‘Knockout’ mogul Steven Marcano talks entertainment on Mass Appeal Radio

Roy Jones Jr, Andrew Ruf and Steven Marcano doing it big with ‘Knockout.’

Steven Marcano delivers ‘Knockout.’

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NEW YORK — East coast mogul Steven Marcano, creator and executive producer of the hit reality television series “Knockout,” joined Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and KPRT’s Reggie Brown on Kansas City radio station 1590 AM recently to discuss what lies ahead for the top-rated boxing competition and his impending entrepreneurial endeavors (listen to the show below). Hosted by former world boxing champion Roy Jones Jr., “Knockout” chronicles the daily challenges of nine professional fighters who sacrifice blood, sweat and tears while competing in different weight classes.

Floyd Mayweather, Sr. and “Sugar” Shane Mosley are among the big names to serve as trainers on the show. Marcano, who’s made millions as the founder and CEO of Lil Star Baby Products, just struck a major network deal for “Knockout” and he plans to disclose details within the next couple of weeks.

To listen to the show in its entirety, click play below.


  1. Big fan of Sugar Shane…… will definitely tune in

  2. Dennis the Menace

    Best trainer is Roger Mayweather in my opinion.

  3. You are 1005 CORRECT! He trained the best RUNNING CHICKEN…. LMAOOOO!!!!!!!!

  4. @Lickety Split: Floyd doesnt run, he dodges and moves his feet to set up counter punches. Its called boxing and its a beautiful art.

  5. Freddy roach got my vote

  6. Roach’s only success was with Manny. 

  7. Please…Freddie The Joke Coach Roach was training boxers who already knew how to box.

  8. Dont sleep on this show

  9. You fools know nothin about boxing.

  10. Mayweather raised a dancer for a son, not a boxer.

  11. Floyd mayweather senior is just to funny. He always seems to be high off that pot.

  12. Nice interview! Love to hear that my people are doing big things.

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