David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong’o are brought to tears over Disney biopic

David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong’o discuss emotional new film/Getty Images.

David and Lupita touched by film.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — Upstart thespians David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong’o entertained questions about their new film ‘The Queen of Katwe’ during a forum hosted by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation on Tuesday in New York. Directed by Mira Nair, ‘The Queen of Katwe’ tells the tear-jerking story of a Ugandan girl who sees her world rapidly change after being introduced to the game of chess. The Disney biopic is so emotional, even the cast members were brought to tears.

“I remember the first time I saw it, and I have to admit to quite a bit of ugly crying,” Oyelowo said. “The combination of the story itself. Just the fact that this film exists, and you know people whose story just wouldn’t otherwise be known, gets told, and the beauty of who they are is seen by the world.”

Nyong’o had a similar reaction after watching the film. “I get emotional when I watch it. I get emotional when I talk about it. I’m holding back tears right now,” Nyong’o said. “I mean it was so much fun, and then you know after the film we were just like bursting.”

The Queen of Katwe hits theaters Friday, Sept 30th.

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  1. What the fuck is this shit? If you want a great movie about chess prodigy, go watch ‘Pawn Sacrifice’. Bobby Fischer is the epitome of chess genius.

  2. DarkShadowMaster Le Boss

    Wow…..Disney’s so desperate that they made a movie about chess? This is going to be a very boring movie

  3. The entire story is fake. Jesus Christ Americans will believe any shit rammed down their necks. Dumbest people on earth.

  4. She may be a chess prodigy among other low IQ Africans, but put her against any half-decent European or Asian chess player and she’ll get her little negro butt beat!

  5. Next they will make a movie about the best swimmer in East St. Louis. He is the best because he is the only person that can swim, and no opening up the fire hydrant doesn’t count.

  6. What’s up with the influx of racist trolls? This is a story about a girl from the poorest part of Uganda with limited resources who was able to rise up through her love of chess. How is it offensive to you?

  7. Alchemica Blackwood

    Being the chess champion of Uganda is about as impressive as being the snow ski champion of Florida !

  8. Alexandria Nevermind

    I find it funny how this is hardly getting any type of publicity. ‘merica.

  9. She’s not even a good chess player. Look her up she isn’t even good enough to get the lowest ranking in chess by her score which is well below the 2000 needed. This is affirmative action praise on steroids.

  10. Bullshit! Blacks dont play chess.

  11. Lol , all people hating on this movie…got news for you….movies are not real!!! you might already know that there is not batman and no spider can make you a superhero…..but then it brings us the to the reality of your hate…and that is racism…you don’t like it because somehow you think that its impossible for a african kid to become someone so you just hate on the concept of it…..while you happily watch any bullshit story which might or might not be ‘inspired’ by reality .

  12. Wish all bad black people would go back to africa…. the good ones can stay

  13. larry lovehandle

    Women can’t play chess. Black women REALLY can’t play chess. The star of this film has Fide ranking of only 1600. In other words, she totally sucks and could be easily beaten by most of the hoboes in a local park. No wonder this sack of shit bombed at the box office.

  14. such an awesome movie! thank you Disney for giving the platform to one of the many beautiful African stories ??

  15. See a lot of hate in the comments. You racists can go to hell.

  16. Could not wait to see this movie and it did not let me down! The message was inspiring.

  17. Is there anything in this world more beautiful than Lupita???!!!

  18. What is with all the trolls? Oh right, it’s a black movie set in Africa, some “people” and I use that word loosely, must find something wrong with it. Why are they called trolls, anyway, when maggots would be a a more apt description – “a pale thing that feeds on shit”

  19. This is by far the worst movie that exists. It’s sole purpose is to give
    people cancer and to shit on intellectual whites. I am 100% sure this movie
    was made only to launder money to the Clintons, there is no way that a
    movie could possibly be this bad unintentionally. Was this director the
    kid that sat on the bench eating miracle whip while the other kids
    played kickball, and this is his sick twisted way of getting revenge on
    those kids by making their kids watch this piece of garbage? I
    accidentally let my dachshund view a short portion of this filth, and
    now it works for Air Bud entertainment. Lupita, how did you stoop
    so low? You were a slave and now you’re a fat
    out of work actor that can’t even raise money on kickstarter and has to
    go to its shitty knockoff indiegogo to get paid for this deplorable
    piece of waste. You should have died when you got caught drinking and
    driving so we would have a piece of you to look back fondly upon, now
    all your fans see is a fat actor that can’t even star in a real movie.
    Shame on you Luzika and everyone else involved in this
    trainwreck, I hope you all never find work again, and your families
    recognize you as the sub human fecal matter that you are.

  20. I really like black people because they are honest and real , not like the white who are hypocritices

  21. Can see myself fuckin Lupita doggystyle

  22. Denise Milfort

    Great job Disney! Make more films like this, I thoroughly enjoyed it! ONE LOVE!

  23. Most of these comments are too sad.. this movie is amazing. Am glad that my country was represented well. #proudugandan

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