Rosewood’s Morris Chestnut, Jaina Ortiz playin’ cat and mouse game in season 2

Rosewood even more intense in season two.

Rosewood season two really intense.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MIAMI — Veteran actor Morris Chestnut has taken forensic science to an entirely new level in season two of the police procedural television series “Rosewood.” Chestnut, who stars as private pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, works in conjunction with Miami police detective Annalise Villa [Jaina Lee Ortiz] with whom he shares an intimate [albeit rocky] relationship. “Rosie and Villa are constantly playing a cat and mouse game,” said Ortiz, 29, during a recent promotional interview on Fox.

Chestnut, 47, added, “they have great chemistry, they work very well together, and they both believe in bringing justice to all.” Joining Rosewood’s practice are his lesbian sister and “toxicology queen,” Pippy [Gabrielle Dennis] and her ex-fiancé, DNA specialist Tara Milly Izikoff [Anna Konkle].

Rosewood’s mom, Donna [Lorraine Toussaint], also stops by the lab to give her two cents.

Rosewood airs every Thursday night on Fox.

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  1. Gillyweeds Thirtyfour

    I won’t lie, I was truly devasted when these two broke up (especially since it was right at the end of TV’s buryyourgays season) but if them not being a couple makes for more exploration into different sides of the characters, then I’m all for it.

  2. Great show on fox, Morris The Doctor and Detective putting in work, Him and his co-star have great chemistry on camera!

  3. Villa es muy hermosa!!

  4. I bet Jaina got some good pussy….. Morris better be hittin that from tha back

  5. Good to see a black and hispanic in good roles instead of being drug dealers

  6. Saw the show the other day for first time, not half bad.

  7. morris i wanna have your baby 🙂

  8. Rosie tappin that sweet Latina ass. Hahahahaha!

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