Cannabis connoisseur Snoop and Martha Stewart have teamed up in the kitchen

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are vibing in the kitchen.

Snoop and Martha perfectly in sync.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BEVERLY HILLS — As a self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur, veteran rap star Snoop Dogg knows a thing or two about having the munchies. Now he’s decided to put that appetizing logic to use with renowned domestic diva Martha Stewart on a new reality television show titled “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” Every week in front of a Beverly Hills studio audience, the juxtaposed pair will invite other celebs (Seth Rogen, Bela Thorne, Ashley Graham) on the show to help prepare gourmet meals.

The chemistry between Snoop and Martha is dope [pun intended].

Snoop, 45, is a sucker for Martha’s juicy fried chicken. Martha, 75, remains a fan of the Dogfather’s musical talent. When they’re not busy swapping recipes and mixing ingredients, they’re usually cracking jokes about marijuana. “This show,” Martha told Us Weekly, “has been really fun for me.”

So, how did Martha and Snoop end up together in the kitchen?

And who on earth came up with this idea?

“Our agents were asked by VH1 if we’d be interested in combining our talents on a cooking show,” Martha explained. “But we came up with the idea of a dinner party.” When asked if there’s any weed-smoking on set, Snoop replied: “We only smoked the meat! On the set, I’m a businessman.”

Are Snoop and Martha a good fit?

Should the Dogfather lose his playa’s card over this?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. white people love snoop lol

  2. why is snoop dogg such a fuking sell out bitch…

  3. Snoop and Martha are bangin you heard it here first.

  4. Gotta play the game playa.

  5. Bitch nigga promoting P Diddys drink ciroc… 2pac must be ashamed

  6. if only we could go back and show snoop this back in the 90’s

  7. Scept of Baelor


  8. Martha looks GOOD to be 75…… I would fuck her

  9. Ruthless Lover

    this is the perfect place 4 Snoop

    bitches belong in the kitchen

  10. William Martin

    Snoop Dog is setting great examples for the younger generation. Good job Snoop

  11. I don’t know how anyone can not like Snoop. His the coolest dude ever

  12. Ya’ll think Martha let Snoop hit it ?

  13. I imagine martha baking/cooking some bomb food or dessert after her and snoop get high ????

  14. SNOOP IS THE SHIZZZNIT! And gnocchi is too! Snoop and Martha together on tv is thee smartest idea ever! The chemistry is amazing and he brings the funny mischievous side out of Martha and she brings the refined classy side out of snoop. God I love that man he is one cool cat…or should I have said dog

  15. Mallorie Macklin

    am i the only one who thinks snoop and martha are best fuckin friends in rl? i bet he keep her smoked out and she keeps him fed and they sit and watch Netflix when they arent making millions

  16. Wow to see Martha, Snoop working together. I would never thought this would ever happen. This is amazing.

  17. I love it ! Two worlds collide and what brings them together ? FOOD !!!!!!!!


    snoop and martha are virtually the same person

  19. cause he got somethin big tween his legs, she wants!

  20. Snoop is tappin that old wrinkled ass

  21. Hope she makes him wear a condom. No tellin where Snoop has been.

  22. Daniella Violet

    Martha reminds me of the cook who went to prison in OITNB

  23. legittherunner

    @Mallorie Macklin: you already snoop is dicking martha down every other night

  24. American culture is so awesome. I find it so funny that two criminals can be instilled in culture as such classic loveable celebrities. I really dont mean that in an offensive way. People arent perfect and I dont mean that as a personal attack at either of them. Its just funny to me.

  25. Snoop is my hero 🙂

  26. Brach Schwegman

    haha..he is so high…haha

  27. Martha bites on that chili dog after Snoop gives it to her doggystyle in the pooper.

  28. thebatmanover9000

    After the show they got baked together.

  29. larry kendrick

    I never thought this show would turn into such a vulgar and profane program that my family could not watch it, what a shame, and Martha Stewart going along with this, will someone wake me up, the whole country has gone mad in the past 10 years.

  30. Martha is too old to be a cougar. She’s more like a saber-tooth. Hehehehe!

  31. I bet Snoop is busy stickin his foot long in Martha’s sauce

  32. Cant believe that nigga Snoop SOLD OUT

  33. Martha looks younger than Snoop

  34. I can picture Snoop waxin that old ass

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