to “fight” the cops. Gaines’ boyfriend, Kareem Courtney, and their 1-year-old daughter were also home.

Courtney, 39, took the baby and fled the scene before being arrested.

He was charged with domestic violence on Gaines in June.

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  1. who in the hell does she think she is to think she is exempt from the the laws of a civilized society? for her to instruct her child on violent actions they must take on a law enforcement officers constitutes family services to remove her parental rights for instigating criminal behavior and proves her inability to raise a child to become a productive member of a civilized society. her total denial in a policeman’s lawful questions and refusal to accept their inquiries, is un-American at best….thug-like at the worst. did she deserve to die over this trivial traffic stop????? Hell no……but due to her actions and resistance due to a trivial circumstance, and to blow it way out of context with her drama she believes will exonerate her, but only elevates the tension of this scenario, ends with her death days later which was not necessary had it not been for her insistence that she was harassed because she was black. Unfortunately, she was just pulled over for non-compliance of registering her automobile for a legal license plate just as any American would be….white, black, or plaid.

    My comments are for inner city blacks only………

    you black people need to get with the program and accept we have a civilized society in this country and you people WILL NOT degrade our progress. You people will be arrested, tased, or shot if you insist your violent crimes are justified. you people will be thrown in jail, beaten, and chastised if you believe your crimes should be overlooked because of the injustices everyone agrees with was wrong(slavery), and everyone(whites) decided to change. you should be ashamed of yourselves for claiming African heritage when the majority of you have no lineage to that part of the world. And ALL of you have no direct correlation to the injustices of slavery that your ancestors had to live through. yet all of you pretend you had to live through the beatings, degradation’s, and hangings of your ancestors. and worst of all, you people pretend those same atrocities happen in today’s society which is the sole reason you people blame as to why you people cannot succeed in today’s world. When, in reality, you people are your own worst enemy. with single parent blacks raising 4+ kids from multiple fathers just to increase the social security checks you people receive.

    I DARE ANY INNER CITY COLORED TO CHALLENGE THE FACTS I HAVE STATED. You people are worse than the fanatical islamic zealots that misinterpret their bible or koran or whatever they call it.

  2. Bitch cares more about looking good for her facebook stream than her own life AND her kids. ASKED FOR DEATH on camera, got what she wanted and now BLM is freaking the fuck out? Please. If you give them what they want they STILL get mad. If they can’t be reasoned with, what is society supposed to do with you?

  3. Sinatra Winter

    she was a straight asshole and was asking for it. what a shitty mother. now the kids are gonna grow up hating cops when the mother had all the time in the world to defuse the situation. she instigated the whole thing.

  4. Blacks need to cut the macho act, swallow their pride, and get themselves checked by psychologists and psychiatrists like whites do. More proof of the psychological issues that plague black people. More facilities to treat the mentally ill are needed. If someone you know is suffering from mental illness, please encourage them to get help, by force if necessary, before they hurt someone or their self.

  5. She put her children in danger more than once. She was beautiful, it’s sad.

  6. problem is dumb ass people who started these black life’s matter shit, their the ones getting idiots killed for money.

  7. See the fruits of your labor Black Lives Matter. You fueled the hate of a mentally unstable young woman and she tried to martyr herself and her 5 year old child for your backwards movement. Black Lives Matter… right, then why are you encouraging violence, why are you pushing people to waste those lives by picking fights with the police?

  8. Her family deleted her facebook so when they file their little triflin ass lawsuit there won’t be as much proof of how much crazy that bitch was.

  9. this stupid bitch used her child as a Shield on two occasions, first when she knew that she was going to get arrested for driving a unregistered car with no license plate and then when she decided to hold her child hostage and use him as a shield when they came to arrest her stupid ass.

  10. Mahthias Fountain

    Man this girl was crazy AF! Why the fuck would you place your kids in that situation?

  11. All you bitchs r crazy! No 1 deserves to die over a traffic stop! Stupid motherfuckers!!!

  12. What a stupid fucking bitch. Show them your ID, take your fucking ticket, and take your kids home. You’re a fucking mother, your responsibility is your kids, not your agenda.

  13. Can we shoot her again? Who raised this piece of shit? And she passes it on to her kids?

  14. This was so sad and disturbing watching this clip. I guess because in the end i already knew she was killed, and of course as always, the children suffer. She had no tags, and you really expect not to get pulled over? If the cop had let her drive off with no tags, that’s his job, especially being on tape. This woman sadly had a death wish and provoked these cops to do what they did not want to do. How tragic, stupid, senseless and totally unnecessary. This woman was completely selfish and didn’t think once about her children, and that they would be without a mom. Then telling your little child to fight the cops? Sadly, those children may be better off without their mom. But she should not of died like that. Really disturbing!

  15. Then her family is screaming why the cops didn’t call them so they could come and help her. Where were they and their “help” before this happened? Obviously they knew she was ill and a danger to herself and her kids and needed psychiatric help long before this happened!

  16. I am willing to bet my life this stupid bitch participated once a month when she would cash her government check….what a gd pig….her kids might have half a chance now…there is no medicine that would cure her stupid racist DEAD ass

  17. How do we get the ignorant mother fucken negroes (in her case..”niggers”) out of this country.There are some good ones, but, there’s toooo many like her now and they’re getting even dumber by the minute….mass deportation is inevitable if they keep this shit up!!They’re asking for it just like she was!…geeez retards

  18. ANIMAL LIVES MATTER!! wait.. sorry wrong BS movement. BLM is nothing more than an excuse for primitive behavior patterns. Working class and above black people that have brains are not participating in this BS, just the “I dont want to work so Ill have some kids and sue the cops after provoking them” trash.

  19. This BLM bullshit needs to stop. These fucking retards are getting out of control. She’s trying to be a sovereign citizen but doesn’t even know how to do it properly. Just like always a dumb black bitch thinks she knows something but gets dealt with in the end.

  20. pretty girl with a fucked up brain… smh

  21. so sad but i am glad the child is going to be ok 🙁

  22. I counted 9 possible threats and 9 reasons she should’ve been yanked out of that car by her neck. They gave her every single chance possible and multiple times. The very second you explain to an officer that “they gon have ta kill me” that’s exactly the moment you get slammed on your belly, knee in neck and your hands cuffed tightly. You are then considered a danger to yourself and others. I say again, bravo to these officers for the amount of restraint they showed.

  23. so stupid black bitch…. un fuckin believable

    Cut benefits to all, 100% of black fucks…. they steal, they rov, they assault… shoot at sight…

  24. Poor officers… the time they spent from stopping her to killing her is time they could’ve easily spent collecting revenue from people willing to pay. That plus the time they’ll spend in therapy after she forced them into her home to kill her.
    Hopefully they’ll make up for at least part of the loss after auctioning off her car.

  25. Nikki Sixx's Hair Dye

    How can someone put their babies through that? Be a social media rebel when you are 16, have no kids, and nobody cares, not when lives depend on you staying alive yourself!

  26. why doesn’t black lives matter show up for the 5 year old that was put into the line of fire….

  27. This kind of an attitude is becoming the norm! The arrogance, conceit and narcissism of the BLM movement disgusts me! This is a land of laws. Just follow them!

  28. She deserved to get shot for being an asshole. When you get your drivers license and you sign the paperwork it clearly states that you have obey the laws when operating a vehicle. So her vehicle was not in compliance which is why she got pulled over. Her actions is what got her shot.

  29. this fucking piece of shit using her kids as shields this is redicilous black queen my ass she was an unfit parent and her children should have been taken after this video shoot its abuse what she did .

  30. Fucking dumb bitch. She could’ve avoided ALL of it, if her brain weren’t already corroded by Wacka Flocka, Molly, and hot sauce. I bet she gave great head though with that double-studded tongue ring…that shit is SERIOUS.

  31. I think that she should have complained and lived for her children to fight another day and asking her son those kinda questions omg hes just a baby she had kids to protect and she p ut em in harms way for her own selfishness like man just comply woman n u woulda lived another day to fight but now look ur kids do not have a mom anymore n the child was old enough to remember the whole horrible experience that baby is gonna need counseling smh poor babies. Never the less my heart goes out to the babies and family of her horrible decision to comply n her babies would never have lost their mom or seen her tragic death unfold in front of their own eyes… Smh so sad prayers for the children god be with them🙏😔

  32. Complied i ment she shoulda complied n the situation woulda never unfolded this way😔

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