K.C. Undercover star was racially profiled?

K.C. Undercover actress says she experienced racism.

Disney star calls store clerk racist.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Maybe Colin Kaepernick has a point? On Tuesday, Disney starlet Zendaya made a few startling claims on Snapchat — accusing an employee at Vons grocery store of refusing to serve her because of the color of her skin. The ‘K.C. Undercover’ actress said she tried to purchase $400 in gift cards but was told she couldn’t afford it. She also claims the cashier threw the wallet at her. Fortunately, a manager showed up to complete the transaction.

“The lady that was helping us… I don’t think she was a huge fan of our skin tone. This is what we deal with…” the biracial entertainer, 20, told her Snapchat followers, before her male friend added, “Because we’re black.” On Wednesday, a rep of the grocery chain released an apologetic statement.

“At Vons, we strive to treat each and every customer with the utmost respect,” the rep said. “There is a policy that limits gift card purchases using a credit card. Zendaya was able to purchase gift cards up to our limit, and we apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.”

“We respect Zendaya’s voice in the community and similarly are committed to diversity and inclusion,” the statement continued. “Moreover, we understand that race is a sensitive issue in America and view this experience as a reminder that every interaction is an opportunity to treat each customer as we ourselves would like to be treated.”

Does Zendaya deserve more than an apology?

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  1. I saw the story on TMZ:
    First I have seen Zendaya on talk shows and she is a nut job.
    Second she played the “race card” She dressed in BIG FRAMED GLASSES and she talks like any other girl from Da Hood! She wasn’t all glammed up like an actress with a source of income.
    Third, the store she was shopping at was named “Vonn’s” and I never heard of them but I doubt they “refuse” service to EVERY person of color. Think about that. Weather the sales clerk was black, white, Asian or Mexican why would they personally care what her skin color is? Their job is to ring up sales.
    FOURTH: The STORES policy in regards to buying “Gift Cards” is you can NOT charge more than $200 worth on your credit card.
    It had NOTHING to do with her skin color. The store manager got involves and did allow her to buy (I think $400 worth) the gift cards.
    If you saw her “Video” she is trying to “act” like a victim of racism. She says “..The sale clerk was not very helpful…….maybe it was they didn’t like the color of my skin”
    It had NOTHING to do with her skin color but the store policy.
    Zendaya owes the store and manger a public apology. I hope the store has a video and I wish TMZ would have had the sales clerk or store manager on their show. I am so sick of people playing the race card.
    {Disclaimer: I do not work in retail but I know you are NOT allowed to buy Lottery Tickets with credit cards. I guess the same policy goes for gift cards to prevent credit card fraud or abuse}

  2. It always amazes me in instances like this – it’s always some clerk who’s making, what – $9, 10, $11.00 an hour with the attitude that determines what one can, or, cannot afford.
    Your job is to provide service and be aware of fraudulent behaviors, and in such cases – follow protocol.
    Just like the story of when Oprah went shopping for a purse (I think in Europe – I could be mistaken) and the SALESwoman would not take down the designer purse off the shelf and blatantly told her she could not afford it. — THAT IS NOT, AGAIN–IS NOT, YOUR JOB!!!!!

  3. Why didnt she tell us how when she walked up to the clerk and threw the cards down, which demeans the clerk by the way. Why didn’t she tell us that she had an DO YOU KNUQ WHO I AM and then trying to make it into a race thing with the clerk. You know what? I’m starting to think Zendaya is just a Bully. What was one of her tweets awhile back, she said ” do i need to speak, you know what will happen”. This girl is a Rich Bully and disguises it as racism. Is this what Disney does to these girls ??

  4. Who know what happened! I think if it really went down like that she would have stayed and asked for the manager or revealed who she was. Since she’s usually so vocal about “inequality”, I would expect her to confront it appropriately. This chat, after the fact and barely coherent, seems like a grab for attention. Maybe they were being boisterous and acting arrogant, like they are doing in the vehicle? Who knows? But if something like this happens, and I know there are times when it really does happen, then you take appropriate steps. You call management, you state in a calm, mature manner what the issue is and ask to be served respectfully.

  5. So Zendaya puts words in the store clerk’s mouth and then gets an attitude claiming this is about her skin color. Zendaya, you really need to grow up little girl and get over yourself. You look like a young spoiled child who wants attention and nobody cares what color you are.

  6. Baloney, Zendaya. Find some other way to get your name in the headlines than making up this ridiculous nonsense.

  7. you white folk BETTER GET USED to seeing brown people here in america… thanks to your own white daughters this is happening… they seem to prefer men of color more and more these days. THIS COUNTRY IS TURNING BROWN BY THE DAY!!! Thank God no more silver spoon white kids in the very near future. Competition is here baby!!!

  8. A Mass Appeal Reader

    I’ve worked at Walmart as a cashier before and this sort of thing happened to me. We would sometimes have churches come in buying bulk amounts of gift cards and we also had random customers come in doing it too. One time someone wanted 100 gift cards with $5 on them and that is so time consuming to do at a register when there’s a line and I don’t think the register itself would allow you to do that much in one transaction unless you had a manager do it with their turn key. The worker probably said we couldn’t do that many gift cards and they took it the wrong way and who hands someone their wallet before the transactions even done? Shouldn’t your card be handed over once the gift cards are done? No one acts like that. And to be honest I wouldn’t have done the transaction either I would have called a manager to see if they could handle that large amount at a private register that was closed.

  9. This girl confuses me. Her mother is white and her father is black. Yet, it seems that her only concern is screaming racism against every person she has ever had contact with. Is it racism because of her mixed heritage? Is it against her white or her black heritage? For someone with relatives of all colors she seems very single minded.

  10. I’m sure this little girl thinks she some big time star and this “white” woman should have bowed down to her “celebrity” status. the clerk probably didn’t know her from a hole in the wall and treated her as she treats all customers who are rude and demanding. this little girl projected her own insecurities about being Black in America and pulled the race-card out and screamed bigotry where there was none.

  11. She should sue the store and put they ass out of business

  12. that biracial bitch is batshit crazy

  13. Jesus Christ, can this girl play the victim card any more? FUCK! Everytime someone doesn’t hold the door open for me, I’m screaming racism! Since, I’m Asian, you know, maybe they don’t like my yellow skin tone?

  14. phillip pullion

    only one question for this. Why did she have your wallet and throw it at you?? I keep my wallet in my pocket and then in my hand the whole time during my processing of my transaction, it never leaves me. I hardly doubt that she threw it at her. Von’s should check their video feed of that transaction and see if there was this alleged incident.

  15. I smell bullshit on her breath

  16. The Girl Who Cried Racism : Starring Zendaya, Jada Pinkett Smith and 80% of Tumblr. This girl is getting more known for this fucking nonsense than she is for her actual career. It seems to be the only way she gets in the news these days. If you’re the one constantly mentioning ” race” then who is the actual racist? Hmmm…

  17. I just realized today how not that cute she is. makeup does wonders. she has very long hanging brows and a wider than usual chin on an overall smaller sized face. weird.

  18. Alien Pumpkinhead

    Damn, bitch is ugly as fuck.

  19. Super Negro Fitness

    1. Why were you giving them your wallet 2. So they were racist and you still gave them your money?

    OK……..Not even gonna address the “color” part. That’s comical in itself.

  20. Playing the race card… this is why when black people are REALLY racially profiled a lot of people don’t care/dont believe them. Well done Zendaya, you are like 1/25th black anway.

  21. She looks like shit without makeup

  22. Bianca Vanessa

    Isn’t it common knowledge that if you spend a couple of hundred dollars on one purchase you have to show them your ID? Doesn’t matter what race she is. And who the hell spends $400 dollars on grocery gift cards?

  23. Calm down bitch you don’t even look black.

  24. Aurelia Blakney

    skin tone? bitch shut the hell up.

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