‘Martin’ actor Tommy Ford passes away after ruptured aneurysm in abdomen


Tommy Ford of Martin dies in Atlanta hospital.

Tommy Ford dies, family pulls plug.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Comedic actor Thomas Ford, who starred as unemployed Tommy on the hit 90s sitcom “Martin,” has moved on to that great big comedy club in the sky. Surrounded by a tight knit group of family and friends, Tommy passed away Wednesday in Atlanta amid complications from an aneurysm that ruptured inside his abdomen. He was 52-years-old. Tommy had been hospitalized since Sunday. He was on life support when he died. Family members made the decision to take him off the respirator around 2 PM.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of our beloved Son, father, brother, husband, and friend Tommy Mykal Ford,” Tommy’s family said in a statement. “On behalf of the family, we would like to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers.”

Lead actor Martin Lawrence, who played Tommy’s best friend on the show, released the following statement“Tommy was not only a great co-star but he was a great man and friend. He always brought with him his spirituality, a positive attitude and so much joy. I am sad the world lost a great talent and that I lost a wonderful friend.”

“God bless him and his family.”

Looks like Tommy has finally landed a job as God’s helper.

Rest in peace.


  1. now you got a job, tommy: being in our hearts and memories forever.

    RIP, tommy. 🙁

  2. Dropping Knowledge

    Tommy “I have to go to work.” Everyone on the show “Man you ain’t got no job!!!”

    R.I.P. Tommy Ford.

  3. Damn!!! This is a shock. Was in the mood for watching Martin real heavy last night and went to my recordings on my DVR to watch one of my favorite episodes about Martin’s missing CD player and love Tommy and Martin’s part at Nipsey’s. Wow so saddened by this. Love and prayers to Tommy Ford’s family.

  4. I thought aneurysms only happened in your head. I’ve learned something. RIP.

  5. Corner el Dorner

    Best show of the early 90s, RIP and thanks for the laughs. Still as funny today as it was then.

  6. Wow !! Read the story where he was in the hospital ,I took a quick nap and now he’s dead .

    RIP, Mr Ford you had a big accomplishment in life you made people laugh .Thank you for that and condolences to your Family and friends , I’m sure you will be missed by many .

  7. It will never get old! Rest In Peace, Tommy! Thanks for the laughs….?❤️

  8. wow that is sad sorry tommy god bless you i love you on martin old days.. my favorite show❤

  9. Precious Williams

    Growing up in the 90s, I don’t know ANYONE who didn’t watch “Martin.” Whether it was playing “Tommy Strawn” or playing Kim’s daddy on “The Parkers,” or being one of the judges on “Who’s Got Jokes,” Tommy Ford brought laughter and joy to EVERYONE!! #RIPTommy #GodJustHiredTommy

  10. ghettolife life58

    R.I.P Tommy Smalls and don’t forget he was in New york undercover back in the 90’s

  11. They. Kilt. Him. Too. Them. Hospital. Drugs. Pills. They. Make. Now. Will. Make. You. Die. They. Too. Strong. Look into. This. Wake. Up. People Accidental. Death. By. FEMA. New world. Order. Man. Made. Chemical. Pills. Prescribed. Buy. Hospitals. To. Kill. You.


  13. are you people blind or a just sheep martin sacrifice him tommy sold out a long time ago plus martin satanic ass is bringing his show back yall better do some research stop listing to media they was after martin remember he was waving gun in the middle of the street. they trying to kill me so yall sheeps shall be sheeps and slaughter

  14. You may be gone but never will you be forgotten….. My sincere condolences to the Ford family, just stay strong and know that God have you all….

  15. Mr CrashBandicoot

    This really sucks this has been a terrible year RIP man will never forget ya laugh

  16. My dad and I watched Martin all of the time. “Dammit Tommy, you ain’t got no job!”
    Aaa I’m gonna miss him…
    Rest in piece.

  17. Cynthia DarDar

    God has spoken!
    Peace be with you. Love??

  18. Good man and a good actor………. RIP Tommy

  19. God must’ve had a job for ol tommy. RIP.

  20. I love him, he’ll be in heaven cracking jokes ? R.I.P

  21. so so so sad you’ll be truly most truly miss ❤??? super super always Tracie ?

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