1. old school mother fuckers

  2. maaaaaaaaaan… how did we go from this to that mush mouth shit we got today. thank god for the old school.

  3. All the best rap music came out when I was a baby, I was born in 1990. Also the hot chick who was acting snobbish at the party gets me every time lol. The 90’s were fun.

  4. Donald Jarvis III

    #1 PAC
    #2 Eminem
    #3 Ice Cube
    #4 Dre
    #5 Snoop

  5. Bryan Espinosa

    I was born in 97, so I was alive by the time this song was out. But god i wish I could have been old enough to understand how fucking good this was.

  6. Quite possibly the greatest hip hop song of all time

  7. soid drone slayer

    This one of the songs that made me love west coast music in the 90s its the reason why I liked it more than East Coast rap, the west brought that party/gangsta element to Hip Hop it was a perfect fit for my ears.

  8. Big L Rest In Peace '1974/1999

    This is some real shit! I feel sorry for the kids who grew up on Drake and all the other fake motherfucker

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