After 3-year hiatus, Madea makes scary Halloween return in Tyler Perry’s Boo

Madea makes scary return to big screen in Tyler Perry’s Boo!

Madea makes wild Halloween return.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Written, produced, directed and starring Tyler Perry, the hair-raising low budget comedy titled ‘Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween’ is coming to a movie theater near you this Halloween. Hallelujer! But we’re not sure if that’s a good thing. After a 3-year hiatus, Madea will bring her pistol-packin’ persona back to the big screen. Her last film, a Madea Christmas, flopped big time at the box office — grossing a measly $16 million on opening weekend. Perry, needless to say, is hoping for much better returns this time.

As for the film? In Tyler Perry’s Boo, Madea finds herself in the middle of pandemonium when she spends a creepy Halloween fending off a horde of deranged killers, paranormal poltergeists, evil spirits, ghouls and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of teenage malcontents.

The success of the film will no doubt depend on Perry’s ability to reel in black female viewers who made him rich by faithfully supporting his productions regardless of how insufficient they were.

Are you glad to see Madea return?

Will the movie flop or flourish?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This shit is gonna be stupid as fuck. just like all the rest of Tyler Perry’s stupid dumb ass films. Waste of time and money. And his acting is poor as fuck.


  3. Lol this is looks funny. Can’t wait to go watch it ??

  4. Omg that is too Hilarious I have got to see that movie but it would be more Hilarious if they can make , St Patrick’s day,Easter , mothers and fathers day,4th of July ,Thanksgiving day and new years . Now that would be even more Hilarious of her awesome movie.

  5. the movie hasn’t even came out yet and I’m already laughing so hard

  6. I’m honestly a little skeptical about this movie. Tyler Perry’s films are starting to become really dull, and obnoxious. I don’t hate Tyler Perry. I used to defend Tyler Perry when he made the first three movies. They weren’t perfect, but they were decent and enjoyable to watch. They even had good writing, but after a while, Tyler Perry’s films are getting really bad. I might see this movie. Maybe because of Madea.

  7. Christopher Hancock

    I normally hate Madea movies, accept Family Reunion and Goes to Jail. This one actually looks pretty fucking funny.


  9. Kyler Ethridge

    this movie NEED to hurry up and come out the funny part is when Madea say help me Jesus help me Jesus help me Jesus 🙂 :-)

  10. This look so damn funny

  11. Tyler Perry really got desperate and put a bunch of internet people in a movie for publicity. That’s sad. At least get people that can act. 

  12. Ok now it just seems like Tyler perry likes to dress up as an old woman. How many Madea movies are there now??

  13. Miss those madea /Tyler perry movies who sent real life messages through life issues like diary of mad black woman, family reunion, I can do bad all by myself, the family that preys, good deeds etc etc , he just went too Hollywood now…

  14. Same bullshit, same actors in every movie and TV show this guy puts out. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, if they’re willing to watch the same bullshit every time, I say keep making them.

  15. Finally a movie that show what we black people actually do in these situations??can’t wait!!!

  16. BOO! deserves to be BOOED! and that goes for the rest of The Madea and even Non Madea Movies that Tyler Perry has ever made beginning with Diary Of A Mad Black Woman! That Mad Black Woman made me Mad and Sad because it’s Bad!

  17. i agree. tyler parry is my personal devil. just completely saturating the theaters just as Beiber does the radio. the first movie. fine. it’s new. hell maybe 1 or 2 more. but now it’s just gotten absurd and it’s the same thing. utterly disgust’s me the effect it’s having on people at large.

  18. Ni The Soul Eater

    This is gonna be the funniest thing ever

  19. DiabloSpiritus

    Upcoming Madea movies :
    Madea vs Predator.
    Madea : First Blood.
    Madea : Alien Edition.
    Madea and The Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    Madea vs Batman.
    Madea Gump.
    Madea XXX Porn Tape.

  20. Out the Closet

    Madea is BACK! All u haters can suck her penis!!!!!!

  21. Its just me Annie

    How many times Tyler Perry gonna play multiple characters?

  22. that nigga should go ahead and cut his dick off and become a woman

  23. ThunderPunch23

    We need Madea to take care of these clown sightings.

  24. l Kromosumes l

    Cant wait to watch this movie! love madea all the way! praise the lord!

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