Witness tells jurors Knicks guard Derrick Rose being set up by ‘pathological liar’

Witness tells court Derrick Rose didn’t rape her former friend.

Witness said Rose didn’t commit rape.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — NBA baller Derrick Rose didn’t rape anybody, this according to the ex-friend of his accuser who claims the alleged victim is nothing more than a “pathological liar” looking to get paid. On Friday, Gabriela Chavez testified that the 30-year-old complainant told her she was never gang raped by Rose and his friends in her Los Angeles apartment in 2013. Instead, Chavez stated the alleged victim was merely ticked off because Rose didn’t contact her after sex. The woman filed a $21.5 million lawsuit claiming the New York Knicks star and two of his accomplices raped her while she was under the influence.

“I ended up asking her, are you saying you were raped?” Chavez recalled to the court. “She said, ‘No, but I did have sex with all of them.'” Chavez testified that the woman “lies about everything that comes out of her mouth.” She also told the court the woman was livid over Rose’s nonchalant reaction to banging his friends.

“She specifically said, ‘Oh he didn’t even care that I slept with them,'” Chavez said.

Nadine Hernandez, the female LAPD detective working the case, was shot dead on Tuesday.

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  1. Bullshit, just pure bullshit. These kind of things just ruin NBA players careers. Everyone knows my man D Rose is innocent. He was recovering from a knee injury at the summer of 2013, which was the time they told he gangraped the woman with his friends, then how the hell could he even bang someone with his knee fucked up? I mean, he could barely even stand up with his injury that time.

  2. women that sleep with me wake up to breakfast in bed..women that sleep with multi millionaire athletes make sure they wake up in a courtroom. .

  3. High profile men need to be very careful of women they chose to sleep with. Sad but true

  4. fucking wit them LA Mexican hoes … should have stuck with these Chitown hoes D … dey on the floor from State to the Lake G lol

  5. d rose is guilty of being stupid, he should know better, every time you sleep with a woman this can happen, make her sign some contract before sleeping with these women, it’s your best defense

  6. Miss Faith Lisa Butterfly

    She sent him a text the morning after the sex and asked him for money, she even texted her entire bank account number. Rape victims dont text their attackers and ask for money just hours after the attack. These charges should be thrown out by the Judge.

  7. Feel like rape or no rape, the damage to his charcter is already done. He’s already a unlikable guy due to all his misguided comments he makes, this whole thing sticks a fork in him.

  8. Let’s be real. If you happened to get raped and found out it was a star athlete with boatloads of money, why wouldn’t you try and get some? I wouldn’t give a fuck if I had 20 million dollars all of a sudden and never had to work again. That money is very REAL! Having said that, ya she’s probably full of shit.

  9. Always happens when you get hurt. You catch a rape case. Kobe D Rose etc. Rose not healthy to win a ring to make them forget or big enough of a star anymore to beat this like kobe did. If yall seen his baby mother my D would stay in her and never come out!

  10. So random chick gets raped n instead of pursing justice and having him locked up she instead pursues his pockets in a civil case hmm something don’t sound right fuck outta here with that bullshit

  11. Just a whore looking for a buck, sorry to break your bubble whore, you need to work (suck dick) for your paycheck.

  12. He need to call Al sharpton

  13. we all know he is innocent who the fuck gets raped then wait for 2 years to bring it up only for the money and not for him to go to jail

  14. Just another hoe trying to come up

  15. Hoes be like puzzle pieces, you gotta put them in they place.

  16. I’m surprised he didn’t tear his ACL while running the train.

  17. Im telling you thses nba players need to get with women thats on thier level financially. Too many sensititve women laws she says rape its a 7 week case

  18. I dunno about this story, I usually side with the dude because i know a lot of women out there are trying to get paid. But a guy that shares his gf with his mates? I have my reserve on him. I would not bet on him. I ain’t saying he is guilty but I ain’t saying he is innocent either. For the story is really shady.

  19. These thots are scary. one day they offer u ass, the next theyll sue you.

  20. that chick wanted a check…after the trial he should have had 10 vehicles with 10000watts speakers play famous dex ”hoes mad”

  21. All this fuckery aside. Honestly, what kind of grown ass man wants to run a train?

  22. My pussy is worth 21 million dollars. This lying dirtbag should be serving community service at a strip club giving free dick sucks for life

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