Lee Daniels and Empire cast members congregate in Hillary Clinton campaign


Lee Daniels and Empire stars campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Empire stars unite for Hillary Clinton.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood honcho Lee Daniels and his congregate of Empire stars have Hillary Clinton’s back. Daniels and cast members Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Gray, Gabourey Sidibe, Tasha Smith, and Trai and Grace Byers have joined forces in a new advertisement in support of the Democratic presidential nominee. The ad shows the actors paying tribute to ‘Black Lives Matter’ while speaking out on the controversial deaths of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray and Philando Castile. They claim if Donald Trump gets elected, all hell will break loose.

“The violence and nasty rhetoric against mankind is unacceptable,” the group says in the video. “If [Donald] Trump gets into office, it will only get worse. I want a president who stands up against intolerance. There’s only person in this race who said Black Lives Matter.”

The ad, which urges viewers to vote, also addresses Clinton’s position on health care, gun control and women’s rights. “So many women and men died for us to have the right to vote,” Daniels explains.

“Every time we sit out, we dishonor their sacrifices.”

Will Empire’s endorsement of Clinton hurt TV ratings?

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  1. Daniels you’re a disgrace to your father! You promoting a woman that promotes killing cops! Gun control means taking the right away from law abiding citizens. What we need is criminal control!!!

  2. I am never watching empire again

  3. Lee Daniels deep throating the corrupt wall street establishment dick one foot at a time.

  4. Yeah, Hillary knows you and will use you every step of the way. She knew the families of the defenders at Benghazi. The gun lobby is not your problem. Your problem is employment and the lack of ethics in your own communities.

  5. johnny llooddte

    sorry never heard of it…
    thanks to democraps, killary and muslim odumma…
    400,000 blacks have KILLED blacks in the west in the last 50 years..
    blacks have KILLED 100 million blacks worldwide in the last 100 years..

    900 million blacks can NOT feed themselves worldwide.
    50 million blacks can NOT feed themselves in the west..
    950 million of a BILLION blacks are a FAILURE..
    case closed..
    welcome to the new afrikka…

    oh did we forget to mention 1.5 BILLION muslims and BLACKS want to KILL YOU

  6. Putin The Great


  7. Make america great nigger.

  8. she wants to take down the nra from prison

  9. Yes, because that’s who we all look to for political guidance, black Hollywood actors and actresses.
    Trump recently has gotten many endorsements from large police unions and retired and active Army/Marine/Navy Generals. Who do you think has more esteemed and credentialed political knowledge here?
    I’ve never watched this show, but I’ll make sure I never give them one second of my ‘ratings’ in the future. Hillary is a crook.

  10. Lee Daniels is an idiot. Hillary doesnt give a fuck about black people.

  11. Gotta love how Hillary uses blacks as her puppets….. hehehehe

  12. I hope Lee Daniels becomes our nation’s 1st gay president 🙂

  13. Lee Daniels is gay and black… his vote doesnt count anyway

  14. Hillary’s a real piece of $hit. Even your common housefly agrees

  15. Donald Trump said Hillary would be in jail if he was president —- priceless!

  16. Not a fan of Hillary or Donald but Hillary would be a better president. Trump will fuck around and have us in World War III.

  17. Is this the ad that is supposed to get Black people to the booth to vote for Hillary Clinton?
    I’m sure Black people can see through this; and why do they always use these entertainers to get the Negro where they want them?

  18. F**k you! I’m an average intelligent voter, I’m Black, & I say : DON’T VOTE IN THIS CLOWN SHOW ELECTION! I’M NOT VOTING BECAUSE BOTH SIDES are JOKES! Black folks don’t follow these COONS! Rest your nerves, stay home, and say f**k it. Trump says you’re shit while Hillary want to build more prisons & fund the police while slightly closing some vague loophole? Hey why not end cop immunity & empower citizens review to get KKK cop convicted! F**k Trump & Hillary, l’m staying my happy black ass home! All intelligent black folks gonna do the same!

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