Richard Simmons closes exercise studio, claims he no longer wants to be famous

Richard Simmons is closing his studio for good/Getty Images.

Simmons closes exercise studio.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — “I’m a pony. I’m a pony.” In an archaic move, Richard Simmons’ renowned exercise studio called “Slimmons” has closed its doors for good and nobody understands why. Bewildered patrons received closure notices from the iconic facility which is scheduled to go out of business just before Thanksgiving on November 19th. Simmons, 68, is reportedly sick and tired of the Hollywood spotlight and he has somehow managed to stay out of public view for more than 2 years.

Word on the street claims he’s dealing with an array of personal issues, including mental health. Simmons, if you recall, was hospitalized in June after his housekeeper dialed 911 to report his anomalous behavior. Simmons told authorities he was merely suffering from dehydration.

LAPD officials were also called to his residence in January 2015 to do a welfare check.

But nothing unusual was found.

Simmons was deemed okay.

Do you think he’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

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  1. Jordan Desplechin

    I can’t imagine why Richard Simmons wouldn’t want to be on tv anymore. Goddamn people are boring

  2. It’s called retirement u asshole

  3. I think he’s just tired. He did a lot of good. He made a lot of money and he has been ridiculed for years. Never came out as gay but has been labeled as such, which is his business if he is or isn’t. No reports of him hurting any kids or ripping anyone off. So if he’s safe more power to him.

  4. Jared's Foot Long

    You can look at Richard and tell he’s gay.

    He doesn’t have to come out.

  5. I know there’s going to be a lot of mean spirited comments and a lot of jokes. But stop and think for a moment before you make them. I’m not a defender of homosexuality in the least but I will defend Mr. Simmons. He took himself and life in stride and never too seriously. He helped thousands and thousands of people lose weight. But more than that, he showed many of them that they still have value and worth and that hope can still be found and rekindled. He is more of a man than most men I’ve ever met. He has one of the kindest hearts and is one of the most sincerely genuine people on the planet. If he is ill I hope he is finding comfort with close friends and gets well and I hope one day he will be back. You are missed, Richard.

  6. Richard has given his heart and soul to people all over the world and deserves peace and quiet in his retirement.

  7. Wishing Mr. Simmons good health and longevity with lots of love around him and lots of fun times still ahead. He gave his all to everyone. Wonderful, wonderful human being..?

  8. Hollywood has ruined a lot of good people. Get better Richard.

  9. I do hope he’s okay, but it sounds like he may be experiencing some early onset of alzheimers. ?

  10. noemistephanie93

    his wish came true cause no one cares about him or knows him

  11. dude is nuttier than a fruit cake

  12. Kathleen Newbern

    I just wanna stop and thank you baby. Thank you Richard for being you. 

  13. Look into the light Richard….. look into the light

  14. Awww 🙁 I want him to get better.

  15. Dallas Wyerman

    I didn’t even know anyone gave a shit about Richard Simmons I remember being forced to work out to his shitty disco track in elementary school

  16. I have no sympathy for gay men

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