Fox’s ‘Pitch’ hopes to make history with series about female baseball player

Pitch figures to shake things up for traditional baseball fans.

Fox drama series makin’ TV history.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SAN DIEGO — Baseball fans, it’s finally here. We’re talking about ‘Pitch,’ the Fox TV drama that chronicles the inspirational story of rookie pitcher Ginny Baker [Kylie Bunbury] who makes history by becoming the first woman to play Major League Baseball. After getting called up by the San Diego Padres, Ginny makes her Major League debut amid backlash from her male teammates. Ginny does, however, capture respect from the team’s ruggedly handsome catcher Mike Lawson [Mark-Paul Gosselaar].

The chemistry between Mike and Ginny is nothing short of spectacular. But, to maintain peace inside the clubhouse, neither dares to admit it. The show is taped from Petco Park in San Diego. To prepare for her innovative role, Bunbury was assigned a pitching coach so she can learn how to… pitch.

The 27-year-old actress still has a sore right arm to go along with other aches and pains.

“I’m definitely doing a lot of Epsom salt baths and wrapping my arm,” said Bunbury who’s on a strict pitch count. “Like a pro athlete, I’m aching in places I’ve never ached before.” By MLB standards, Ginny’s fastball is mediocre at best. But her specialty pitch — a dancing screwball — is damn near unhittable.

‘Pitch’ airs Thursday night on Fox.

Can a woman really survive in Major League Baseball?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. They should make a show about a male being able to have a kid, just to take away the importance of a female in this world

  2. Breathless Banana

    Are we still going off the ‘girls can’t do anything BUT REALLY THEY CAAAAAAN’

    Seriously. I can tell how this is going.

    She’s gonna be denied, then she’s better than the boys, and she succeeds.

    Why not a boy trying to be a mother like a girl, wanting to raise a child and feel the maternal love, but everyone says boys are too aggressive.

  3. So fake. I hate feminism so bad. Especially when it’s shoved down our throats. Women and the world will never get that we will never, EVER, accept feminism. You’re not a man!

  4. Butts in Seats. A show like this can help baseball. More girls growing up loving baseball could translate to more ladies at games. More ladies at games could translate to more men & families. Butts in Seats. A family show about a Black Father & Daughter seems to upset all the trolls who actually don’t watch baseball or go to games. None of these complainers have season tickets.

  5. Women should stay in the kitchen

  6. remember GIRLS it is *2016 and you have allowed yourself to be inferior to men by sexualizing yourself on tv. and movies, cheated guys out of love and marrying them for the their money, being self destructuve and partying until you hit the wall at age 30 , and complaining like whinny emotional children about how hard life is. but *NOW.. NOW that it’s 2016. ONE of you decide to work hard enough to join and be as good as the men…. because fuck femininity.

  7. People say the popularity of baseball is dying; making this show may have just sealed the deal for occasional viewers and regular fans alike. Vaginalizing baseball.. This is the last thing it needed.

  8. Lynette TheMadScientist

    Is this show going to completely ignore the fact that statistically women can’t throw nearly as fast as men?
    Oh right, how could I forget? Leftist media doesn’t care about facts pshhh

  9. Why are women so enamored with doing everything a man can? Just give us props already for our brute strength. We give you props on your beauty all day every day.

  10. Screw balls aren’t anything new to me. I’m in a relationship with one.

  11. If this were to ever happen, the chick sure as fuck wouldn’t look like this skinny-armed bitch. She would have to be the butchiest lesbo man-woman the world has ever seen.

  12. lol why are men are so threatened all the time? are your masculinity that fragile? what a pathetic gender haha! yes, most men will be faster than her, but what she lacks in speed she can makeup for in skills and finds way around that.

  13. Total horseshit! Women simply don’t have the physiology to pull this off. This is total fiction and a joke. Who thought this was legit enough at FOX to peddle to the masses?

  14. Reading the comments, I’m seeing haters and a few guys who seem to have a problem with women achieving anything – especially if it is in a male dominated field. For those of you claiming this is not possible, I’d like to offer you insecure trolls two notable facts… and I’ll try to be brief.

    1) The show – if you actually take the time to watch it – mentions that her fastball is not very dominant, topping out in the high 80s. She has a great change-up. But mostly, she’s managed to develop an astonishingly amazing screwball. The one real hater on her team tried to intimidate her by saying, “…once they figure out that trick pitch of yours, you’ll be outta here and I’ll get my job back.”

    2) In 1996, baseball went on strike. All the MLB owners, with the exception of the Orioles (for the sake of Ripken’s game streak) decided to create, “scab teams,” and most of them held open try-outs. A woman tried out for the Marlins, at both, 2nd Base and at Pitcher. Her fastball was being clocked between 91-93 mph. Decent, respectable, but nothing overly spectacular. She had a VERY good change-up, that broke slightly in and down on a right-handed batter – thus any connection being made was usually jammed. However, it was her breaking pitches that left all the guys spinning out of their shoes. Her curve was only 64-68 mph, but would start off at your eyeballs, on one side of the plate, and end up at your ankles, on the other side of the plate. But, by far, her most devastating pitch was her slider. Thrown nearly as fast as her fastballs and, to quote several people experiencing it – first hand – “I’d compare her slider to that of Mariano Rivera.”
    At one point, in her try-out, she struck out 8 men in a row! Six of those men made the team! She was cut after the 1st day. Dave Dombrowski, the general manager at the time, told her she had, perhaps, the best slider he’d ever seen. However, there were two reasons she was being cut and would likely never play professional baseball. When she pressed him further, as to these two reasons, he replied, “Both of those reasons are sitting on your chest.”

    Lastly, it’s been my experience; the men who belittle women, belittle their abilities or potential; cry, “feminazi,” or simply just insult; these same men very seldom have any real talent or ability. They are insecure men, who see women as a threat to their masculinity. Coincidentally, these same loser trolls also seem to be extremely homophobic. I’m not making this up. It’s just a very easily observable fact of life. Real men, they’d simply say, “good for her,” and hope, one day, it could be his daughter, up on that mound.

  15. One day we will see a Mo’ne Davis fan playing in MLB. It’s just a matter of time. I hope the network does not succumb to the pressure of ignorant and fearful people and cancel this show. Great episode.

  16. Of course the garbage ass Padres are the only team that would lent their name to this nonsense! HA!

  17. Nigil Nightwind

    What a stupid series. Just another Female Empowerment show just like Super Girl where women can do anything that a man can do, what a load of shit. I did watch the first show just to see what was up and I did not make it through the whole thing and turned it off, deleted it from my DVR and canceled the rest. I doubt this show will last the season.

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