Rapper T.I. releases controversial music video on police brutality and oppression

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T.I. drops video about police-involved deaths of black men

T.I. drops poignant video about police.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Count hip hop artist T.I. among those who have joined Colin Kaepernick’s highly-publicized attack on police brutality. Known to always speak his mind, the 35-year-old rapper released his new music video “Warzone” on Friday and he even hired a few Caucasian actors to reenact the controversial police-involved deaths of African-American men Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Philando Castile. Before you watch, must warn you: due to the graphic nature of the video, viewer discretion is advised.

The song, by the way, contains the lyrics “Hands Up, Can’t Breathe!”

The opening sequence, which is an enactment of Rice’s demise, shows a white kid toting a toy handgun in the park when a black police officer suddenly pulls up and shoots him dead. The next scene shows an unarmed white man getting choked to death by an African-American cop (à la Garner).

The video promises to tick off a few white people.

“The first thing that (director Laureal Richardson and I) wanted to do was make sure that it was powerful enough to create the type of dialogue necessary to inspire some form of change,” the rapper said“We just kind of tossed it around and we came up with re-enacting the events and then he came up with the idea of the role reversals.”

Did the director succeed?

Will some form of change ensue?

Watch the video and judge for yourself.


  1. this is the shit T.I you killing em my nigga . I’m subscribing right now you earned my subscription with this new music. this why he can call himself the king of the south.

  2. Kurt Eric Munroe

    I was disappointed for decades after black music stopped being the hard hitting political stuff. Too much focus on looking good, gender switching, and beef. I hope to hear more of this new T.I. material in both academia and the arts. I am so proud of T.I..

  3. Only rapper I know that talks about this kind of shit. Respect to TIP dawg ???

  4. Orlando Borras

    Syria is living in a warzone not us. our zone feels like a war ,because the media has us all feeling like we are against our own neighbors.They want us this way.

  5. T.I. will always be on my #2 list of my top 5 favorite rapper. He always drop something that I like and also make sense.

  6. Leatherneck Sears

    Big ups on the lesson he is conveying in this video

  7. Love the video. Black people are kings and queens. Our ancestors got fucked and shit rolls downhill.

  8. -Self hating white folks.
    -Mentally weak, pro blacks who victimize themselves.
    -Black nationalists that think whites are scum of the earth.
    -White nationalists that think blacks are scum of the earth.

    Though they’d like to think they are so different from each other, they
    are all on the same shit: Taking credit/victimizing themselves for
    history and actions they had absolutely nothing to do with.

    With that being said, you should probably get over yourself. You aren’t a
    king or queen of anything other than your own body no matter who the
    Hell you think your ancestors are. And you aren’t to credit nor to be
    deemed as superior simply because the color of your skin resembles that
    of someone that existed 200+ years ago (or hell, even 2 minutes ago).

    Stop reaching.

  9. T.I. just lost all his White Fans and Endorsement Money!!

  10. Gerogio Armani

    Didn’t understand a fucking word this guy said in the whole song pathetic

  11. This is true hip hop…reporting from the streets in America…where domestic terrorist appears to be in charge of all government agencies/public servants!!?

  12. why’s everyone obsessed with race baiting these days? you ain’t no victims, you’s just lazy and bored making bullshit groups like blm, sort ya own shit out before you start pointin fingers at white people, smh get woke people

  13. Fuck whites. Fuck the white devils. WE MUST RISE AND TAKE BACK OUR PLANET WITH JESUS!


    and this is why t.i. is the king of the south

  15. I said this a long time ago, somebody needs to make a video with black officers patrolling the suburbs and terrorizing white communities and T.I. did it! He a real one?

  16. So many more people would care if it was these white people being gunned down on camera like this… Shoutout to T.I. for making a socially aware video that still sounds good.

  17. Robert Mueller

    Please comment section don’t take this as all police kill innocent… My uncle is a cop and every time I see something about cops shooting innocent scares the fuck out of me. People are crazy as shit and will watch this video and call in a robbery or some bs and as soon as the cops get there… Bang. Innocent cops are killed because they will think all cops are corrupted.

  18. Why are white people mad that black people call themselves kings and Queens yall was fine wit nigga even tried to use it yourselves but you can’t use king and queen cause cause you never were a king or queen this is a new day lil white boys.

  19. Thank you t.i keep up the good work! i wish there were more rappers willing to speak out about whats going on, i salute you king

  20. Theres way too much time between them pulling and shooting. Tamir had just under two seconds. TWO MOTHER FUCKING SECONDS, in a open carry state. Even if he had a real gun it wouldn’t necessarily be illegal for him to have it. Somehow the police were able to determine he had the gun illegally and that he was a threat in two seconds but couldn’t determine it was a toy. County prosecutor Tim McGinty actually defended the police during the grand jury hearing. WTF

  21. Maximus Heretic

    If you’re a criminal or have criminal intent or you break the law and you fight with the law, if you do not cooperate with the law, this type of shit happens. Even if they were white to begin with, I would still feel the same. It’s a shame though with innocents like young boy at the park was shot and killed. Need to stop pointing the blame at the fucking police though when your ass breaks the law though or any criminal breaks the law. There are bad ones, but not all are bad. Get it through your damn thick skulls.

  22. Lookmeuponfacebook

    Am I missing something? I guess he’s referring to white cops killing black people a warzone… Even though statistically black people kill each other in huge numbers constantly. Seems like this world tries to ignore that. You ignore a 90% problem to focus on a 10% problem souly because the 10% problem is white cops killing black people. Hmmmmmmmm
    What am I missing?
    Are the statistics wrong?
    if so, who says?
    Trust is a joke. Unity is a joke. Opinions, we all have one. White side.. Black side… No human side being desired.
    It seems like mainstream media and most of the black race is calling on a race war.
    It will get worse, before it gets better.

  23. And God said he shall send his one begotten son to lead the wild into the ways of the man”.. You definitely got my attention.. hands down .. rather “Hands up Can’t breathe”.. Say man Pac would be proud of you.. You do a lot, I just hope others realize that each one of us have our own lifes work.. So we need to be involved in something bigger than ourselves. What legacy do we want to leave behind?? Stand up for something or fall for all this BS going on in our society.. This shit is out of hand.. #Warzone

  24. ha what a joke we don’t hear about the girls kidnapped by pimps and dope dealers and kept high so they can sell them for sex or the boys shot sitting their car at the college how about the couple who was attacked raped and beaten then 1 of sick pricks cut the guys dick off and put it into his mouth the both died but they aren’t brown so it doesn’t matter right?? lol like I said what a joke. wanna make a difference then start with yourselfs

  25. As a artists this is what hip hop suppose to be talking to the world thru music touching every ones thoughts on the matter.. as a black man I seen it to many times plus things happen with me and the police . If it was reversed and blacks was the high power that kill whites and joke about it and carry on like nothing happened making money off of white ppl music . I dont think they would agree that this is a proud American country … but some of y’all white folks like it the way it is because it’s not u or your ppl

  26. We need more of this. Back in the day, Tupac covered this stuff all the time. We need more in hip hop to say something about this madness. Thank you T.I.

  27. I’m white as fuck. I love this video and the message, what is happening to Black Americans across this nation is travesty. I’ve experienced white privilege my entire life, the whites say it does not exist are a bunch of fools

  28. Cops need to stop shooting people in the chest. Like shoot to injure, not to kill. But I’ll never support BLM cuz they’re fucking retards.

  29. Thank U T.I. for not selling out like Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg!

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