Cannapreneur Bonita “Bo” Money talks cannabis & more on Mass Appeal Radio

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Bonita “Bo” Money with hip hop stars Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Bonita Money talks cannabis and more.

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LOS ANGELES — Lookin’ to find out more about the cannabis industry? If so, we have a special treat. Actress-turned Cannapreneur Bonita “Bo” Money joined Wayne Hodges and Reggie Brown on the Reggie-N-Wayne Show to discuss the “green rush,” that is the emerging marijuana business [listen to the interview below]. Bonita also talks about the healing powers of cannabis, which includes her creation “That Glass Jar ™”  –a cannabis-infused topical that heals many skin disorders — and her networking organization “Women Abuv Ground” which is dedicated to educating and empowering women of color in the cannabis industry.

By providing resources and supporting women in the cannabis industry, “Women Abuv Ground” also creates a diversified culture that celebrates the brilliance of female entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders. In addition to all things cannabis, Bonita has done big things in film.

She’s known for Cradle 2 the Grave (2003), Silk Stalkings (1991) and Lambada (1990).

Are you aware of the medical benefits of marijuana?

Should it be legalized everywhere?

Listen to the interview below.

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  1. I’m TEAM BO! She makes some great points!

  2. Steve buscemis arm

    I’ve been smoking weed since I was a kid I’m now an adult and I got to say it’s made me happier more out going and helped me with my chronic anxiety. People need to focus on the real harmful drugs like meth and stuff like that.

  3. Legalizing weed will give niggas an excuse to be lazy

  4. I agree with Bo. Let’s legalize weed, get high and make some $$$.

  5. Caleb Attenborough

    After I’ve had fun with my high and when I get to that chill stage I do more school work and more research so it practically helps me think

  6. U should be 16 to be able to buy the drug. It’s not bad for you.

  7. legalize everything sell and tax pure drugs and put the drug dealers out of buisness

  8. Legalize it everywhere!! The government has lied to us all about the effects of it.
    Did you know that the seed of the cannabis plant contains pretty much contains everything we need to survive nutrition wise and hemp materials can be used to make just about anything!!! There are COUNTLESS studies that prove it helps cure tons of diseases and what it can’t cure, it’ll help the side effects at least. It just needs to be regulated and kept away from kids!

  9. I agree it does help with a lot of symptons like loss of apetite. But I think you mean the hemp seed itself that has a lot of veggie protein. I’m vegan and for sure the hemp seed is really nutritional but I don’t think specifically the marijuana seed is. They’re like cousin plants though so who knows! Maybe some people eat marijuana seeds.

  10. I’m not against it but I can’t stand the smell of it.

  11. Legalizing marijuana has brought a massive homeless influx to Denver.. I see sketchy dirty people panhandling all over. A local news station did an interview with homeless and 40% said legal weed was their prime motivating factor for coming here.

  12. Frank Gualtier

    There are a lot of good reasons to legalize it. How about all the money we spend policing pot smuggling. Seems if we all grew our own and, if desired, exported where allowed we’d be keeping US money home, gaining external market share (that issues a lot more complex, admittedly), but most importantly if we grow our own and get reasonable with prices we’d spend a lot less time and money fighting foreign smugglers and at the same time we’d slow the filling of jails for stupid offenses (a tax gain as well).

    I don’t smoke it myself, it doesn’t agree with my biology, but most of the people I grew up with do or did and I never saw bad things happen because of it like I do with alcohol. So to me it’s always been a no brainer.

    Still, however, here in Colorado there are still PUBLIC SERVANTS who go out of their way to make it hard on growers. I’ve been here all my life and met very few people who have a big problem with it. That tells me there is a likelihood that these people of authority are not serving the public interest – they’re serving either own beliefs or at the whim of a well monied opponent, and that has never been a good thing.


  13. How about the fact that it should never have been illegal in any way shape or form. How about the fact that many industries have made billions of dollars by hiding the useful properties of the marijuana plant. How about the fact that our pharisaical company’s here in the united states, have ignored its medicinal quality’s in order to sell their inferior lab created medications, that either promote other medications to quall the deadly side effects of the medications they produce. How many deaths can be attributed to the FDA drugs that have been prescribed by doctors that have been given incentives by the drug manufacturer’s to the doctors in order to promote their drug , which leads to the necessity for other drugs that combat the deadly side effects of the former drug, that they treated the patient with. Expensive drugs , that neither cures ,nor dose it give comfort to the patient in the long run. Yet over thousands of years of use of the plant known today as marijuana, has soothed and healed . Yet our DEA chooses to keep it on the schedule 1 drug list. Now even the many pharmaceutical company’s are the quality’s that cannabis plant has to offer . Gods gift to the world, is now being hijacked by the pharmaceutical company’s directed by the FDA, which is controlled by the DEA, which is controlled by the pharmaceutical company’s which have been promoting their drugs for over 100 years. I can not imagine how many millions of our loved one’s have died because of the medications they were told were safe.

  14. I bet Bo gets high every chance she gets…….. Hahahahaha!

  15. im depressed. im so depressed an im an alcoholic.. since i was 14.. since i became an alcoholic at 14.. there has only been 2 years when i didnt drink.. thats when i smoked marijuana.. i was happy.. so happy. but because weed is illegal in nz and it became so risky to go to dodgy dealers with random cars all around their house full of people who were probs cops.. i had to stop.. so i went back to alcohol.. iv been depressed ever since..

    i was falsely diagnosed of adhd like many children are.. and had Ritalin forced down my throat since i was 9 years old.. im now extremely short.. because it stunts your growth.. im so short.. and everyone at school made fun of me.. “shorty” “midget” all this shit i had to deal with because i took Ritalin which has had an affect on me for the rest of my life.. girls laugh at me.. im so lonely an have been made fun of so much that i have social anxiety and cant be out in public without having anxiety attacks..

    if only marijuana was used in some way in replace of Ritalin.. i wouldnt be so god damn depressed right now.. and short.

  16. Weed is special. Cant live without it.

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