Trump: African-American communities in worst shape they’ve ever been in before

President Obama and Donald Trump lament black living conditions.

Trump and Obama lament black life.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

WASHINGTON — During an interview that aired Sunday on ABC, Donald Trump’s campaign manager — Kellyanne Conway — went off on President Barack Obama for his snide response to accusations made by Trump that life has never “ever” been worse for African-Americans. After being asked to give his two cents on Trump’s less than flattering characterization of black living, Obama replied“I think even an 8-year-old will tell you that whole slavery thing wasn’t very good for black people. Jim Crow wasn’t very good for black people.”

While campaigning in Kenansville, N.C., last week, Trump reached out to black voters with a very blunt assessment of their horrid living conditions. “We’re going to rebuild our inner cities because our African American communities are absolutely in the worst shape they’ve ever been in before. Ever, ever, ever.”

Believe it or not, Trump is gaining support from black voters.

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  1. Trump is just so darn easy to mock!! They don’t call him the Orange Clown for nothing.

  2. trump is a liar,,he cares nothing for black people,
    America has a black president,who says we haven’t made any progress. ?
    Trump is desperate,and too late to reach out to African Americans

  3. He was not reaching out to black voters, he was reaching out to his base, poor white voters sitting in their run down trailer parks believing these skewed stats that he gave making them think that they are better than black people living in similar situations just in other areas. 2 sides of the same coin.

  4. Doctor Strawberry

    he doesn’t choose the right words but I honestly believe he means good

  5. Trump is nothing more than an Edomite scumbag. You fools that support this asshole will soon find out he will be the worst nightmare to befall this country. If you think things are bad under this shithead Zionist fake Jews puppet Obama just wait until this hot shithead gets into the whites house. He will laugh at all the promises he is making to all you fools.. Ha Ha Ha.

  6. So many African Americans are complaining about living in poverty, schools are bad etc, then a Presidental Candidate comments it and says he wants to help. Then what happens? Get critizised and called a biggot.

  7. Nathan Wombwell

    Blacks – We need more jobs! We need better housing! We need cleaner neighbourhoods!

    Trump – I’ll will create jobs, better housing and cleaner neighbourhoods!

    Blacks – How dare that racist say we need don’t have jobs, housing or clean neighbourhoods!

  8. As a black person. the man is right. No one has to like him personally but you cant deny facts.

  9. Hillary or Trump as a young black not even old enough to vote. Trump has an applicable point of view. It’s a fact that African Americans suffer tremendously under democratic leadership. I hate to be the one to say that maybe it’s time for something new give him 4 not 8. He can’t be any worse than Mr. Obama. Hillary is Obama all over again and wants to continue cutting down our military, I agree with Trump’s attitude build a stronger America. Since African Americans are in America he kinda has no choice but to improve you can’t have a stronger America with just Strong whites are any other ethnicity. Everyone has to be strong to make America great again. But then again when was America great ?

  10. Ronald Marshall

    As a black American male I feel Trump only said the truth. Black America is fucked for the most part and Democratic party is one of the factors why. I’m voting Trump all the way.

  11. I tell you like this. Niggas ain’t voting for no Donald Trump and i’m glad Cause my white side of the family don’t like him for nothing. As I would say We don’t need anymore nuts in the house we already have MORE than Enough. I support Hillary Clinton and her only. Don’t worry i’m black too. But ill tell you what It’s gonna be a cold day in Hell for Donald Trump. Carrot Headed Jackass. He must be on some Corned Down Blue or as i should say Orange Shit. DROP OUT DONALD PLEASE DONALD MCMORRON

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