Lee Daniels and Empire roll dice by killing off the show’s popular white character


Empire takes viewers on shocking ride in season three premiere.

Empire came out rolling the dice.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — As anticipated, Lee Daniels’ Empire was absolutely off the chain Wednesday night during the season three premiere of the highly-rated Fox musical drama. First, we learned that token white character — Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) — falls to her immediate death after being pushed from a multi-story balcony during a scuffle with Anika (Grace Gealey) who’s several months pregnant. Rhonda’s bloody carcass landed on the top of a car, dashing any hope she’s still alive. Rhonda did, however, return later in the show in the form of her husband Andre Lyon’s hallucination. But there’s no question she’s dead.

So why the shocking decision to kill off Rhonda? “It was a really, really tough decision because it wasn’t as if we had an agenda last season. We love the character and we love the actress and we didn’t want to lose her from the show,” said Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken during an interview with Variety.

“It was really the story that led to the decision. That fight on the balcony, it just happened. It wasn’t in the original finale script, and as Lee [Daniels] and I were working on it, we loved it and we said, we have to do it. And then I said, ‘Lee, you realized that means one of these women will be killed off?!’ Lee and Danny [Strong] both said, ‘No! We love them both! They can’t die!’ But after much anguishing, we came to the very, very tough conclusion.”

After a brief choking from Andre, Anika’s water broke — sending her to the hospital where she eventually gave birth to a little girl, much to the chagrin of her husband Lucious Lyon (who was expecting a baby boy). As for the rest of the family? Cookie Lyon remains under the microscope of the FBI.

Andre is still nuts.

Hakeem Lyon still has a big mouth.

And Jamal Lyon is stuck in the middle.

Will season three of Empire become the best ever?

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  1. I know I say this every season but…. I just feel like this cast is giving us A and B+ acting with D- writing.
    Too much stuff gets swept under the rug vs. being handled in a storyline.
    As for that filler scene with Birdman, they could’ve used that time to send Rhonda home to glory…

  2. Phyllis Glowing

    When folks die on Empire no one comes to the house no wake ,funeral,chicken,7up cake or sodas and they rich .Nobody called her mom or dad.I think Rhonda will be talking to him this whole season .

  3. Can somebody explain the backstory of Xzibit”s character? What relationship is he to the Lyons and why he got so much animosity towards Luscious? And why is Luscious actiing like Hakeem’s son is his own son. He is acting so vindictive towards Hakeem. I guess he still mad at Hakeem for voting him out the company

  4. I enjoyed this first episode. I was a little shocked that it was Rhonda who fell off the balcony, but after watching the entire episode, I saw that the show may be bringing a heavier focus on social issues. Rhonda may have just been a casualty of that. Watching Empire’s and Queen Sugar’s episodes last night made me proud that some shows are using their platforms to address the current issues our society is facing.

  5. Joshua McDowell

    I always get worry every time I see Luscious’ crazy ass mama with a knife in her hands. I mean why would they have the knifes about her anyway? And she don’t even take her meds when she is supposed to just like Andre.

  6. Boo Boo Kitty ass would’ve dropped down with Rhonda ass when she dropped bloop. I was sitting there like they did not acknowledge Andre’s situation at all .

  7. Overall I thought it was pretty good. Better than last seasons start. I liked the cameos, it wasn’t too much. They had a nice amount of plot and OMG moments and there was some real acting and soapy moments. Hope they can keep it up. That flash back was unnecessary.

  8. Alethea Matthews

    I can’t believe he married Anika then got the nerve sign birth certificate when hakeem is the father what law allows this doesn’t the father have to sin his birth rights away legally

  9. golden_killer_q8

    Lucious is going to kill Anika for sure

  10. Precious Williams

    YESSSSSSSSSSS EMPIRE WAS LIT??????????????????

  11. Fuck Empire………… POWER is da shit

  12. Keymara loves quicksilver

    She done killed Andre baby and his wife…. And said I quote “help me” really???

  13. Anika is going to get hers. First she drugs Courtney Love, she kills Rhonda and Andre’s baby, she kills Rhonda, AND she lied about having a boy, smh. Hell have no fury like a Lyons scorn.

  14. I just hope they chill with that gay shit……. sick and tired of watchin men kiss every episode

  15. The reason Ronda died was because she didn’t really have a storyline .. Besides Anika is a hoe and whore and Andre is gonna kill that trifling bitch

  16. Bonniemonique Jones

    o my god that’s was mess up I tell sorry for Andre first anikia kill they baby then kills Rhonda by pushing her off THA building tthat’FUCK up real talk they should not let that trick get away with that gone miss her ?? if Andre has to suffer she should to i will keep u in my prayer

  17. Blacknorange15

    RONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY RONDA!!!!!!!!!!!I wanted it to be Anika and if not her Then both but Ronda!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if she died in the sky they didn’t show in slow mode wat happen as she fell or show wat it looked lime in the sky

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