Nick Foles vs. Alex Smith, who should be quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs?

Some believe Nick Foles is better than Alex Smith/ArrowheadOne.

Smith versus Foles, controversy exists.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY — There’s a quarterback controversy brewing in Kansas City and it’s about damn time. In Sunday’s 30-14 victory over the Indianapolis Colts, Chiefs backup QB Nick Foles [16 of 22, 223 yards passing, 2 TDs] thoroughly outplayed injured starter Alex Smith [9 of 19, 127 yards passing, 1 TD] despite receiving only a handful of reps leading up to the game. Now imagine what Foles could do with a full week of practice under his belt. Kansas City Star sportswriter Vahe Gregorian wrote a commentary on Monday in defense of Smith keeping the starting job. Many disagree.

Here’s the case for Foles: He has a better arm than Smith (aka Checkdown Charlie) which enables him to throw the deep ball with far more accuracy. “He has a huge arm – huge arm,” said receiver Jeremy Maclin, who was a teammate of Foles in Philadelphia. “And he likes to throw the ball down the field.”

Foles, 27, is also five years younger than Smith, 32, which is signifcant because, as we’ve witnessed in recent weeks, Smith is beginning to show his age. He’s no longer bouncing back up off the turf after absorbing hits. Smith still spends too much time navigating through reads, which leads to easy sacks.

Head injuries and concussions are also starting to become major concerns with Smith. Not sure if Foles is the answer. But for the Chiefs to reach the Super Bowl, let alone win one, they’re gonna need a quarterback who’s capable of throwing the football more than 5 yards downfield.

Yes, there appears to be some dissension in KC and tempers are starting to flare.

Elizabeth Smith, Alex’s wife, ripped local meteorologist Gary Lezak after he praised Foles on Twitter for “running the offense better.” Elizabeth sent out a retaliatory tweet to Lezak that read: “Do yourself and everyone else a favor. Stick to what you know. It’s embarrassing.”

Smith versus Foles.

Foles versus Smith.

Who should be quarterback?

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  1. Wow, a weatherman got something right for a change??!!

  2. Foles is more accurate with passes over 20 yards than Smith. I have been saying for 3 years now Smith is average. We need to take shots downfield with the talent we have at recievers now. I don’t see it with Smith.

  3. You can’t be more wrong. As an Eagles fan, he had that one good half of a season and then consistently missed wide open receivers the following year. Anyone can be a superstar for half of a game. He’s terribly inconsistent. Smith doesn’t have a long game, but he’s a FAR better QB. Be careful what you wish for wanting Foles to step in.

  4. But Nick Foles did run the offense better than Alex Smith. And he can throw the ball more than 15 yards downfield, which Smith has a lot of trouble doing\U0001f602

  5. Hope Alex gets better fast! The Chiefs are lucky to have him, he’s a great QB game manager, and an even better person.

  6. Just wondering how safe is Kansas City weatherman Gary Lesak job

  7. For those of you not in KC and therefore not familiar with Gary Lezak trust me he is a complete tool. The guy thinks being a local weatherman is somehow on par celeb status wise as being an A list actor or the player who has the game winning RBI in game 7 of the world series. The dude has almost zero sports insight and she was right, it’s embarrassing.

  8. Everybody’s favorite player is the backup QB!

  9. Shut your pie hole about football weather boy!! lol…Smith’s got himself a good one.

  10. Yeah Smiths wife needs to shut her mouth cuz the weatherman was RIGHT…….

  11. Foles DID perform better and Chiefs would have lost that game with Alex.

  12. Elizabeth needs to tell her husband to stop scrambling so much before he ends up in a hospital bed.

  13. Good for her for sticking up for her man.

  14. Fuck Alex Smith! If Foles is better, play him.

  15. Reid’s an idiot. Got his guy concussed twice in one game. What’s the penalty for playing a guy with a concussion?

  16. Patrick Jenkins

    This is addressed to the Chiefs Kingdom
    I’ve been loyal to this team this franchise
    Since 1989
    I’m not going anywhere
    This organization needs to put more into This team
    no matter who it is
    General manager
    The Ceo etc
    this old franchise
    Has set records and broke records
    we are considered Long overdue
    stop playing with the City of Kansas City
    and bring the kingdom
    It’s Super Bowl ring
    shots out to Marty Schottenheimer
    and the family members of his
    we have you in our prayers
    all the way in Southern California
    Let’s Go Chiefs
    Derrick Thomas
    is starting to be Furious ! !

  17. Lets trade Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick

  18. Foles had one good game and everybody’s on his jock. Smith is a proven winner who doesnt make mistakes. The 49ers made a mistake gettin rid of Smith. I hope the Chiefs dont make the same mistake.

  19. Reid’s choice to play whomever he wants. Jaguars are a weak opponent, so why not give Smith a rest and let Foles take the start? Gives Smith time to heal, and Foles a chance to prove his great showing last week wasn’t a fluke.

  20. No NFL player will admit he has a concussion and most do not admit to injuries… they want to play, to win and to keep their job…. Smith is no different.

  21. Well, I can see why AS feels the way he feels about this, last time he missed a game with a concussion he lost his job and got traded…

  22. Is it so hard to believe that coaches in KC think Alex Smith is a mediocre QB? I mean that fact that this guy is still starting in the league is a MIRACLE…..a MIRACLE.

  23. Look for Foles to get hot and lead them to the Super Bowl.

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