Teenage clown impersonators busted terrorizing pedestrians in Roseville

Teen Clowns

Teen clown impersonators busted and jailed.

Teen girls busted clowning around.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ROSEVILLE — Two teenage girls were clowning around [pun intended] Thursday night in Roseville, Michigan and now they’re going to jail. According to Roseville Police Chief James Berlin, the two women — both age 18 — took the crazed clown phenomenon too damn far when they jumped out of a car [dressed as clowns] and started chasing two 14-year-old teenage girls. After the chase concluded, the hysteric teens ran to a nearby police station to file a complaint. Moments later, police officers went on a search for the suspects.

Law enforcement officials eventually found “two idiots dressed as clowns.” Berlin even referred to the suspects as “morons” in a press release. Both women were arrested and taken into police custody. During interrogation, the suspects claimed they thought it was funny and didn’t mean any harm.

The judge still labeled their actions “outrageous.”

Both were charged with Disorderly Conduct [Misdemeanor].

They face up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.


  1. onegrlindawrld

    How horrifying chasing people with dangerous weapons.What no weapons! Hmmmm well guess in the land of the free, pranks are injurious…

  2. Arrested for impersonating a clown???? What a fucked up country.

  3. This is ridiculous. Since when harmless pranks became crimes?

  4. roberto abrams

    All these ppl running around dressed as clown, are a bunch of BOZO’s (no pun intended)!

  5. I used to pull these kind of pranks all the time when I was younger and never went to jail. Times have definitely changed.

  6. Only in AmeriKKKa can a muthafucka go to jail for dressin like a clown. smh

  7. A good lawyer will shut this shit down.

  8. Girls so scared of clowns… But they still be dating them smh

  9. None of your business

    What a sad, pathetic state this once great nation is in. Big, strong America is now afraid of clowns? OH NO! It’s ebola! It’s Zika! It’s ‘The Illegals’! It’s the gays! It’s the Muslims! It’s the CLOWNS!! Run from the CLOWNS! Since we’ve already given up 25% of our [former] constitutional rights with the Patriot Act, let’s just, [constitutionally] outlaw clowns… I can honestly say that I’m embarrassed to be an American and would leave this greedy, scared, gluttonous nation if I could afford to. We are a sad, defunct superpower.

  10. About time. This shit is getting annoying. 5 cops were called near a grade school where I live because some dumb asses dressed as clowns went there. However before the cops got there, some teens and kids beat the living shit out of the clowns and an ambulance truck was called.

  11. Dumb bitches broke the law, now they gotta pay

  12. This is why Some people are scared of clowns lmfao

  13. Ya know, criminals could use this ‘clown prank’ thing as an excuse to do crime.

  14. Me and my big sister were chased by once cause we were going to MacDonald’s at night cause we were hungry we were like a street away then my sister looked across the street to see a clown by the time she turned around i was running to MacDonald’s and she caught up to me then we ran in and told the employees they the manager told us that an employee would drive us home by then i was crying but we got home safely

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