‘Straight Outta Compton’ film may have killed ex-N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller

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Jerry Heller, who managed Eazy-E and N.W.A., dies in car crash.

Jerry Heller dead, film responsible?

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

THOUSAND OAKS — Jerry Heller is dead… and the movie “Straight Outta Compton” is primarily responsible says Heller’s lawyer — Mickey Shapiro — who spoke with TMZ. The former N.W.A. manager was involved in a fatal car accident Friday around noon in Thousand Oaks, California. He was 75. Even though Heller died in his vehicle, investigators are saying he may have suffered a medical emergency prior to the crash. Heller’s cousin, Gary Ballen, told media members he believes Heller had a heart attack while driving.

During his chat with TMZ, Shapiro said Heller was “heartbroken” and under a lot of stress after watching the way he was portrayed in the aforementioned N.W.A. biopic. The movie painted Heller as a conniving, thieving crook who screwed the group with “No Vaseline.”

Shapiro said his client was so distraught over the film he couldn’t sleep.

Heller, if you recall, sued the film’s producers for defamation. “Jerry Heller would be alive today if not for that movie,” Shapiro said. Heller co-founded N.W.A. and Ruthless Records with Eazy-E in 1986. Two years later, the group released their seminal album “Straight Outta Compton.”

Actor Paul Giamatti plays Heller in the movie.

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  1. SpyingPuppet363

    RIP Jerry, he’s finally with Eazy again

  2. Otis Willingham

    eazy prob saying boy you shoulda known by now eazy duz it

  3. suge night needs to rest in piss……..ripeace jerry

  4. Rip i mean he fucked them all over but without him they wouldn’t be that big

  5. Mr Sick Trickz

    I know you keyboard warriors are gonna jump on this super quick but I’m glad he’s dead, he robbed everyone in Ruthless Records of fucking millions total, so fuck this punk, R.I.P You fucking thief, can’t see how you could’ve called Ruthless your family and rob them, glad your gone.

  6. I will keep my comments about gangsta-rap to myself. My grandmother always said “If you can’t say anything nice then don’t sat anything at all.”

  7. Hilarious since “Gangsta-Rap” is responsible for more black deaths than the Klan could ever hope for through the constant message of “street life” and “keeping it real”. Pretty sure it’s also the only genre of music (Term used loosely of course) whose concerts have a chance of you getting killed if you attend.

  8. Somewhere In Between

    Thanks for the exploitation. Making money on the creation of more gang members. A new generation of degenerate killers and liberals applaud the creativity. The hood brings zero value.

  9. Nikkolas Paraskevopoulos

    Rip the mastermind behind the most influential group. May you rest in peace mutha fucka ????

  10. The gangster-rap phenomena that he help bring about sure made the black communities better places for everyone.

  11. Thanks for bringing us Eazy E..

  12. Passion Flower

    If it wasn’t for Jerry Heller, those men would probably still be in prison, or dead. Jerry is the one who got them through. But now, Dre and Ice Cube are filthy rich. They probably don’t even care about Jerry’s death.

  13. Love or hate Jerry Heller, the dude still gave gangsta rap the open door opportunity.

  14. Very shocked about the passing of Jerry Heller. As a teen growing up in the 80s I was there as a fan from the beginning of NWA as well as many West Coast Legends. Don’t agree with a lot of shady shit JH done in the past but let’s face it as a few have said on this thread he did open doors and opportunitys for a movement that will never be duplicated again. With that being said he’s gone so no need to bash the man any further no matter if he’s in heaven or hell. RIP

  15. Black King White Queen


  16. “so fuck Jerry Heller & them white superpowers” -ice cube
    (rest in pussy J.H)

  17. If he could have payed them all the same amount of money i dont think they would have split i know dre and cube were mad that eazy was getting the most to so jerry should have made it equal i understand he’s doing what any other manager would do but they all deserved same pay but he aint near as bad as suge knight that man is like the devil

  18. I’m a old white guy, jerry heller fucked them guys, why would ice cube lie about it ? the more I read about it and look at the interviews, this ice cube is a smart man . and that is parenting , mom AND DAD !

  19. So sad!! RIP JERRY!!!

  20. Suge Knight killed Jerry Heller and Eazy

  21. I remember I was in summer school back in ’88 when I first heard NWAs “Straight Outta Compton” tape (I hadn’t seen a cassette in ages lol) Back then, I didn’t know a white guy put them on by giving them a record deal. With only a few albums recorded, they made some good music, especially about what was going on in the ‘hood.

  22. Luvelle Cummings, III

    may rest in Hell.
    His name has Hell in it. that should says alot

  23. Murder Master Music Show

    No Jerry Heller no Ice Cube Success , point blank

  24. that old white man took advantage of them dumb black boys

  25. Finally, Jerry Does Get Fucked With No Vaseline!!! Rest In Yeah Whatever!!!

  26. Dr. Bud Greenthumb

    Fuck that stupid Jew. The Jews have taken over our entertainment and news outlets in the last 70 years. Fuck Adam Sandler and his Jew ass putting Jew propaganda in everything while make fun of Christan beliefs. And all Jews like him Jew comedians Jew everything

  27. Good for Jerry, those niggley bears deserved getting fucked over lol

  28. I hope Cube, Dre, Eazy’s widow, Ren and Yella sue Heller’s estate for the money he stole from them.

  29. Fuck u assholes!!!!! Jews rock!

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