Fox TV’s remake of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ better be as good as advertised

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ remake better not disappoint.

New Rocky Horror taking big gamble.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — “Let’s do the time warp again!” The original “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a cult classic that many of us have watched a gazillion times. So we gotta give props to Fox television officials for having the cojones to concoct a remake after 40 years. However… if the reboot fails, we’ll never forgive the network. So it’s imperative Fox doesn’t eff this thing up. For those unfamiliar with the 1975 musical, here’s the synopsis: A virginal couple — Brad and Janet — stumble upon an eerie mansion after their car breaks down.

In a desperate attempt to seek help,  Brad and Janet encounter mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter, her clan of Transsexual aliens and her freaky Rocky Horror creation. In my humble opinion, network officials are taking a huge risk with the selection of Laverne Cox as the new Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Don’t get it twisted. Laverne is one helluva actress and it wouldn’t surprise any of us to see her excel in the role. But she’s also transgender and the original character [portrayed by Tim Curry] is a transvestite.

Big difference.

That said, the remake still boasts a star-studded cast — headlined by the aforementioned Cox, American Idol alum Adam Lambert, singer Christina Milian and Tony Award winner Ben Vereen.

Rocky premieres with a 2-hour special on Oct. 20th.

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  1. Danielle Hudak

    This could never live up to the Tim Curry version. Plus he didn’t have breasts

  2. They got a negro playing Magenta huh? .. . just like with the new Annie – another typical instance of current day politically correct tokenism!

  3. This looks fucking awful lmao remake or not. If the first one is anything like this, I would not torture myself to watch it.

  4. didn’t like the idea at first, but it feels like a tribute show more than a cheap reboot, which really isn’t that bad an idea. Plus that’s the best tim curry has looked since his stroke.

  5. I’m watching just to see Adam Lambert on my TV again !!

  6. Well this is a must-miss. I wish Hollywood would stop making remakes of past successful films because none of the recent remakes measure up to the originals.

  7. Ms. Private Kitty Ⓥ

    NOOOOOOO!!!! SHE’S WAY TOO FEMININE TO PLAY DR FRANK N FURTER!!!!!! This is a train wreck. It will ruin the whole experience for the younger generation. ?????So wrong.

  8. I just wanna say to the haters that no this is not a remake! This is just something to celebrate 40 years of the cult classic. Don’t ever think this is something to overshadow the classic, everyone knows, even the cast and crew knows that no other version of the show will top the original movie. This is just something to celebrate 40 years of the show

  9. They just ruined my childhood.

  10. I’m Glad Adam Lambert is in this, down side is that he’s playing Eddie who only gets one song and then gets killed by the character I wished he was playing(cause I’m still not sure how Lavern’s singing is). Hopefully after this comes out he’ll no longer be an underrated singer, cause honestly he deserves more recognition.

  11. Laverne has the Tim Curry frank n furter voice but this whole thing still makes me angry, I’m going to go watch the original now.

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a negative response. I think it looks great, some of the actors are obviously REALLY getting into their roles. Just give it a shot guys, and just avoid it if you don’t want to

  13. Why are people so pissed? They’re not going to remake the same movie from 1975. This is a modern twist fucktards.

  14. No, it won’t be better. Don’t go into it thinking that it will be better. It’s not meant to be. I’m just excited to see Laverne Cox sing tbh. I like the songs, so I have a hard time believing that I won’t enjoy something from this. Watching Victoria Justice try a more adult role is going to be fun as well.

  15. There Can Only Be One True Sweet Transvestite From Transexual Transylvania (Tim Curry) ❤

  16. Cora-Leigh Mahan

    I don’t see why people are raging about this. If you don’t like it, then don’t fucking watch it and waste your time complaining about it. And plus, this is originally a play, which means this gets performed all the time, it’s supposed to be. And fox decided to do just that but film it, and put it in TV.

  17. Adam Lambert is always THE BEST when it comes to vocals and performance, live in concert or filmed. His skills are over the top in a very good way! And quite honestly, he stole the show. Awesome performances from all the actors in the show, but Adam truly stands out as a shining star, who blazed brilliantly through the #RockyHorrorOnFox universe… and mine. Genius & perfect casting on the part of the #RockyHorror producers. Bravo!!! The energy of this segment of #RockyHorrorPictureShow is off the charts! Adam/Eddie’s early demise from the show, while true to the original, will be forever lamented! Hoping one day we’ll see Adam as the star of a future live or filmed theater production on FOX or elsewhere. 2 solid hours of #AdamLambert would get a resounding YES! YES!! YES!!! from me.

  18. I like Adam Lambert but he was miscast as Eddie. I’d much rather see him play Frank. It surely would have been better than Laverne Cox.

  19. It is a tribute movie however with that being said there would be no point in doing it if they just copied it like a lot of people are suggesting. It would be boring to watch the same exact movie with no twist , I think it turned out incredibly well and I can’t wait to watch it again and again when I can get my hands on it.


  21. Tim Curry will always be the best Dr a Frank-n-furter.

  22. Look man.. I love Laverne Cox as much as the next guy but she’s not a fucking transvestite. A transvestite is a crossdresser, aka a man wearing women’s clothes. She’s a woman. This makes no sense.

  23. I love Laverne Cox, I’m a big fan of her, but this was terrible to be honest. I remember when I first watched it I was so disappointed. Not only do I feel like she was a bad fit for the character, it just makes no sense…Laverne Cox is a transgender woman. There is a big difference between transvestite and transgender and, frankly, I’m afraid that people may start getting the two words confused and it will negatively affect the transgender community and cause them to not be taken seriously when, right now, they need to be taken seriously by society.
    Even with all of the politics aside, Lavern Cox just did not do the role justice, acting and singing-wise. The only song I really liked with her singing in it was “I Can Make You A Man” because that part was truly well-done in my opinion.Other than that, it was just kind of a disappointment as I was hoping she would do great. I still love her though ^^

  24. Why is there a band ? Why are there actually backup singers ? What the he’ll was Frank wearing on his head ? I really do love Laverene Cox but she is a transgender women not a man. The song is sweet transvestite and she is clearly a women in this The only good bit is Tim Curry.

  25. This is just awful. Wow. I’ve had an open mind about this the entire time and was really hoping it wasn’t going to be exactly this. This looks like they filmed a high school play version of it. None of the lust and love and attention to detail is present in this at all.

  26. Laverne Cox is the best. I thought she did an OUTSTANDING JOB!

  27. 16shogunelitegreen

    Furter: I’m not much of a man
    Me: There’s nothing left of the man in you!!!!

    She’s just a sweet Transgender!!!!

  28. Chester Cheetah

    Im a straight man but I think I would fuck Laverne Cox

  29. a real gay black man should have played dr frank…..but america still hates gay black men….the film sucks! why is a woman playing dr frank! original is better!

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