Diddy in a giving mood to ‘Boys and Girls’

Mary J Blige

Diddy’s mother and two sons help him celebrate honor/Getty Images.

Diddy makes huge donation at gala.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — The ultimate mama’s boys. On Monday, Bad Boy honcho Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his two sons, Justin and Christian, showed grandma some love during the Boys & Girls Harbor Salute To Achievement fundraiser on Monday in New York. The annual gala, which celebrates art and the next generation of young talent, was an incredible success — raising an estimated $1.8 million. Diddy, the man of the hour and winner of the Tony Duke award, made a donation of $25,000.

“School gets out and where do the kids go?” asked Lyor Cohen, Founder of 300 Entertainment and the man who played a major role in bringing hip-hop to a global audience. “It’s nice to have a place where [kids] are supported and given the opportunity to engage with the arts and just be kids.”

“To me that’s the key of the Harbor.”

The event’s performer, Andra Day, shared a similar sentiment. “I was fortunate enough to be in a school that was saturated with arts programs,” said Day before adding, “I’m grateful we happened to have funding at that time at that school to make that happen.”

“Hopefully we start to see that be more of a ubiquitous thing among schools.” 

Congrats Diddy on a job well done!


  1. Can someone tell me why this guy is wearing sunglasses inside?

  2. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden 50 women come out of nowhere
    claiming Diddy raped them 30 years ago. It’s ok for him to make music.
    But when he starts speaking on issues without authorization, that’s when
    the establishment takes action.

  3. I’m glad that he has that interest in Education. Good for him.

  4. God bless you Diddy and god bless Biggie smalls I kno he’s watching down on u right now. He’s saying WTF puff stop trying 2 cash in on me let me R.I.P. that movie you made about me was the worst. #biggie4trump baby baby.

  5. why is it that blacks are allowed to have so-called black communities but whites can’t even say the phrase white communities without being considered racist

  6. Andrea David Edelman

    Never learned to take off your sun glasses ? Don’t ask me to take you seriously.

  7. Lost a lot of respect for Diddy when he dissed Obama

    I think he’s gonna vote for Trump…. fuckin sellout

  8. Diddy still da shit after all these yrs, fuck u haters!

  9. Kayanda Eddings

    He was better as puff daddy. I personally prefer Puff Daddy over P Diddy, or Didi.

  10. Lord Luke Lightbringer

    He who opens a school door closes a prison

  11. Educated, successful black men understand. Thank you Diddy.

  12. Not a fan of Diddy…. he is too arrogant but i do appreciate the things he do in the community

  13. Puff Daddy could be the next black president.

  14. Donald Trump for President 2016!

  15. Respect to Combs for not just talking but actually doing something to change things.

  16. i cant take a man seriously who cant take his glasses off for an interview. you cant be too cool all day long. Im also tired of black people here waiting for someone to do something for them while most never get up and legally push themselves for better. Im all for helping but i am not doing it for the ones who sit there and want hand outs.

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