Solid Gold: Usher Gets Hollywood Star

Usher gets his own star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Usher gets his star on ‘Walk of Fame.’

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOLLYWOOD — In case you didn’t know… Usher Raymond is more than just a ‘Good Kisser,’ he’s also a legend and he has his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame to prove it. Donning a pair of black jeans with a fitted button up shirt, the 37-year-old singer was awarded the 2,588th star on Wednesday in the loving company of his wife Grace Miguel and his two sons (Usher Raymond V, 8, and Niviyd Ely Raymond, 7). Fellow music icons Stevie Wonder, Miguel,, LA Reid and Kelly Rowland were also in attendance.

The two kids, however, don’t belong to Grace. Usher was previously married to their mother, stylist Tameka Foster. Usher, who’s singing career began two decades ago, posed with his star which is conveniently located at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue in Los Angeles.

The eight-time Grammy winner also took a few pics with Grace and the kids. After the ceremony, Usher took to Instagram to show his appreciation. ‘Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point #Humbled #WalkOfFame,’ he wrote.

Congrats Usher!


  1. Finally!

  2. Yeah, Black people music rules America

  3. Pamela Thompson

    Congrats Usher. You deserve it!

  4. Just proves that anybody can get a star nowadays….. smh

  5. This is a prank, right?

  6. Fuck u haters! Usher deserves this.


  8. Usher reminds me so much of Michael Jackson. He is truly a legend. I hope to see his star someday.

  9. congrads! usher you deserve it i am glad you finally got your star God bless you

  10. Why tf is this trending..

  11. Usher can dance his fuckin ass off………… he deserves this

  12. 15 years later, still bumpin 8701 and Usher hasn’t aged in a second.

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