Idris Elba proves he’s more than an actor

Idris Elba takes his talents from the big screen to boxing ring.

Idris Elba won his kickboxing debut.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LONDON — When it comes to art and entertainment, English heartthrob Idris Elba has the female fan base all sewed up and he may have gained a few male supporters as well after coming out triumphant in his solid debut as a pro kickboxer. Yes, you heard me right. I didn’t stutter. Idris has morphed his talents from the big screen to the boxing ring. He’s now an aspiring kickboxer… and a damn good one at that. The 44-year-old actor channeled his inner Jean-Claude Van Damme on Friday night, winning his first bout inside London’s York Hall.

Idris Elba Smashes it at York Hall! ?????

A video posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Luckily for us, popstar Madonna sat ringside to record the video. Idris, by the way, is training to become a martial arts fighter for an upcoming Discovery documentary series. So he isn’t, by any means, giving up acting. When watching the footage, you can tell Idris put in a lot of work to refine his technique.

Looking as chiseled as ever, “The Wire” star landed an assortment of quality leg kicks and counter punches to the face that eventually took their toll on his opponent. He ultimately walked away with the decision. After the event, Idris was spotted exchanging kisses with Madonna at a London restaurant.

“There was nothing subtle about it, no attempt to hide. It was very blatant,” said an inside source.

“They were at the party for about an hour, they would dance, go off to smooch, then mingle a bit more.”

“They only had eyes for each other. That seemed very clear.”

As previously mentioned, Idris has the female fan market all sewed up.

Won’t be long before he has the boxing ring sewed up too.

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  1. Filippos Kyriazidis

    One of my favorite actors, but he’s definitely going to get his ass kicked.

  2. Eric Mitzelfeld

    This is amateur hour lol they are both so slow it’s killing me

  3. Well of course he’s good, he can see the other guy’s punches before he actually throws them.

  4. I’d like to put this guy on a plate and eat until I’m stuffed. Then ride until I literally fall off. God, he is hot.

  5. even more reason why he should be the next bond

  6. Gosh this brotha is sexy as they come, my kinda man dark chocolate and handsome too, can’t ask for anything more!!!

  7. I see you Idris. I want to eat many things off that man.

  8. my panties get wet just thinkin about Idris 🙂

  9. This man walks down the street and panties just drop around him. You know Idris is getting all of the sex.

  10. Guillermo Magan

    I am WET BITCHES!!!#husbandmaterial

  11. Idris Elba and Jamie Foxx must be 2 of the most badass, incredible people on the planet! They can both sing, dance, rap, act and they got the looks! There just isnt anything those 2 cant do, it just makes me always associate those 2 together! They are such badasses

  12. This man is the prime example of how one should age. I mean damn

  13. How can a man be so perfect?

  14. It’s not fair to us normal looking men, he should be locked up for being too handsome. How am I ever going to find someone with men like that walking around freely?!

  15. That chocolate motherfucker can fuck me anytime 🙂

  16. Why would a handsome man like that swap spit with 90-year-old Madonna??? Hahahaha!

  17. Dis nigga blacker than a muthafucka……… but he gettin pussy so we cant hate

  18. Hope he wore a condom with that old dirty bitch

  19. He is so sexy and classy 🙂

  20. do i give a fucking shit? is this real news?

  21. Madonna is still hot

  22. She likes 100 percent african dick

  23. i think Idris is too good for Madonna idk just my opinion. anyone considering in smashing her now, yuck.

  24. Thats right Idris, if Big Daddy Kane denied it, so should you

  25. Oh God I hope not Idris leave that old whore alone.

  26. Better put a hat on it. Madonna is a walking STD.

  27. Why Idris????????? Why?????????

  28. Madonna probably been around the block over 9000 times; bitches pussy larger than the ecosystem… I’d still smash though

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