1. Damn this bitch aint nuthin but Iggy Azalea phase 2.0….. but she can sit on a nigga’s face tho

  2. PouKhlaing KHMER

    im sorry but she is really like a cheap HO really Cheap like the Video She on Im sorry to say that but fell it

  3. wanna be iggy azalea with even less rhythm than iggy azalea. lolol the beat is dope though

  4. that shits hott and she hott better then iggy you ask me. sorry TI but iggy was wack. this girl swallows i gotta roll with her .

  5. Golden Shinobi Freddy

    pu$$y probably taste like stale candy dafuq

  6. Carlos Aguirre

    Does it taste like candy or does it taste like some ronchy ass corn beef and cabbage. .cuz my boy said it taste like some dead sardines .you might want a check up girl. you might have bumps in them pussy lips .and I heard your feet smell like cheese .


  8. I hope she sucks dick better than she raps.

  9. MyKell The Gamer

    Nina:I sit on your face it taste just like candy?? Me: More like plastic ?

  10. She said I don’t charge by the hour I charge by the stroke!!! I sit on your face and just taste like candy!!!!! Jesus Christmas that’s one dirty whore!!! lol just listening to this video I just caught an STD!!!

  11. I actually RESPECT the FACT that she admits she’s a HOE at least she ain’t a SLUT fucking around for free.

  12. all she’s talking about is how she charges to suck dick n how much she strokes guys…

  13. Taste like STD’s

  14. Georgie Puddin Pie

    I bet she got some good ass pussy. I’m not worried about STDs. I’ll double bag my dick just to be on the safe side.

  15. i love this NASTY PHAT ASS WHORE time to take out my nut to the cum dumpster

  16. prolly taste like fish n’ chips

  17. you are remarkable.. thank you for being able to witness your presence here on this earth.. no one like you and that a foralways… maybe one day if im lucky enough

  18. The chances of contracting STDs namely blue waffle and crabs after watching this are unfortunately extremely high, proceed with caution

  19. Ruana Marijuana

    What a queen

  20. blog king will post anything….. smh

  21. Man..wtf yall not tellling this hoes tha truth…stick to stripping and doing dates…this aint for everyone

  22. I can smell it from here. Good lord have mercy.

  23. Damn same booty like iggy

  24. SidTheJerkNSFW

    if she sat on yo face you’d die, she just FAT, she not thicc

  25. Ruthless Lover

    bet thats some dirty azz pussy

  26. Leonard A. Scherer

    she’s so damn hot!
    Enough to make me straight!

  27. Sephora Dynasty

    Iggy Minaj

  28. Hands down you can sit on my face dang beautiful where did you come from😋

  29. What is her race, I can’t fucking tell.

  30. I love nina mac👊

  31. Dragon Clouds32

    Bo$$ bitch with a lap dance , but a go getter -.-

  32. “I don’t suck dick, I swallow that shit. I don’t lease whips I’m a balling-ass bitch. Let me give you game, I know you broke ho’s jokes. I don’t charge by the hour shit I charge by the stroke.”

    Sounds like a prostitute

  33. Alise Paraskeva

    I just have one question, who’s candy? 😐

  34. Abbas Boniphace

    Am here looking at them boobs and big booty damn i wanna touch mh ass cheeks😭😭😭

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