Cubs exorcise ghosts of playoffs past, securing first World title in 108 years

Cubs hang on to win first World Series title in 108 years.

Curse finally gone, Cubs are champs.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CLEVELAND — They squandered a 4-run lead. They committed 3 errors. And Joe Maddon did an egregious job of managing the pitching staff. But none of it matters. Because, for the first time in a 108 years, the Chicago Cubs are World Champions. Yessir, the curse has finally been exorcised. But the feat didn’t come without suspense. With the score knotted 6-6 in the top of the 10th inning, Ben Zobrist smacked a clutch double down the left field line to give the Cubs the lead in a heart-pounding 8-7 victory over the Cleveland Indians in an Epic Game 7 on a rainy Wednesday night at Progressive Field.

“It happened. It happened. Chicago, it happened,” first baseman Anthony Rizzo said in complete amazement. “We did it. We’re world champions. I tell ya, we’re world champions. I can’t believe it.” The short-handed Indians fell behind early and never led. Yet, they still found a way to battle back.

After Indians outfielder Rajai Davis blasted a game tying 2-run homer off Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman in the bottom of the 8th inning, Cleveland Cavaliers guard LeBron James was caught on camera going bonkers in celebration. Donning a “Cleveland or Nowhere” t-shirt, James also flexed his muscles.

The score remained tied until Zobrist’s heroics in the 10th.

There was a 17 minute rain delay.

Zobrist was named MVP.

Once down 3-1 in the series, the Cubs rallied to win the final 3 games.

Now they’re world champs for the first time since 1908.

Congratulations Cubbies!

Somewhere Harry Cary is smiling.


  1. Ricardo Molesti

    Amazing game, too bad someone had to lose. Cubs won despite Maddon’s blunders. Theo is the greatest GM in MLB history.

  2. just a great series.

    the first two games featured cy young pitching performances.

    then cleveland strung together a couple of wins in chicago.

    then chicago bombed their way back.

    there was no shortage of managerial decisions. francona attempted to start kluber twice on short rest. it worked for two games. it didn’t the third.

    maddon made all kinds of interesting decisions. he threw a guy who had four at bats into the starting lineup for game one. and that guy ended up being a huge part of their wins.

    then he made the chapman decision in game 6, which opened him up to all kinds of criticism, because when he tried to use him in game 7, you could tell he was tired. he couldn’t break 100 mph on his fastball, for one, and he was having trouble throwing strikes. and cleveland took notice. they got to him.

    the cubs certainly did it the hard way. they got down 3-1. they had to win games on the road. and then they had to go against cleveland’s two best pitchers most of game 7 in kluber and miller.

    what can you say? they earned this one the hard way. there was no luck. there was no taking advantage of cleveland’s lesser pitchers, because they don’t have any. they went out there and went toe to toe with the other best team in baseball, and lasted a little longer.

    cleveland did the same thing. they won on the road. they beat great pitchers. they got to chapman. they brought it.

    these were the two best teams in baseball this year, probably by a pretty good margin. anyone could have won this series.

  3. Just proves Cleveland is still America’s dumpster , the cavs o well still a crappy sports town last 50 years besides lebron who even left because Cleveland sucks their fans suck so annoying thinking every pitch for them is a strike dumb signs like yes chicgo were that good , cleveland still is a dumpster and always will be

  4. Can you believeland that Cleveland talked trash about teams blowing a 3-1 lead and losing on their own turf. Just to watch their own team choke away a 3-1 lead and blow it on their own turf. LeBron’s drum set wasn’t a troll at the Warriors it was a prophecy of the future

  5. This is Sweet Justice!! I am so happy the Cubs won! This was sweet payback Cleveland fans from the sports gods. You were “gift wrapped” an NBA Championship and talked all summer about how the Warriors choked being up 3 games to 1. Well how does it feel? As a Warriors fan I couldn’t be happier! And to top it off, not only did you lose both game 6 and game 7 at home. But your favorite son LeBron was shown “flexing” after the 8th inning home run to tie the game. He was FLEXING his arms like the Incredible Hulk! Lebron James and the Cleveland fans, classless and don’t know how to win with grace! This was perfect. It was Sweet Justice!


  7. WOW! Congrats Cubs fans! The curse is officially over! Now, don’t expect me to root for your team for at least another hundred years! Enjoy this!

  8. They beat the curse by outspending everyone else and buying an all-star roster. They are the NL version of the NY Yankees. MLB is a joke until they have a salary cap.

  9. Joe Madden is the still the worst manager in baseball and I am a Cub fan. His moves in the last game were horrific. You don’t take a pitcher out who is in the “zone”. Hendricks was pitching great (the ump who gave Santana a walk was completely wrong) and once Lester settled down he was also. Had Madden left Hendricks in those Indians second and third run would not have occurred. Arguably, with a 6-1 lead and Lester on the mound, Madden could have avoided needing to go to Chapman. Thankfully his players game through in the 10th to bail him out. This game should have been won 6-1 in regulation.

  10. Too bad – I thought Maddon’s idiotic handling of Chapman would prove to be their demise. Congrats to the Cubs, who were the best team in baseball this year, despite having the most overrated manager in the league.

  11. Sparky Jolteon

    What an astounding moment this is for the Cubs! 😀 As a Royals fan first and foremost, I’ll be happy to have them give you guys the title at the official ceremony next year. You deserve it! After all, the last time this happened in the World Series was in 1985 with, guess who, the Royals. Next year will likely be very interesting for both our teams as well as Cleveland, Washington, L.A., and others too, I’m sure. See you all then (maybe)! ☺

  12. Now clevland has the longest streak for not winning a championship in two sports! Football and now baseball. Cant believe they screwed them selves over

  13. The curse is broken!
    Back To The Future predicted it would happen in 2015. Missed it by one year.

  14. This was the best World Series I’ve ever seen, and I’m a Cardinals fan who witnessed 2011! I tip my birded bat hat to the Cubbies and say congrats. And of course, we’re next. ; )

  15. Awesome. Highest murder rate in the country. Most strick gun laws and the win the pennant. Not all bad in Chicago.

  16. Cubs. SUCK. I wish the Cubs lost. Harry Carey can go keel over again in Hell.

    Bartman, you chickened out on showing up for series to steal a foul ball!!

  17. Fuck the Cubs! GO CARDINALS!

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