Lifetime biopic ‘Surviving Compton’ shows Dr. Dre beating the hell outta Michel’le

Michel’le’s biopic’ Surviving Compton’ shows Dre’s ugly side.

Michel’le airs Dre’s nasty, dirty laundry.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — In last year’s N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” Dr. Dre and company were portrayed as being a bunch of gun-toting, civil rights activists with enormous chips on their shoulders. The group’s image, however, took a negative hit this weekend on Lifetime’s “Surviving Compton” — the poignant story of R&B singer Michel’le, the mother of Dre’s child and lynchpin member of Ruthless Records. The melodrama shows an inebriated Dre doing his best Ike Turner impersonation by beating the hell out of Michel’le on multiple occasions. Dre even pulls a gun and shoots at her.

Despite disseminating misogynistic lyrics in his earlier albums, Dre denies any of that happened and he even threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against Sony Pictures for broadcasting the film on Lifetime. But, after getting left out of “Straight Outta Compton,” Michel’le felt compelled to tell her side.

‘Surviving Compton’ attracted 2.3 million viewers on its launch date.

Fans are now threatening to boycott Dre.

Is Michel’le telling the truth?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The sad part about this biopic was when her grandmother told her that this is how men are, and she accepted that. She saw abuse as a child, then heard from her grandmother that it was ok. I read years ago about his abusive behavior but as a friend how can you sit back and watch this? He treated her like #$%$ in front of others and they stood around and did nothing. I’m glad she got her self esteem back and had the strength to get away from both me. I don’t care how much money is being thrown around, there is no amount of money worth what she went through.

  2. I watched the lifetime movie. I hate that she had to go through that with Dre. But when he put his hands on you the first time that should have been the last time.I like Dre and his music he’s a very talented man. But for her to go from Dre to Suge she was just leaving one mess going into another mess. A lot of things we bring on ourselves. But all I can is pray for them both.

  3. The fact that he is threatening to sue only shows how he as not changed and dealt with the fact of how horrible he was to this woman. It’s hard to see yourself in that light. One fist punch, was one fist punch too many. Be a man, own up to your past.

  4. StepIn2StyleStepIn2Style

    There are no excuse of what Dre. did but, I will say this and this is my opinion. As we take a look at all of these famous people we all know that didn’t come from the best of the best. Meaning that they were in situations were they didn’t understand business, their matured or each other. If it was true that Dr. Dre already had like 5 other kids before she had her one, I wonder what type of stress was he under that he had to drink or even hit someone else. Its never okay to hit another person but, i will say this in our community we need to educate each other on how to treat and respect each other as God would want us too. Its sad that she had to go through all of this but, what’s even worst is that she isn’t the only one because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. I pray that both sides gain healing and that God forgive those who throw stones. just my thoughts. Great movie.. it makes your think. Do i really want all the fame???

  5. Michel’le has every right to tell her story; people tell their stories regarding growing up, work, family, life (celebrity life) in and out of Hollywood. If in fact there are details that don’t reflect well on others then this is the time to ‘Apologize’ or ask for ‘Forgiveness’ reconciliation, a time to heal or put these things to rest, but nevertheless, this woman has every right to tell her story. My only concern ‘with this scenario’ is whether anyone would care or want to hear her story if Michel’le, Dr. Dre or Suge Knight did not hold any kind of celebrity, but we hear all the time how celebrities were otherwise abused at some point in their childhood.

  6. I watched the movie and it was difficult to watch but it was her truth. I don’t have a problem if Dre’s a changed man, he was young. But he needs to own up to it and stop trying to throw his weight around. I think that the movie is good for our girls, to see that, it’s not all money and glam, some of these singers and rappers went through hell to get where they are today. She had God on her side and that’s why she’s here to tell her story.

  7. I believe every moment of her movie. Even when I watched Straight out of Compton, I knew that they had played down Dre’s and Ice Cube’s lives. They were not the ‘warm hearted lovable’ men they played in the movie. I have a feeling that Michele’le had the closest version of what really happened back then,

  8. I saw the movie, and all I have to say is damn. Dre sure was a monster to her. I didn’t know he pulled a gun on her. I don’t hate dre, and I get that he was young and I hope he has matured and never treats his current wife like that, but If he had’ve just admitted his wrongdoings to her, then she may not have even felt the need to do the movie. Its the denial that makes people even more upset with him, and then going to the media complaining and threatening with a lawsuit didn’t help. Truth is I had forgotten all about the movie until I started hearing about dre’s lawsuit. There was talk about this movie’s premier months ago, but a lot of people probably forgotten about it, up until he started threatening to sue. All that did was fuel more people’s interest in the movie. Publicity whether positive or negative is still publicity. His threats just made me want to see the movie more. I didn’t know about the abuse years ago, but I already knew of Michel’le through her singing career. Her singing voice was amazing, completely different from the way she talks. She would put all of todays so called “R&B” girls to shame. Beyonce, Rihanna, ect. All of them, its a shame that it was so short lived with all the drama in her life. I guess that song “Something in my heart” was literally created out of pain. Now every time I watch that video I think of this incident. As for Suge knights part, well I’m not surprised about that at all. I don’t think anyone is because we already knew he was trouble.

  9. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. What goes around, comes around. Dre went around portraying Jerry Heller as a bad guy in Straight Outta Compton, and now Michel’le is portraying Dre as the bad guy in their relationship. Since you can dish it out Dre, you should also be able to take it.

  10. I was raised in Detroit around actual PIMPS and women beaters in the late 60’s and 70’s not tennis shoe wearing, thug,rapper want a be’s. The thing I heard over and over from prostitutes, is that MOST pimps and women beaters are BI-SEXUAL and very confused about their sexuality. Which is why they have no conscious about hitting a woman. They actually HATE women, which is why it takes a certain type of male to be a pimp! Dr.Dre is a under cover BI-SEXUAL!


    This was well known in the industry that Dre was beating her up back then. He had to settle with another women, Dee Barnes, for beating her up. So she is definitely telling the truth. I was surprised that when I saw the movie “Straight Outta Compton”, that she wasn’t featured or even mentioned. I think they left her out because they didn’t want Dre to look bad. I was also surprised that they didn’t talk about the “World Class Wreckin’ Cru.” I guess they didn’t want to talk about Michel’le at all. Men need to step up and stop treating women like this. We are supposed to be protectors.

  12. Iggy FreshIggy Fresh

    I see in the comments that a lot of people are excusing Dre’s past behavior by stating, “he was young.” I hate that excuse. It’s an insult to young people. Monica Lewinsky used that same excuse to Barbara Walters when she tried to defend giving Bill Clinton fellatio in the Oval Office… “I was 23.” “Young” and “foolish” are not synonymous. “Young” and “stupid” are not synonymous. Some people remain foolish and stupid their whole lives. Some young people are very smart and wise. When I was in my teens and 20s, I never beat up a girl. I never had an affair with my boss. Being young is like submitting to peer pressure, doing a silly prank or partying too hard. Committing domestic violence is not a “young” decision.

  13. What females allow to happen to them in order to become apart of the industry is crazy because cheating, beating, and being called #$%$ all the time would have sent him to the grave and me to prison way before I wasted any years of my life doing all of that crying.

  14. I saw the movie and I felt so sorry for Michel le, it made me cry. Dre is a low dog and probably does not like women. A man needs to beat him the way he beat her. I will never support him in the future!!!!! He is a first class loser!!!!

  15. Dmac2grandDmac2grand

    i will say this did Dre ever hit Michelle yes and i dont condone it but did he beat her #$%$ hell no plus Dre wasnt even no gangster and ren or eazy would never have let dre hit on a female in their presence Michelle is jealous because of the fame and her bad decisions

  16. tiffanytiffany

    Love the movie, and I would never look at him the same. It was wrong for her grandmother to give her that kind of advice.Dre was jealous of her and dimmed mechel’le spotlight, and Dre is liar he made it seem like eazy E was hoeing with all those women but he was too just didn’t get cought up like eazy did. This movie was i two year production clap back to straight of Compton. I believe everything she says because what woman in the world wants people to see how stupid you are for putting up with that. Dre even put his hands on a reporter because his interview wasn’t right. S.M.H.

  17. Its AmazingIts Amazing

    Why is she coming out with this now? Dont get me wrong. Only a sucker hits a woman. But why after 25 years. She didnt do anything when it mattered and couldve made a difference. Now that hes blowing up she wants to take him down. Lame. By the way it takes two to tango.

  18. The movie was terrible, lifetime should be ashamed they gave that crap airtime.. when are women going to take the blame for the men they pick? 

  19. One thing that damn sure don’t believe is that Dre went and begged her back AFTER he left Deathrow and started his own label. He was done with her ass by then, Lol.

  20. NWA….Niggas Whoopin Ass lol?

  21. I have to say this movie was actually very well put together, and its one of those movies I will watch again, and yes I was in this era of music when Miche’le was out, and I was young but her songs that were out you felt it on your soul as A LOT of other music at that time was out. For my young folks she’s telling her story, and yea it was a long time ago but so what. I believe it’s going to help some one. Nothing new under the sun, abuse goes on today prolly worse than before.✌and blessings!

  22. This movie was dope! I give her props for having the balls for putting out the actual truth!

  23. Black Dynamite

    Didn’t know Lifetime was into comedies

  24. One thing about Michele that turned me off was that her whole life centered around music, partying, alcohol and drugs. Even in her interviews or on R&B divas not once did she ever talk about school, getting a job, growth, finding god, becoming conscious, working with other women going thru what she went thru and etc. From the movie it also seemed like she would ask dre or suge something like ‘ok what now’. She clearly never had a mind of her own. I wish the best for her but her life can’t just center around music. Back then she had hits and should’ve kept going but now sadly its too late.

  25. sorry..these memes are for suckas and sensitive ass people. What Dre did LONG FUCKING TIME AGO aint got shit with TODAY!! I didn’t flinch not once watching that movie…..and ive NEVER thought about hitting a lady….push…yeah…but this aint about me lol…Dre still the man..i still got my headphones. Michelle is touring and making money….lets move on. He has a wife… aint heard nothing about domestic violence with them. Fk is you shocked about?!

  26. Some Ike and Tina shit?..

  27. After watching this movie, my heart goes out to Michel’le. Listen I’m not being funny but it makes you wonder if Beats was inspired by her. I mean she did get a lot of abuse by Dre. Now I see why he didn’t want her to tell her story. To me only boys put their hands on a woman but I would love to see how he would step to a real man.

  28. If a nigga puts his hands on me he can kiss his ass goodbye

  29. suge was the main problem

  30. Her grandma was wrong for telling her that as she got older she thought it was okay for a man to hit on her but she was so in love with Dr. Dre she was young she was afraid of leaving him .. but she is a #StrongBlackWoman ..

  31. This movie was crazy, was Michel’le a voice over for the actress playing her, or did the actress just mimick Michel’le ??!?!?! Curious about that one, & i really felt bad for Michel’le & what she went through, it’s much like the Tina Turner story minus the hip-hop, that dude Curtis who played Dre, but looks so much like Master P, is sooooooo frigging handsome ????? God Bless Ms. Michel’le Toussaint & her kids!

  32. She shouldve threw some hot grits on his ass

  33. Dr. Dre was a monster and serial woman beater. Deliberately left out of Straight Outta Compton!

  34. Fantastic movie I watched it three times already. I was so surprised to know how hard this young lady’s life was. Hip Hop industry is not what it seems.

  35. Street Poetz Entertainment

    The part were she’s laying down and dre gets on top of her and starts beating her brought tears 2 my eyes very sad 🙁 and the way suge knight treated 2pac was messed up

  36. She ruled the 80’s and 90’s…..They picked a good actress too….

  37. @Sarai Juelz: she was a decent artist but she wasnt no heavy hitter there s huge difference.i love 80s 90s music im 36 so i know what im talking about she was ok but she wasnt no whitney houson

  38. Movie should be called surviving a sharp right hook

  39. Broke bitch lookin 4 a payday

    Not happenin ho!

  40. Ruthless Lover

    Her voice make a nigga wanna choke her

  41. Bitch sound like Minnie Mouse

  42. Lakeia Burgess

    I have to say this movie was actually very well put together, and its one of those movies I will watch again, and yes I was in this era of music when Miche’le was out, and I was young but her songs that were out you felt it on your soul as A LOT of other music at that time was out. For my young folks she’s telling her story, and yea it was a long time ago but so what. I believe it’s going to help some one. Nothing new under the sun, abuse goes on today prolly worse than before.✌and blessings!

  43. Nick the Quick

    Michel’le looks good but her voice is a deal breaker.

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